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Lovelorn Spinster
Lovelorn Spinster

30 year old Pureblood
5 ft. 2 in.   ❤   Spinster
played by Olive
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Adelia Lovegood
And I never minded being on my own
Then something broke in me and I wanted to go home
To be where you are
But even closer to you, you seem so very far
And now I'm reaching out with every note I sing
And I hope it gets to you on some pacific wind
Wraps itself around you and whispers in your ear
Tells you that I miss you and I wish that you were here

Full Name: Adelia Willow Lovegood

Nickname(s): Ada

Birthdate: February 24th, 1860

Age: 30

Occupation: Hobbyist Painter & Photographer

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: 12” Elm and Kelpie hair

Osiris Lovegood – Father †
Ariel Lovegood née Weasley – Mother †
Orlando Lovegood – Brother
Louisa Lovegood née Longbottom – Sister-in-law †
Olive ____ née Lovegood – Sister
Andren Lovegood – Brother
Standing at a fairly average 5'2", Ada doesn't stand out in a room as particularly tall or short. Her eyes are blue and her hair blonde, much like her siblings so she doesn't really stand out there either. Unlike her late sister, however, Adelia has a slightly more womanly figure. Overall, she isn't a striking beauty but she is pretty in a quiet, demure sort of way. She is left handed.
Superstitious — Reserved — Optimist — Open-minded — Creative — Kind — Sentimental — Patient — Diligent — Dreamer.
1871 — 1878







History of Magic






History of Magic

Extra Curriculars
Skills & Interests
Corporal Patronus [Dove]
Monet — Cat

1860 | Ada is the second child born to Osiris and Ariel Lovegood.

1861 | An early bloomer apparently, the infant Adelia sneezed bubbles. She soon after developed a full blown cold and required some pepper-up potion.

1863 | At three years old she is growing into a quiet child, although she smiles plenty and is a perfectly happy child.

1865 | Olive is born. The idea of having a little sister pleases the five year old but she is too young to properly play with yet.

1866 | Orlando goes to Hogwarts and Ada misses her brother very much. Olive is still too young to be the best playmate for a six year old and so for a while Ada almost gets a taste of life as an only child. She doesn't much care for it.

1867 | Her sister is now two and Ada starts to become very protective of her. Andren is born. Ada likes the idea of him but he is too young for much more than that.

1868 | Ada shows promise in her artistic endeavors, she enjoys trying to teach Olive to draw and paint.

1870 | By now Ada has taken Andren under her sisterly wing and takes her duties as older sister very seriously. Her governess makes a point of telling her that she'll make a fine mother one day.

1871 | The time has finally arrived for her to leave for school. As excited as she is to go to Hogwarts and join Orlando, she regrets having to leave Olive and Andren. After some difficulty in deciding - though not nearly long enough to be considered a hatstall - the sorting hat decides to place her in Ravenclaw rather than Hufflepuff like her brother.

1873 | Her chosen electives this year are Divination, Care of Magical Creatures, and Arithmancy. She takes to divination like a duck to water, albeit without the gift of Sight. Superstition and matters of fate and fortune intrigue her.

1876 | She is not made prefect and this suits her just fine. For her NEWTs she continues with Arithmancy, Divination, Astronomy, and Charms. Olive joins her in Ravenclaw.

1878 | Her schooling is complete and she is informed of an arrangement for her to marry Mr. James Riley. She readily accepts being engaged and comes out into society. Andren goes to Hogwarts.

1879 | In one fell swoop, both of Ada's parents die. It is her first brush with loss and she is beside herself. She moves to Hogsmeade to live with her brother.

1881 | After two years of engagement, Ada has come to love her fiancé. However her fiancé, believing her to be ambivalent towards him, writes a letter to her in which he puts an end to their engagement. Despite being heartbroken by this, she doesn't petition him to reconsider, believing that her love for him must be unrequited.

1882 | Life as an unattached debutante does not really agree with Ada who is still pining for Mr. Riley. She attends balls and parties, dances with eligible bachelors, but she is distant and a little somber at times which does little to encourage the menfolk. It soon comes to her attention that James Riley is courting a fellow healer, a Miss Felicity Prewett. This is the icing on the cake and while not prone to bitterness, that is precisely what she feels for Miss Prewett.

1884 | Adelia tries a little harder to appear more interested in balls and social events. These efforts prove somewhat futile. She revisits her interest in fortune telling and grows very superstitious - using star charts, horoscopes from various cultures, tea leaf reading, palmistry, anything she can to bolster her hopes of finding love and happiness. While they don't help her find a husband, she does feel more determined and it gives her something pass the time with besides her drawing and painting. The family home burns down that summer and by some miracle no one dies - the most Ada has to mourn is her artwork.

1885 | After a carriage accident she is left hospitalized. It is shortly after this that an Auror, Mr. Herondale, asks to court her. She is elated and accepts very readily. When the courtship abruptly ends a few months later, she is once again left feeling bitterly disappointed and bereft. She is at least spared the years of acquaintance that she shared with Mr. Riley. It is a very small consolation, however, for she had started to develop deeper feelings for him.

1886 | James Riley dies and she has an uncomfortable run in with his widow. While she is very sad to hear of his passing, she realizes she has moved on, not that her feelings for James Herondale are any more productive than the torch she carried for Mr. Riley after their parting.

1887 | Officially a spinster, Ada feels she has to face the music and admit that she is likely never to marry and even less likely to marry James Herondale. To her surprise, the Minister of Magic of the time - Mr. Balthazar Urquart - asks to court her. While she cannot fathom his interest in her and feels no great affection for him, she feels incapable of declining when it might be her last chance at finding happiness. She feels the same when he proposes shortly after, although she has more reservations by now due to the hostilities of Ruby and Topaz Urquart. As the big day closes in on her, she grows more and more fearful that she is on the verge of committing herself to a man she doesn't love for the rest of her life. She likes Minister Urquart perfectly well but doesn't love him. The wedding day arrives and she freezes at that all important moment. Finding herself unable to go with it, she leaves him at the altar. In the aftermath, she regrets her decision and realizes she could quite easily have loved him. She becomes something of a social pariah and between her regret and low spirits, becomes something of a shut in.

1888 | After a good six months or more of being in a funk, she is starting to bounce back.

1889 | Ada gets into photography and takes a trip to Africa. Upon her return she doubles down on her artwork, going so far as to accept commissions - unpaid of course!

1890 | TBD.

– She left the then Minister of Magic, Balthazar Urquart, at the altar.
– She's been mostly absent from society since the aforementioned jilting.
– She was briefly courted by James Herondale a few years ago but he broke things off with her suddenly.
– A marriage was arranged between her and James Riley when she left school but after a few years he ended the engagement.
Played By: Olive

Contact: PM or Skype

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April 12th, 1888
Dear Mr. H,
I was pleasantly surprised to receive your letter and I'm grateful for your advice.

I hope you did not think my mention of children directed at you in particular, I wrote only from previous experience. I fear I have made this gentleman sound callous where he is not, though he may have erred in his judgement at times. He certainly does not deserve what has since befallen him and his family.

You mentioned in your first letter that you have dogs, I take it you are fond of animals? I'm afraid I conform to social expectation in this one area, at least, in that I own a cat.

I'm not sure if you were expecting a response so I hope you don't mind that I've written anyway. Forgive me if I seem presumptuous.

Miss L.