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Potion & Plant Poisoning Healer-in-Charge
Potion & Plant Poisoning Healer-in-Charge

38 year old Halfblood
5 ft. 8 in.   ❤   Married
played by MJ
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Ari Fisk

Full Name: Ari Ajax Fisk


Birthdate: 6th August, 1851

Age: 38

Occupation: Potion and Plant Poisoning Healer-in-Charge

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Sweeting St, Bartonburg

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: Willow, 12 1/2”, phoenix feather, supple

Family: Dionisia Fisk née Tweedy | Wife | 1868
Elliott Benedict Fisk | "Son" | 1889

Brannon Fisk | Father | 1825
Delia Fisk | Mother | 1832 - 1884
Julian Fisk | Brother | 1853
Katia Meadowes née Fisk | Sister | 1854
-- and family
Ellis Konstantin Fisk | Brother | 1857
Roslyn Ross née Fisk | Sister | 1859
-- and family
Leonid Fisk | Brother | 1861
Xena Fisk | Sister | 1861
Dorian Fisk | Brother | 1864
Nemo Fisk | Brother | 1866
Zelda Fisk | Sister | 1868
At a respectable 5’8, Ari is a little taller than average, though not quite as tall as some of his younger brothers. He has never been athletic enough to gain much real muscle, but he does have a naturally broad-shouldered build. His eyes are blue-grey, and often betray emotions he may not want to share; he inherited dark hair from his mother and largely his father’s facial features otherwise. He has always been quite self-conscious of his smile - the toothy kind - because he’s sure it either looks forced or incredibly daft, making him instantly and immeasurably more dorky. Aside from that, he usually tends to radiate calmness and kindliness, and tries to keep smart and tidy, though will always opt for the plainest clothes he can. He is right handed.
INFJ | Ari is unequivocally nice. But being nice - kind and compassionate, loyal and responsible - spells dull, to some people. Just because he likes to be organised! Cautious! When has following rules been a problem? He may spent a great proportion of his life at work, but he has friends and family he cares a lot about and - believe it or not! - is capable of having fun, thank you very much. If fun is a cup of tea and reading a book, well... calmness is underrated.

But still waters run deep, and there is a lot concealed beneath that calm. He’s full of passions and feelings, fears and turmoil - and the harder he tries to suppress them, the more he finds them seeping out.

— Like the rest of his family, he is Jewish.
— His patronus is a brown bear.
— He has roughly 5 cats at any one time and they all have dorky scientist names.
1851 | Ari is born, the first child and son to Brannon and Delia Fisk, who live in Ottery St. Catchpole. Delia, an avid reader, picks Ari’s middle name, Ajax, from the book she was reading at the time, which happened to be the Iliad.

1853 | Ari is two when he gets a younger brother (the first of many), Julian.

1854 | Katia is born.

1857 | Ellis Konstantin is born. Ari, now six, is the furthest thing from a troublesome child: well-behaved, content to occupy himself with quiet activities like reading, and always willing to help.

1859 | Roslyn is born. Ari shows his first sign of magic in his bid to rescue a stray kitten. He has a soft spot for animals.

1861 | The twins arrive, and by now Ari is a typical big brother. As the eldest, he feels responsible for them all, and so acts as protector or mediator according to the situation. Some of his siblings are rather more outgoing and adventurous than he is.

1862 | Ari is the first of the Fisk children off to Hogwarts. He is excited and nervous in equal measure, but writes home diligently all year, and even finds himself missing the busy household upon occasion. He had imagined he ought to be put in Ravenclaw like his parents, but the Hat places him in Hufflepuff. Friendly and tolerant (if a bit serious) making friends isn’t an ordeal.

1863 - 1868 | The Fisk family continues to expand with the births of Dorian, Nemo and Zelda.

Despite his studious tendencies, he falls in with a group of close friends, including fellow Hufflepuffs Baxter Keene and Garrett Wallingford, and a charming Slytherin, Benedict Sterling. His responsible nature sees him in good stead for Hufflepuff Prefect, and whatever his parents’ expectations, Ari is naturally inclined to seek their approval.

