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Magical Bugs Healer
Magical Bugs Healer

22 year old Halfblood
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played by Bree
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Billy Darrow

Full Name: William Hamish Darrow

Nickname(s): Almost exclusively "Billy".

Birthdate: September 8th, 1868

Age: 22

Occupation: Magical Bugs Healer, Hogsmeade Hospital

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: North Bartonburg, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor Alumnus ('87)

Wand: Read oak, 13 inches, Dragon heartstring, Brittle

Ramsay Darrow, Father [1843]
Elsa Darrow (née Finnegan), Mother [1850-1882]
Alistair “Allie” Darrow, Brother [1872]
Saundra Darrow, Sister [1873]

Hamish Darrow, Grandfather [1815]
Morag Darrow (née McGonagall), Grandmother [1825-1843]
Casper Darrow, Uncle [1854]
Caitriona Darrow, Aunt [1857-1861]
Mercutio Darrow, Uncle [1865]
Tessa Darrow, Aunt [1867]
Margaret Darrow, Aunt [1868]
Gilderoy “Roy” Darrow, Uncle [1872]
Not even at his impressive height does Billy look like anything more than an oversized seventh year. Wide hazel eyes, a toothy grin, and a mop of light brown curls atop his head see him better described as "cute" than "handsome", and a thin build does nothing to make him appear any more manly. He dresses for comfort over fashion, which results in him wearing improperly tailored coats or robes that are too loose and too short.

He has a fondness for jewelry and wears meaningful rings on his fingers and a necklace with his protective rune—the wunjo—around his neck on a chain.

A splinching incident in his sixth year apparition class resulted in deep scarring on the lower half of his right leg. It is not visible while dressed, but that has not prevented him from going to extreme measures to ensure it remains hidden; he cannot forget the disgust on his friends' when they saw the scars for the first time, and it led to a lot of insecurity. He wields his wand with his left hand.

Stubborn. Combative. Worries how situations will affect him instead of how they affect other people. Loyal to those who he cares about most, but will throw anyone else under the bus if (1) they've actually done something wrong, and (2) not throwing them under the bus will result in him getting into trouble. Hesitant about unfamiliar situations. Can be a bit dickish when he's in a bad mood, but can also be a complete sweetheart when he's having a good day. Gets jealous easy. Possessive of his friends and anything he perceives to rightfully belong to him, be it a work shift or leftovers from dinner. Romantic but does not have the emotional maturity to know how to pursue it in a healthy way. Really does mean well most of the time. A pessimist and a grump by default, but it does not take much to get him worked up into a state of excitement.
  • Knowledge of a wide variety of plants and potions.
  • He can read tarot cards and rune stones, and will even give someone a run-down of their birth chart if they ask nicely.
  • Apart from his native English, Billy speaks conversational French and can read some Latin.

  • He was only ever able to conjure a noncorporeal patronus, but every once in a while reattempts it out of sheer curiosity and a need to know what animal it will take the form of.
  • Though not fond of religion, Billy will pick apart belief systems and follow whichever parts make sense to him. He strongly beliefs in karma, the existence of heaven and hell, and the predictive power of runestones and astrology.
  • He never received his apparition license after a splinching accident in his sixth year.
  • Billy struggles with migraines and mood swings that have no clear cause to those around him.


Ancient RunesOO
Defence Against the Dark ArtsEE
History of MagicA
1868 | Billy is born the first child and son of Ramsay and Elsa Darrow.

1872 | Alastair joins the family. Billy does not know what to make of him.

1873 | Saundra is born. Billy goes to great lengths to show what a great big brother he is to his baby sister, including making her crafts unprompted and singing her off-key lullabies while she naps.

1877 | Billy shows his first sign of magic by animating two of the forks at dinner table. They perform what looks like a swordfight with two boiled carrots before falling back onto his plate.

1880 | A week shy of his twelfth birthday, Billy journeys to Hogwarts for the first time. There he is sorted into Gryffindor. He does not struggle to make friends, but struggles to keep them. He struggles to keep up with his classes—(who decided it was a bright idea to give first years nine classes, anyways?)—and is very concerned about being on his best behavior with his grandfather

1881-1882 | His second year goes smoothly and his academic performance improves with the loss of a few classes, only to dip when news arrives of his mother's death in the spring. He spends the rest of the school year regretting not sending her one last letter or squeezing her just a little harder before returning to school. His grandfather is there to comfort him through his mourning, though no attempts at consolation can bring back his mother's warm embrace.

