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Meddlesome mother, but make her a squib <3
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Master of Ceremonies
Master of Ceremonies

37 year old Muggleborn
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Christopher Basiltree

Full Name: Christopher Leopold Basiltree

Nickname(s): Baz

Birthdate: May 29th, 1853

Age: 37

Occupation: Master of Ceremonies

Blood Status: muggleborn

Residence: Pennyworth

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: holly, 13 4/5", rigid, single phoenix tail feather

Family: Clare Victoria Basiltree (adoptive mother, age 68) John Shirley Basiltree (adoptive father, deceased)
Baz is taller than the average wizard and also rather fit, qualities that served him well for his career as a footman. He has dark hair that he keeps neat and in style, as well as dark eyes that he shares with his mother. He is right-handed, which is good because his father was the type that would've made him write with his right anyways had he been left-handed. Generally he wears clothing that is nice, mostly due to his job as Master of Ceremonies. When he isn't working, he tends to wear rather threadbare clothes as he is very practical and hates replacing things.
Christopher Basiltree is, first and foremost, a rather practical man. He lives with what he needs, not what he wants. He does have some dreams about nicer things, but he also has grown up balancing his mother's somewhat misguided attempts to make their family seem more wealthy than they actually are. With his friends, he tends to play 'straight man' or 'group dad,' maintaining his composure and manners where others generally fail to do so. He's always had an aptitude for balance and order, and can at times come off as a bit bossy or nitpicky. Generally, he has excellent manners and struggles with figuring out whether or not people actually like his company.
ESFP. Gemini.
1853: Christopher Leopold Basiltree is born to a pair of Muggles, given up, and eventually adopted by Clare (a squib living as a Muggle) and John (a muggle) Basiltree and named after Prince Leopold, since his mum fancies herself similar to Queen Victoria as they share a middle name. 1857: It is discovered that Christopher can do some types of magic, and Clare has to explain some things to John. She is a bit excited that her adopted son can do magic, something she was never able to do. 1864: Baz is further introduced to the world of magic as he attends his first and only year at Hogwarts. Notably, he excels in Etiquette classes, likely due to his mother's pressure to 'act like a Prince.' 1865: Baz begins employment in the house of a wealthy Muggle family as a footman, as he is hesitant to leave his magic-less parents 1867: John Basiltree dies of pneumonia after being caught out in a winter storm, leaving Baz alone with his mother. 1870: Baz begins his position as second footman after the former second footman gets married and moves to Scotland. Though young, he is apparently "handsome" and his manners show that the family can afford some decent footmen, not like those down the lane with their bow-legged footman with ragged clothes. 1876: Baz begins shadowing the butler of the house as the first footman following the firing of a few servants for theft, though in reality the young lady of the house had been selling things to afford makeup and in-style dresses that her parents refused to buy her. 1877: Baz and his mother move to Hogsmeade after he is discovered as a wizard. She absolutely despises the slums that they are forced to live in by virtue of not making enough money to live anywhere else--that is, until Baz manages to be employed by a rather wealthy (and lonely) old wizard who allows the Basiltrees to be employed as live-in servants, and though he considers Clare's squib-ness a hindrance, she is an excellent cook. 1884: A few of Baz's good friends pass away from the Laughing Plague, though Baz himself keeps clean both due to his worries about himself and the old wizard, his only source of income. 1885: The old wizard passes away anyways, of old age, and Baz and his mother go back to living in the Slums, though they're able to keep themselves mostly safe and clean. Baz earns money by performing odd jobs and offering services as a server for various balls. 1886: Baz starts his new job--Master of Ceremonies in the Hogsmeade Memorial Ballroom. He and his mother move to a small family house in new brand-new Pennyworth. 1888: Baz's mother starts pestering him to get married. Something about how the Prince he was named after had already has children. Baz reminds her that he has also died. 1891: Baz goes into the new year the same way he might go into a different day. He hopes to continue in his position as Master of Ceremonies, and at some point find a wife, though it's not high on his priorities since he still doesn't think of himself as ready to support anyone.
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RE: March 1891 February 25, 2021 – 4:30 AM 1
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March 1891 OOC - Community » Contests & Events
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What: Games in the Park
Who: Hosted by a group of older widows and married women, including Mrs. Basiltree, and open to all respectable members of the working class.
Cost: N/A
Where: Padmore Park.
Why: General enjoyment and fun as well as potential matchmaking on behalf of the organizers.
When: March 17th, 1891

Games will include lawn tennis as well as croquet and are open to both women and men. "Chaperones" to keep things respectable will be provided in the form of the various meddling organizers, though it might be easier to sneak away should you find yourself enjoying company with someone they consider to be a 'good match.'

Contact Player(s): @Addison Chatham


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