Though he has no ambitions of popularity, he is always concerned about fitting in. By his fifth year (1866), boys have long since started murmuring about girls in a certain way... and somehow Ari finds himself in a situation with a girl in the year below. Conscious of the pressure, he kisses her because he thinks that’s what she’s waiting for - it seems like the thing to do - but he is entirely underwhelmed, doesn’t get it, decides not to bother with that again. Fortunately, being a prefect is always the perfect excuse to evade any potential less-than-proper situations, and that is what he does.

The thought comes back to him, quite out of the blue, during class one day the next year, with his gaze absentmindedly on a male classmate. They’re friendly, he supposes, but what he feels isn’t exactly friendship. And he can’t stop feeling it. Perturbed as he is, he keeps his confusion private and wouldn’t dream of acting on his feelings. (He spends the rest of his time at school resolutely ignoring those kind of feelings whenever they crop up.)

He’s not overly fond of heights, so flying makes him feel queasy and quidditch is never really an option. Ari likes to watch it, though, and finally learning to Apparate is more than enough of a method of transportation. Classes are where he excels best, and he has a natural affinity for Herbology, Potions and Charms. Though not naturally gifted in the other subjects he continues for his NEWTs - Transfiguration and DADA - the effort he puts in sees him through with admirable results. It is enough to qualify him for Healer training at the hospital, which has gradually become his favoured option of a career.

1869 | After graduation, he interns at St. Mungos in the Potions and Plant Poisoning Department, and becomes a full healer right on schedule. He doesn’t have any express ambitions or expectations of climbing the hospital ladder: already he knows that he’s perfectly happy where he is, doing work that makes a difference.

1877 | Ari transfers to the Hogsmeade branch of the hospital, and has saved up enough to buy a modest house of his own in Bartonburg, and it is a relief to have some freedom from the madness of the family. He settles in without much fuss; by all accounts, his life is comfortable but assuredly dull. Work keeps him busy - perhaps too busy, as some of his family and friends make a habit of reminding him - but Ari enjoys the work, and his habit of leaving out food for a few stray cats mean home is never too lonely.

As the years go by, he’s inching towards being considered eligible, although if society knew what Ari is increasingly certain of, that presumption would be revoked like lightning. The benefits of being considered calm, restrained, sensible to a fault, are that people tend to assume by extension that he is shy. Of course, it’s not that he has any problem speaking to women - he just can’t find it in him to be attracted to them like he should be. On rare occasions, it has to be feigned (certainly, none of the times he’s set foot in a brothel have been much under his own steam) and he does his best to steer clear of what he does want. Oh, he knows what he is; he’s accepted it by now - he’s suffered infatuations, and besides, he’s read the classics, he’s read the scripture, he knows the law - but acting on it would ruin everything.

1883 | Over the years, he finds that he keeps coming back to one person, though, and one day it hits him properly: he’s in love with Ben. Ben, his best friend. Earlier moments of infatuation are nothing compared to this time around, when it’s all he can think about when he’s around his friends any more, when he’s around Ben. It doesn’t matter; Ari is determined not to make things uncomfortable between them, and hides his own discomfort as best he can, hoping the feeling will pass.

1884 | Ari becomes Assistant Head of his department at Hogsmeade Hospital. The summer is less relaxing than most, with the hospital severely overstretched after a fire that wreaks havoc on Hogsmeade, and an epidemic they can’t seem to cure. The Laughing Plague eventually becomes treatable, but not before Delia Fisk succumbs to it, and with her children at her bedside - and Ari useless to help, utterly useless - she passes away.

1885 | The one scrap of mercy from Delia’s death - he shouldn’t say that, it sounds horrendous, and he misses his mother dearly - is that at least he will not have to endure her disappointment at his eternal failure to marry or have a family. His father’s still around and being fuelled by that expectation. Ari is still caught up on Ben, and eventually he feels so at a loss of how to get over it that he goes to Katia, the romantic of his sisters, for some advice. He doesn’t mean to tell her, but evidently she has suspected the truth, and suddenly it’s out in the open. It doesn’t solve anything - she doesn’t know what to tell him to do - but it’s the first time in his life that he’s been able to share the burden and be honest. And that means something.

