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Bellamy Echelon
No artist tolerates reality.
— Nietzsche

Full Name: Bellamy Oleander Echelon

Nickname(s): Bell

Birthdate: September 28th, 1870

Age: 20

Occupation: Artist

Blood Status: Halfblood; Pureblood father and Muggle mother.

Residence: A London townhome, + a country estate in a vaguely northerly part of England (Bellamy is not particularly good at English geography; he forgets what county it's in but knows the floo address)

Hogwarts House: Unknown

Wand: Siberian Pine & chimaera scale, 10", supple

Thorben Echelon, Father [1836]
[Name] Echelon nee [Something], Mother [1841 - 1889]
[Name] Echelon, Brother [1863 ? ]
Valentin Echelon, Brother [1866]
Eden Echelon, Sister [1867]
Eve Echelon, Sister [1873 - 1890]

Extended family: Jena Echelon-Arnost, grandmother; Sebastian, Niklaus, & Adelina Echelon, uncles/aunt; Idelle, August, Elsbeth, Ferdinand, Tobias, Siegrief & Leisa Echelon-Arnost, half-uncles/aunts; various cousins.

Muggle family in America: grandparents, aunts/uncles, cousins.
General | A metamorphmagus, Bell nevertheless tries to maintain a somewhat consistent appearance. He insists he is the farthest thing in the world from vain (this is not true: he is incredibly vain). He has dark brown eyes (mostly) and hair that is cut fashionably (sometimes). He used to be in the habit of changing his hair color from city to city while they traveled because he couldn't really settle on what color he liked, but he doesn't want to do that in England because he'd prefer people not know he's a metamorphmagus, so — brown? His hair is brown, he supposes? That's a nice normal shade for hair to be, isn't it? Obviously his skin is clear of any blemishes (obviously). He mostly hangs out around 5'6" but does sometimes flex up or down a few inches.

Expressions | Bell's default expression is a combination of bemused and slightly impatient; if you get the sense that he isn't taking this seriously, you're right. He smiles and laughs frequently but it's more often at people than with them; most of his expressions have the underlying factor of smug.

Deportment | Bell carries himself with the ease of someone who has never considered that they are not the most important person in the room.

Fashion | Bell has a few custom-made clothes that magically adapt with him when he changes height, which were crazy expensive. These are suits in typical English fashion and don't accomodate anything more than a few inches of change. The rest of his wardrobe consists of things picked up from all over the world, which he wears mis-matched with no real respect for the culture behind them, because he's all about the aesthetic. He wears flamboyant colors whenever he can, and some of his favorite vests are shimmery pastels.

Accessories | Often carries a plain canvas bag which looks very out of place with his expensive, eclectic wardrobe. It has an expanding charm to hold paints, a selection of canvases, a collapsing easel, and charcoal pencils.

Scent | Regularly wears a floral cologne, but also often smells of oil paint and the associated chemicals.

Face Claim | Ross Lynch

Artistic, a little disconnected from reality, easily distracted by his own thoughts. Obsessive tendencies. Wants people to think he doesn't much care about their opinion, but he cares deeply.
  • Never learned to apparate. Thinks the floo network is the coolest thing. He asked for a map of the English floo network for his last birthday. It's the only non-art displayed in his bedroom.
  • Knows about five or six words in a dozen languages but really only speaks English, because he assumes everyone else will accommodate him, not vice versa. He uses his random foreign vocabulary to pepper into his speech to make himself seem cultured.
  • Uses the name Gaumata (a Persian magician and shapeshifter of lore) where others might say "Merlin;" a habit he picked up in the Middle East.
  • Has written anonymous fan mail to Oscar Wilde.
  • Tends to use magical moving paints for the non-animate parts of his paintings (for instance, a potted plant behind a seated figure where the plant changes seasonally but the figure is painted in the Muggle fashion). He believes this is artistic genius and will fight you if you argue him on it.
  • Almost certainly cannot actually fight you.
  • Virgin and in no hurry to change that because he thinks adding sex to a relationship deprives it of its artistic beauty.
  • Basically convinced that their younger sister is either 1) still alive but in disguise or 2) traveling the world as a ghost, and didn't tell them because their older brother is a tyrant and wouldn't understand. He has absolutely no evidence of either.

1870 | Bellamy is born, which was clearly the best thing to ever happen to his family. He was born abroad and remains abroad for most of his life, though the family owns some property in England so that's technically home.

1873 | Eve is born.

1880 | Bellamy gets a wand in Moscow, jumping the gun on his eleventh birthday by a bit but it's not like anyone is really keeping track of them.

1882 | The year Bellamy would have gone to Hogwarts, if anyone in the family had been particularly inclined to go back that direction long enough to establish a residency, which thankfully they aren't. Like his older siblings, Bellamy learns magic (and everything else) here and there, from a collection of tutors in various locales as they move from city to city.

1885 | Bellamy starts painting and decides immediately that it's his calling in life. Also noteworthy this year: one of their uncles back in England dies and is revealed to be a Truly Awful Human, which is shocking enough that it even impacts them a little, in a way that none of the other general shenanigans and happenings of the extended Echelon/Echelon-Arnost family have previous. Impacts them in that they miss out on a few invitations because of it, anyway; since Bellamy is still a child it doesn't really impact him much, and everyone seems to have moved on by the time they relocate again.

1886 | Bellamy experiments with sculpture while in Greece, but doesn't have the same affinity for it as painting.

1888 | Bellamy learns how to paint moving paintings from a portrait master they meet in South America, though it takes several years to refine the skill; he's still not sure he's good at it.

1889 | Mother dearest passes away. Although it's neither sudden nor tragic it's still something of a shock, since she wasn't old. Their father starts to go a little off-the-rails, in that he always seems to be having a different conversation than the rest of them, but everyone assumes it's his way of grieving. They put on mourning clothes (terribly inconvenient because none of his clothes that change height with him are appropriate mourning attire) but otherwise continue their lifestyle, thinking mother would hardly have wanted them to change everything because of her death.

1890 | Bellamy's sister Eve dies in a tragic accident. Supposedly, anyway; he's not convinced. The family wears mourning clothes (again) and moves to England, where they are all going to "settle down" and presumably be safe from any more sudden deaths. The upside of all of this is that Bellamy is in England with nothing at all better to do when The Picture of Dorian Grey is released in serial form. He thinks Basil Hallward is the most Romantic figure ever created in literature and aspires to be him.

1891 | In April, The Picture of Dorian Grey is published in a complete book; Bellamy buys a copy to give to everyone he knows.

  • Bellamy's family was living abroad almost his entire life.
  • His mother and younger sister are recently deceased.
  • His uncle Sebastian, deceased in 1885, was a certifiable villain who ran a human trafficking circle.
  • Bellamy's mother was a Muggle, and an American.
  • Bellamy is a painter.
  • Bellamy dyes his hair! (shock!) (conversely, you might know that he's a metamorphmagus, but he doesn't like to tell people).
  • Bellamy's father, Thorben Echelon, is a bit 'off' these days.
Played By: Lynn

Contact: Skype

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