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First Year
First Year

11 year old Halfblood
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played by Soph
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Zenobia Zabini

Full Name: Zenobia Akua Cosima Zabini

Nickname(s): Zen

Birthdate: 4 June, 1879

Age: 11

Occupation: First Year

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Hogwarts; London

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Unyielding, 10'', cedar and phoenix tail feather

Domitian Zabini, father (1854)
Matilda Zabini nee Longbottom, mother (1856)
Nicodemus Zabini, brother (1877)
Zenobia has that fairy vibe. She is small and delicate and has a playful, high pitched voice. Her skin is light brown, a mix of her parents' colours. Her hair is dark brown and is very textured and curly. Her eyes are dark brown and she uses her right hand.

Zenobia wears whatever her mother picks out for her. If she was let to choose, she'd wear something airy and girly with lots of tules and lace.
  • Zenobia is in a hurry to grow up. She hates feeling helpless and that has made her very independent. She must always feel like there is a plan for her to fall into.
  • Zen is nosey and she hates the feeling that there are secrets kept from her. The latter can make her quite paranoid, as her mind can be creative as to what is going on.
  • She comes across as charming, playful, and rather impish. She tends to act dumber than she actually is since she figured out that it's easier to get people to trust you that way.
  • She loves fashion and dressing up.
  • She was taught French, Italian & Asante Twi and generally has a knack for languages.
  • She's a really good dancer.
  • She has a really good hearing.
Childhood (1879-1890)
Zenobia is the second child born to Domitian and Matilda Zabini.

Zenobia is only a toddler when a scandal breaks in her family: her paternal grandmother is outed as a halfblood. Most normal people would think "Eh, okay, so what?", but the Zabinis are pureblood supremacists, so it's a big deal. Grandfather divorces Grandmother, whom Zenobia liked very much. It's a very turbulent time and four-year-old Zenobia is sad.

This places her family in a very precarious position. Her father fears his position in the family if Grandfather gets a pureblooded heir. Zenobia gathers as much from eavesdropping on her family. Nobody ever tells her anything, so she takes it upon herself to figure things out.

The scandal makes Zenobia a rather anxious child. It is her understanding that she and her family could easily end up on the streets! There are times when she sneaks away to the servants' quarters, to get a sense of what her life would be like if that happened and one thing is certain: she doesn't want this.

Grandfather remarries in 1882 and her Papa isn't happy about it. Zenobia isn't either and while she secretly hopes Grandfather and his new wife have a terrible wedding day, she is outwardly very cute to everyone. She thinks she can make her Grandfather love her, so she won't have to live in the streets, but she's just a girl and he doesn't pay much attention to her.

Her new grandmother gives birth to a son and that causes great tension at home. Zenobia hopes the baby is stolen by a hag. She cannot help but wonder if her negative thoughts caused his death a year later.

First Year: 1890-1891
Zenobia goes to Hogwarts, where she is sorted into Slytherin. She quickly starts hanging out with the older kids, her dearest cousin Flora Mulciber and her friends. Zenobia always had this desire to be treated like she was older and to be taken seriously, so that's very much in character for her. She finds hanging out with the other first years lame.
  • Her paternal grandfather, Cosmo Zabini, divorced her grandmother for being outed as a halfblood.
  • Her mother is nee Longbottom.
  • Her father, as well as most of his siblings, are animagi.
Played By: Soph

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Zenobia cringed slightly at the tone her father used on the employee and grimaced awkwardly when he turned his severity on her. It wasn't her fault that the first wands she had tried weren't a fit! According to Flora and her other older friends, it had taken them a while to find a wand too.

She would have preferred her mother's company that day, Zenobia thought. Her father barely spoke to her at all and when he found the time for her, he was so cross. It had been his idea for her to try out the stupid elm wand!

"Yes, Papa," Zenobia said demurely, not letting her inner turmoil show.

"An ideal wand for a duelist. Ebony with a dragon heartstring core," the employee explained as he handed her the wand.

She was still annoyed at her father and it was with these feelings in mind when she waved towards the box it was being kept in. Her intention had been to make it fly and it did fly, though it was a rather agressive flight towards her father. This hadn't been her intention, but as she registered in shock what had happened, she couldn't help but feel somewhat pleased with herself.

"The dragon heartstring must be too aggressive for the young lady," the employee said diplomatically.

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