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Sebastian Beauregard
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25 year old Halfblood
5 ft. 7 in.
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Full Name: Sebastian Elijah Beauregard

Nickname(s): Seb, Bash

Birthdate: 30 April 1866

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Occupation: Mediwizard at Hogsmeade Hospital

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: A modest flat in Hogsmeade, however he usually ends up at one Beauregard residence or another quite often

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: Holly, 13 1/2 inches, supple, Dragon Heartstring

Family: Charles Beauregard | Father
Edna Beauregard | Mother
Lucinda Cavanaugh [i]née[/i] Beauregard | Sister
Wesley Cavanaugh | Brother-in-Law
Tulip Birgit Cavanaugh | Niece
Iris Phoebe Cavanaugh | Niece
Phoebe Beauregard | Sister

Vincent Beauregard & Stella Beauregard nee Walsh | Uncle & Aunt
Bentley Beauregard | Cousin | d. 1884
Adella Beauregard | Cousin [i]& family[/i]
Elsie Beauregard | Cousin
Harvey Beauregard | Cousin
Charlotte Beauregard | Cousin
Owen Beauregard | Cousin

Maurice & Alice Beauregard nee Endicott | Uncle and Aunt
Chester Beauregard | Cousin
Theodore Beauregard | Cousin
Emmett Beauregard | Cousin
Leah Beauregard | Cousin

Once gangly and awkward, Sebastian has rather evened out since school. He keeps a healthy physique for a young man of his age and likes to play most sports; though he is never one for competition, he does this recreationally. He can be found wearing greens and blues which show off his complexion quite nicely. His flaxen hair is a trait easily found in the Beauregards in addition to his blue eyes. Sebastian wears corrective lenses for reading and his wand arm is his right.
Sebastian was born to Edna and Charles Beauregard, the second of their children and (after the birth of Phoebe) the only male of his siblings. Growing up he was rather quiet and (opposite of Lucinda) obeyed his parents orders without protest or complaint. He did end up picking up the same habit as Lucinda of staying up past his bedtime to read plenty of books (not exactly the same reason as his older sister). He grows rather close to his cousin, Elsie, and it's soon discovered they're both extremely alike; bookish, studious, caring, loyal. They like being in each other's company and, when visiting each other, like hanging out in the family library, just reading books and occasionally making a comment here or there. They're mostly just content to sit together and enjoy each other's presence. Sebastian's first act of magic was at the age of 5 when he got extremely flustered by a question at Christmas dinner and ended up causing all the books in his family library to float up to the ceiling. When he gets his Hogwarts letter, he's overjoyed – the first person he contacts is Elsie who, he's pleased to discover, has also received her letter. He's positive he'll get sorted into Ravenclaw – his whole family is – so when he actually gets sorted into Gryffindor, he's left gobsmacked. Pleased, because Elsie was consequently sorted into Gryffindor just before him, but baffled nonetheless, and he feels rather awkward in a house with so many rowdy and outspoken people. He finds solace in the fact that Elsie feels the same way, which draws them closer together than they were before. Soon, he's able to tell when his cousin has had enough socializing (especially during social events), and takes it upon himself to make excuses for them to quit the room, or take a break on the side. An introvert through and through, Sebastian finds it a bit more difficult to make friends within his house, but he's rather pleased when he does make a few good friends. He excels in his classes and soon climbs to be one of the top students in his class. School is easy and enjoyable for him. He also finds comfort in flying. He never liked heights, but at his first flying lesson his first year, he had to try at least once (one of his mottos of life). Once he kicked off from the ground, he found the rush of the air exhilarating. The fact that he could be alone up in the air was a balm to the nerves that acted up when in social situations. He doesn't try out for Quidditch but enjoys taking one of the school brooms to fly around the Quidditch pitch when it's empty. In his fifth year, he's made Prefect of Gryffindor House and takes to the role like a fish to water. At the same time, Sebastian's friends start noticing girls more and more – and the more and more they talk about it, the more and more Sebastian finds himself disinterested in the subject. At first, he assumes his subconscious just wants him to focus on his schoolwork, but then he finds himself becoming flustered around one of the boys in his class. He attempts to put these feelings by the wayside and throws himself into his perfect duties and studying for his NEWTs. Occasionally he goes for a fly around the Quidditch pitch to try and clear his mind, but it's to no avail. He tries to talk to Elsie about it, but continually chickens out and shifts the conversation towards her instead of him. Determined not to let this inner conflict take over his mind, Sebastian attempts to reconcile with himself but finds great difficulty in doing so. It isn't until he starts seeing a pattern in the way a distant classmate behaves towards his male friend, that Sebastian realizes that he isn't the only one that feels this way towards men. Though it's not enough to clear his mind completely, Sebastian finds solace in this fact and attempts to continue on with his work. His seventh year sees Sebastian named Head Boy. Just like when he was prefect, he throws himself into his Head Boy duties and enjoys the distraction it brings from his inner turmoil. Immediately after graduation, Sebastian finds himself a good internship as a medi-wizard at Hogsmeade Hospital. While introverted, he finds that the fastpaced work suits him and his work-ethic well; though he can often be found on his breaks falling asleep at the table in the lounge with a book in his lap.
  • skilled potioner
  • can forge a decent signature
  • skilled violinist
  • practices piano

  • He's a bit of a romantic
  • Sebastian is gay
  • He's rather clumsy
  • His patronus is a March Hare


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