Autumn, 1882 | Billy adds Ancient Runes to his course load. He takes a personal interest in the subject outside of class, and even becomes a bit superstitious about the usage of runes in his daily life. He fashions a necklace out a chain and a wooden carving of the wunjo rune and refuses to take it off except when bathing, and treats it as if it contains the protective spirit of his mother.

1883 | Allie joins him at Hogwarts. In his fourth year he receives his first kiss. It is two days before winter break, and—as he remembers it—he commented on how pretty the snow looked against Miss [—]'s hair. She kisses him behind one of the statues in the courtyard, and they part. When he recounts the moment to his friends over the holidays, they tease him on his choice of girl, embarrassing him to the point where he does not acknowledge her existence when they return to school. He sees the pain on her face. He never forgets it.

Summer, 1884 | There is a plague in Hogsmeade, and Billy's father nearly dies. He does not, but Billy spends an excruciating week worrying about being orphaned before he is old enough to have children of his own.

1884-1885 | It is suddenly fifth year and there is suddenly a need to worry about OWLs as well as his little sister Sunny, who has joined him and Allie at Hogwarts. He is quick to jump into the role of protective older brother while simultaneously complaining when she requires his assistance. It is peak siblingship. The year as a whole is uneventful; he does not lose any parents, start any drama, or struggle with any particular class. His OWLs come and his OWLs go, and suddenly it is summertime.

Autumn, 1885 | His OWL scores return, and overall he does well. With a bit of unofficial career counseling with his grandfather, Billy decides to pursue a career as a healer. He is not especially passionate about helping people, but he enjoys solving problems and working with potions (and it comes with a decent salary).

Spring, 1886 | Because he is one of the older sixth years, Billy is permitted to take part in apparition lessons in the Great Hall. He does well the on his first attempt, but his second goes awry and he splinches his legs. He is sent to Hogsmeade Hospital where he is treated. Healers are able to stop the bleeding and save his leg, but he is left with deep, ugly scars that he becomes insecure about after seeing how his friends scrunch their noses up at the sight.

Summer, 1886 | While on a High Street excursion with friends the week before returning to Hogwarts for his seventh year, Billy unwittingly follows them into a brothel and loses his virginity. Exciting and pleasurable as the experience is, he feels uneasy and a little grimy once he leaves.

1887 | Billy graduates Hogwarts after his NEWT examinations and spends the next two months lounging about his father's house waiting to receive his NEWT scores. The sudden realization that he is an adult and free to make his own decisions (within reason) hits him like a stunning spell and he immediately begins a making a string of poor choices: exhausting his credit to the point where he is denied entrance into certain shops, engaging in very public drunken shenanigans, and flirting with girls who he shouldn't. His NEWT scores arrive like a sobering bucket of ice water and he applies to the hospital, where the interviewer is hesitant given the reputation he's amounted in such a short time. He is ultimately given a chance with a promise that he will not bring disrepute into their institution.

1888 | But boy does he. After catching a magical bug from one of his patients, Billy is put on a potion to keep his symptoms at bay. One of the side-effects of being a healer fresh out of an internship is an false sense of wisdom, and with that false sense of wisdom Billy decides to up his dosage without telling the presiding healer. Unsurprisingly, he finds himself a little hooked on it. Great. Even after he is discharged he continues brewing the potion at home, and on days he does not take it he suffers from mood swings and debilitating headaches.

1890 | Still unable to kick his need for the potion, he resorts to keeping stashes hidden away at work for when the effects wear off. He is not discovered, but there are times where he comes close. He needs help. He knows it.
  • He has a reputation for being a little irresponsible and was a bit of a mischief maker immediately out of Hogwarts. Your character might assume he's pulled himself together with his work or they might not trust him.
  • His grandfather is the Hufflepuff Head of House.
  • He does not hold an apparition license and only travels via floo network or broomstick.
  • He can be a bit of a dick at times.
  • He's addicted to a potion from the hospital.
  • He has some peculiar beliefs about how the world works.
Played By: Bree

Contact: PM Holly Scrimgeour; Skype

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