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Wystan Pomfrey
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Played by Kayte
Physician & Healer
33 year old Halfblood
Physician & Healer
5 ft. 6 in.
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Full Name: Dr. Wystan Elliot Pomfrey

Properly, he is addressed as Dr. Pomfrey. Among the family, he is most commonly referred to as Stan.

Birthdate: February 1st, 1858

Age: 33

Gender: Male

Occupation: Physician & Healer

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Sanditon Terrace

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw ('76)

Wand: Willow, 12 inches, with an occamy feather at its core. Quite bendy.

Dr. Hippocrates Pomfrey, Father [1828]
Amrita Pomfrey nee Kapadia, Mother [1835-1884]
Thomasina — nee Pomfrey, Sister [1863], and family
Anandhita Pomfrey, Sister [1874]

Dr. St. John Pomfrey, Grandfather [1797-1884]
Dorothea Pomfrey nee Belby, Grandmother [1803-1854]
Florence — nee Pomfrey, Aunt [1827], and family
Thessalus Pomfrey, Uncle [1828], and family
Elizabeth — nee Pomfrey, Aunt [1840], and family
Stan Pomfrey is not a tall man—indeed, he stands at five feet, six inches, though is generally well-proportioned. He inherited his mother’s colouring from top to bottom—dark hair, eyes, and complexion. His is an easy smile, though typically obscured with facial hair. He prefers muggle attire generally, though favours rolled up sleeves over a coat any day of the week.

His PB is Rahul Kohli.


Prologue: Bombay

The death of his mother in 1854 prompted the young Dr. Hippocrates Pomfrey—a physician as well as a healer—to seek a change of scenery. He travelled to Bombay, India, to visit an old school friend, and it was there that he met Amrita and fell swiftly in love. When he returned to London four months with her, it was with his fiance and her elder brother, raising a number of eyebrows. Though the pair waited until the doctor was out of mourning to formally wed, there were none who doubted his intentions.

Our Protagonist: Wystan

1858 | Like most, I was born. Unlike most, it was my father who delivered me—not only in the room, but in the midst of the action! This was a matter of necessity rather than choice: it was, I’m given to understand, quite the snow storm outside, and the midwife was delayed. Nonetheless, it was not the first unconventional thing my father had done, though it did indeed prove to be the last.

1860 - 1869 | I view my childhood as having been entirely unremarkable. I was joined by a sister, as many children are; I took lessons from a governess when I was old enough; I learned to, and to enjoy reading. Perhaps the main difference was in the nature of the reading, the sorts of lessons I took. Where other boys would study French, German, I added ancient Greek and Marathi to the oft-prescribed Latin. Where other boys would read of adventure and history, I read of healing and medical techniques. As my father’s only son—the only future Dr. Pomfrey—this was considered a given. It was fortunate indeed that I was amenable.

1869 -1876 | At Hogwarts, I found myself sorted into Ravenclaw with little fuss. I performed well in my courses, particularly Herbology, and made good enough friends. I did not receive the accolades of Prefect or Head, which I think did disappoint my father, but when I left the school, it was with straight Os on my NEWTs, which I daresay did something to lessen that sting. During this time, my mother brought forth another child, of the three of us the only to have a name from our maternal heritage.

1876 - 1886 |  Unlike many of my peers, however, my education would not stop here. From Hogwarts, with a bit of finagling, I was off to muggle university to become a physician. It was an entirely different world, one in which I initially struggled: a magical education does not, it would seem, prepare you for a muggle one. Still, when I eventually began my training at St Mungo’s, it was as Dr. Pomfrey, and the completion of my training there, at last, afforded my grandfather the opportunity to retire at last.

This time, though, was not without its particular hardships; when the Laughing Plague struck in 1884, it claimed a cousin and my dear mother. My youngest sister, too, was infected, though mercifully recovered. My father, bless him, has not been quite the same since the loss of his wife.

Doctor Pomfrey

1890 | On the opening of Sanditon Terrace, I pitched to my father the practicality of opening a magical door to the seaside location. After some hesitance, he agreed, and I took this opportunity to leave the family home in London and used my savings to purchase a modest house in the new community.
  • Languages: Fluent in English and Marathi. Solid written Latin and ancient Greek.
  • Trained to handle magical bugs and potion & plant poisoning as a healer
  • Educated as a muggle physician
  • A solid player of wizard chess

  • Boggart: TBD
  • Amortentia: Rosewater, valerian root, and leather
  • His patronus takes the form of a great horned owl

The Offices of the Doctors Pomfrey

There have been Doctors Pomfrey for at least four generations, and for just as long, the Diagon Alley offices have stood, offering remedies for both conventional (muggle) and magical (bugs, poisonings) complaints. In 1878, they expanded with a door into Hogsmeade and in 1890, with one into Sanditon Terrace. Their services, though, have never been inexpensive: only the wealthiest (UC) can afford house calls—which, indeed, consists of the bulk of the doctors’ income—while walk-in services and appointments are affordable only to the comfortable members of the middle and upper classes.

Three ‘front’ doors open onto a small entryway with a handful of comfortable chairs and a small hearth. Each of the doors opens to a different destination: the left to North Bartonburg, Hogsmeade; the right to Sanditon Terrace; and the main and grandest to Diagon Alley itself—not an inexpensive arrangement. Off of this entry area is a set of stairs leading to the second floor (workroom, study) and two doors leading each to an office-cum-examination room.

In addition to the two doctors, one of which is always on premises weekdays from 9 o’clock until 6 o’clock, the offices employ two nurses, one during the day and one overnight, and a house elf called Asclepius.

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