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Raphael Malfoy
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Played by Bree
Sponsor of the Appleby Arrows
27 year old Pureblood
Sponsor of the Appleby Arrows
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Full Name: Raphael Harfang Malfoy

Nickname(s): Raf

Birthdate: December 11th, 1865

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Occupation: Appleby Arrows Sponsor

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Main residence in London, but maintains a "cottage" in Cumbria.

Hogwarts House: Slytherin Alumnus ('84)

Wand: Elm, 12 inches, Phoenix feather, Pliant

Roderick Malfoy, Father [1822]
Elisabeth Malfoy (née Moreau), Father's First Wife [1842]
Philippe Malfoy, Half-Brother [1862-1862]

Zandra Malfoy (née Carrow), Mother [1839]
Angeline Malfoy, Sister [1867]
Estelle Malfoy, Sister [1870]
Victoire Malfoy, Sister [1872]

Barnabas Malfoy, Uncle [1814]
Gwendoline Malfoy (née Pierce), Aunt [1831]
Gaius Malfoy, Cousin [1854]—and family
Cassandra Rowle (née Malfoy), Cousin [1858-1884]—and family
Octavia Brynn Malfoy, Cousin [1866]
Blond, tall, and with features more delicate than rough, Raphael is undeniably a Malfoy.

Years of athletic involvement have done his physique well, allowing him to look toned rather than scrawny and solid rather than lanky. He hovers just over six feet even and would rather dress to impress instead of for comfort, his suits always tailored to perfection and never without an accessory that displays his wealth. He has fair skin that's been only faintly tanned from years in the sun (he's always been prone to burning rather than tanning) and light eyes. His hair, which lightens and darkens with the season, is neatly slicked back. He wields his wand with his left hand.

After being cursed in November of 1891, Raphael now has scarring resembling ones caused by a lightning strikes from the back of his right hand up to his shoulder and across his collar bone. It's hardly visible while fully clothed.

" He looked exactly how she remembered Raphael Malfoy; looking as if he'd just stepped out of a - well - Raphael painting." - Rowan Yaxley
Pre-Birth | After years of struggling to produce a living heir, Elisabeth Malfoy is divorced by her husband. She leaves England, leaving Roderick Malfoy in search of another bride. Only six months after his divorce is finalized he finds her in the form of Zandra Carrow. She is older but possesses an impeccable pedigree, and Roderick takes the gamble. They are married in early 1865.

1865 | The birth of Raphael Malfoy is met with great celebration. He is a healthy child, albeit a cranky one whose violent screams terrorize the nurses day and night.

1867 | The Malfoys welcome a second child, a daughter named Angeline. Their days are spent in each other's company during their first few years of life, but nobody would consider the two especially close. By the time he is able to walk and talk in broken sentences he expresses an interest in more "masculine" activities, often spurred by watching his father.

1870 | Estelle is born, and Raf has precisely zero interest in brothering the new babe.

1872 | And neither does he have an interest brothering Victoire when she is born.

1873 | A separate tutor is hired to educate Raf in all the things a proper rich white boy of the era should know. He is an eager pupil, not because he's especially interested in the subject matter but because he wants to please his father.

1874 | His first sign of magic arrives at the age of nine, which is far too late for any Malfoy but it is a relief nonetheless.

1877 | Raphael goes off to Hogwarts and is sorted into Slytherin, but not before a struggle ensues between Raphael and the Hat over where he'd be best-placed. The Hat is adamant that his personality is best-suited for Gryffindor, whereas Raphael is insistent that, as his father's son, he should be in Slytherin by default. He eventually wears the Hat down. He settles into routine and enjoys his classes despite his aversion to the copious amounts of homework. Most of his childhood friendships remain in-tact, although he spends a good amount of time with older students who he considers more interesting than kids his age. He tries out for the quidditch team and fails.

1878 | He has much better success during quidditch tryouts in his second year and finds himself the Slytherin keeper.

1879 | In third year Raf adds Care of Magical Creatures and Ancient Studies to his roster.

1882 | Raphael takes his OWL examinations to decent results. He returns to Hogwarts for his sixth year with five classes: Astronomy, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, and Potions.

1883 | Raf is appointed quidditch captain at the beginning of his seventh year.

1884 | Raphael graduates and puts precisely none of his NEWT scores to good use. Instead he is drafted onto the Wimbourne Wasps, where he begins as a second-string keeper.

1885 | His time on the second-string is short-lived, and by the beginning of the 1885 season he is promoted to first-string. He enjoys the rush of playing quidditch, but he enjoys the party scene more. His time with the boys at the pub are among his favorite memories—as are the times spent in the brothels afterwards.

1887 | A rendezvous with Miss ——, a newly-debuted girl from a middle class family, results in her pregnancy. He does not want to see her ruined, but he does not want to marry her either, so he secures her an abortion. Less than a week later, her death is published in the paper, and although the cause of death is not stated, he knows. The guilt from her death lingers for longer than he would have liked, and his sexscapades come to an abrupt halt. Months pass, and he eventually allows himself infrequent trips to the brothels, but swears to himself that he will never, ever get involved with well-bred women again until he is prepared to marry.

1890 | In the final season before the Quidditch World Cup, Raphael suffers a dislocated shoulder, and any chance of earning a spot on the national team is thrown out the window. In fact, healers are adamant that he should leave the quidditch pitch altogether; while not disabled, he becomes prone to reinjury at even the slightest wrong turn of his arm. The season comes to an abrupt halt when a woman is killed at the Quidditch World Cup, and his father practically forces the matter of his retirement. He remains jobless for the remainder of the year, lending his time to social pursuits—parties, the club, anything interesting.

1891 | The quidditch season resumes, and Raphael makes an impulsive decision to purchase the Appleby Arrows—the longtime rival of the Wasps—after the former sponsor leaves in a stand against the newly-enacted safety regulations. He thinks it's ironic, having control over the players he once trash-talked on the pitch. They probably don't.
Impulsive. Short-tempered. Competitive. Enjoys showing off. Hedonistic, but has his inhibitions; he would never publicly do anything that could earn his father's scorn, as one of his greatest fears is being a disappointment. Adverse to commitment and enjoys his freedoms. Can come across as an asshole, not because he's meaning to but because he's not always the most considerate. Genuinely caring but he's allergic to being sentimental. Sort of a people-pleaser but only superficially; he cares more about people respecting his status than actually having people genuinely like him.
  • Languages: English, French, Latin, and a good deal of Ancient Greek from his extensive instruction as a child. He dabbles in other languages, but only knows certain phrases that he uses to impress company.
  • Magical skills: Viewing magic as a given in life rather than something to strive to be great at, Raphael never really mastered any branch. He's good with common-use spells (levitating charms, repairing spells, etc.) that make life easier, but not with much else.
  • Transportation: Prefers broomsticks but understands how undignified it is for a man of his station and impractical for long-distance travel. If traveling around London he'll use a carriage or walk, and for long distances he'll floo. He has an apparition license and sometimes uses it for convenient short-distance travel.

  • He's never cast a patronus, but not for lack of trying.
  • His amortentia smells like the comforts of home: the flowers in the garden, his father's cigars, the perfumes his mother and sisters use, and broom polish.
  • He hasn't seen one since school, but his boggart used to take the form of his father giving him the same disappointed look he gives whenever Raphael's messed up.
  • Raphael has always been a bit promiscuous and probably has a few bastards among the working class, but he doesn't know about them and doesn't want to know about them.


Ancient StudiesA
Care of Magical CreaturesEA
Defence Against the Dark ArtsOE
History of MagicA

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