1886 | Which is not to say Ari has any plans to be honest again. But then Xena goes missing, and even the relief when she is found fizzles up at the fact that suddenly she and Ben seem worryingly close. And then it’s late in the evening, they’ve been drinking, they’re alone at Ben’s house; the whole thing feels off. The tension is almost too much to take.

He kisses Ben.

And it ruins everything, just like he has always known it would.

1887 | Not everything, not quite. It doesn’t come out publicly: Ari still has his job, his house, his family, his life. He still has his friendships, though his and Ben’s... takes some repairing, and is never quite the same again. (It might have been different again if either of them could ever remember the events of the second February 28th.)

In April, Ben goes missing. However strained their friendship is, however much Ari has ruined everything else, the Auror office seems to be getting nowhere at tracking him down, and Ari can’t just give up on a friend. It’s, well, one of the most reckless things he’s ever done in his life, but he comes across Ben almost by accident in a remote Irish village, and gets him back to Hogsmeade relatively intact. (His memory’s another matter.)

1888 | Changes come aplenty, with Bax taking over leadership of the hospital and Roslyn's husband the new Minister. Taking over leadership of his own department is much less drastic; Ari's mind is fixated less on his job and more on the added attention the Fisk family will no doubt be receiving throughout Ross' administration. Because with attention comes scrutiny, and scrutiny is one thing he could do well without.

So when, in November, Ari stumbles on Zelda's friend, Dionisia Tweedy, at the Fisk house in the midst of a breakdown (- not altogether unlike the dilemma his sister had faced earlier in the year -) he has appearances on his mind. She's pregnant; it's either a good deed or a manipulative, selfish one - and in any case, he does not expect her to agree - but all the same, Ari offers to marry her. Better to let people think he's a cad than let them in on the truth.

A remarkably short time after announcing their engagement, then, Ari marries Dionisia at the end of December. Only... just a few hours earlier, who had showed up at his house but Ben? Ben, who remembers everything that has happened between them and who has had an (ill-timed, admittedly) change of heart.

1889 | Noticeably early into their marriage, Dionisia gives birth on the 13th June to a son, who is named Elliott Benedict Fisk. He might not be Ari's, but Ari adores him all the same. Motherhood isn't quite enough to sustain Dionisia, however, so by the end of the year she returns to work as a mediwitch. Ari can't begrudge her that, when he's as happy as he is.

❧ His brother-in-law is Justin Ross, the Minister!
❧ Got engaged and married quite abruptly to Dionisia Tweedy, a mediwitch at Hogsmeade Hospital.
❧ That the Fisks are Jewish.
❧ That Ari is gay.
❧ That Elliott is not his.
Played By: MJ

Contact: PM Elias Grimstone

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The Guilty Ones 1888
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"Zelda..." Ari breathed, before he could stop himself. He shut his mouth so that he did not add anything else, not until he was certain he had digested this; but his expression may have been enough, ashen and utterly aghast.

He didn't know what he had been expecting. But it... was not this. Never mind that Zelda was still a child in his mind, she had never been that sort of girl. Katia had always been a romantic, as Xena had been once too, as well as a flirt; but Zelda hadn't. Zelda had been more interested in swords and ships and adventure. If he had worried about anything, it would have continued to be the idea that she might one day spontaneously run away to become a pirate.

If he had been to consider this eventuality for a single second prior to this stunned moment, he might, at a stretch, have suspected it of her and one of the ragtag band of boys with whom she had spent all her schooldays being friends. It still would have been foolish of her, but teenagers... They were foolish.

Instead, startlingly, she had said a man. Evidently, he did not pay enough attention to his younger siblings' lives. Ari hadn't known she knew any men. (Perhaps she hadn't even known him.)

"Did he pressure you?" He asked firmly, his brow creased. She had made it sound as though it were her fault, as though she had made her choice willingly, but Ari wasn't sure he believed it, that she had been at all in control of that situation, however it had occurred. She was only nineteen, after all; Merlin, and their mother was dead, did she know any better?

Now that he'd started, there was a stream of questions in his head, none of which he especially wanted the answers to, but which... needed to be asked. "When did this happen?"