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Groundskeeper, Podmore Zoological Gardens
Groundskeeper, Podmore Zoological Gardens

27 year old Halfblood
5 ft. 11 in.   ❤   Unattached
played by Rosa
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Joseph Backus

Full Name: Joseph Backus

Nickname(s): Joe, Joey

Birthdate: 30th October 1863

Age: 27

Occupation: Groundskeeper, Podmore Zoological Gardens

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Irvingly

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Hazel, 12 inches, unicorn tail hair, swishy.

John Backus, born 1838 - father Anne Backus, born 1840 - mother Olivia Backus, born 1865 - sister Victoria Backus, born 1867 - sister Daisy Backus, born 1870 - sister Alice Backus, born 1874 - sister Charlotte Backus, born 1876 - sister Eleanor Backus, born 1880 - sister Jane Backus, born 1883 - sister Basically, Joe has millions of sisters.
Joe is a tall man. It’s probably the first thing people notice about him. He stands at 5 feet and 11 inches. The next thing you would notice is his dark curly hair. To match, his eyes are a light brown. Joe’s build is on the slender side, as he’s always on the move. He also usually has some degree of facial hair, because he can’t be bothered to shave every day.

Joe’s first instincts to characterise himself would be “not a Ravenclaw”. He is eternally confused about why he was sorted into his house. While Joe is certainly not book smart, nor particularly academically inclined, he is certainly intelligent in his own way. Not that he wasn’t that smart academically, he just never really measured up to most Ravenclaws. He is extremely resourceful, always managing to land on his feet in times of trouble. He is also very emotionally intelligent, and is a great mediator (things that happen when you have seven sisters). Joe is easy-going. Although, perhaps too much so. He usually settles for less than he ought to. However, as long as he can afford to go get a pint with his friends at the end of the day, that’s all he really wants. He just wants an easy life. Despite being 27 now, Joe hasn’t changed much since he was 18. He hasn’t grown up much, and often finds himself doing the same stupid stuff he did when he was younger. He certainly hasn’t thought about settling down in terms of marriage. Most of his romantic endeavours end after a few months. The only way he seems to be somewhat mature is his never ending desire to look out for those who need it. Whether they be his sisters, or the lads in his house. Outgoing | Laid Back | Understanding | Reliable | Immature | Complacent
❖Bristol❖ (1863-1875)
Joseph Backus is the first child born to John and Anne Backus in Bristol in 1863. He proves to be their only son, and before long there are four Backus children. Joe, Olivia, Victoria, and Daisy. Truthfully, while Joe’s sisters usually do his head in, he doesn’t mind having loads of sisters. He can still play with them. But from an early age he is seen as the one who has to break up their arguments. While the family isn’t dirt poor, there isn’t loads of money around. Which certainly is not helped by his parents’ penchant for producing babies. Joe is often seen following his father round and helping him out. Quite frankly, dealing with his sister’s problems is relaxing compared to having to lug things about all day. Joe’s first act of magic is accidentally turning a muggle neighbour green. He’s not even quite sure how he did it. Oops. Before long, Joe is shipped off to Hogwarts. And for good measure, his parents produce another daughter before he goes - Alice.
❖Hogwarts❖ (1875-1879)
While Joe may have perhaps played it cool about going to Hogwarts, he was terrified. He thought he would be keen to rid himself of the noise and the drama, but finds being alone extremely isolating. On the train journey he finds himself in a compartment with a selection of quiet middle and upper class boys who don’t want to mess around. This only makes Joe’s dread of Hogwarts grow. But on the boats he meets someone who would change all that. Bronwyn Moony. She is loud and outgoing, and Joe suddenly feels like Hogwarts actually could be his home. When they are both sorted into Ravenclaw, the dye was cast - Winnie and Joe would be lifelong friends. As the first few months of his first year goes by, Joe does settle in. He is an outgoing guy, and easy to get on with, he makes friends along the way. Somehow he still always ends up mediating other people’s problems? That was one thing he thought he’d left behind in Bristol. The social side of school proved to be no worry to Joe. Joe also enjoyed quidditch club, and proved to be a mean chaser; although he never tried out for the quidditch teams. That was too much hassle. Academia meanwhile - he was perfectly adequate. It was a good thing Winnie was so smart. Joe lost track of the number of times she helped him out. By the time Joe comes to his fourth year of school, his parents have had another daughter - Charlotte. At this point, Olivia has just finished her second year of Hogwarts and Victoria is about to start her first. Joe’s parents cannot afford to send three children to Hogwarts, especially with so many mouths to feed at home. There is some debate about whether Joe should stay at Hogwarts, as he is the only boy, but Joe wasn’t about to deprive Hogwarts from either Olivia or or Victoria. He drops out and gets a job in a muggle warehouse, again returning to lugging things about all day.
❖Bristol, again❖ (1879-1887)
Joe didn’t mean to move back in with his parents for so long. But money was tight. He works in the muggle warehouse initially until he turned 17 - then he could get a job doing something magical. However, his seventeenth birthday comes and goes. Then his eighteenth. Then his nineteenth. Suddenly, he is about to turn twenty-four (!!) and realises, he probably needs to find some independence. Besides, his mother isn’t too keen on him coming back pissed most nights.
❖Irvingly❖ (1887-present)
Irvingly. Joe isn’t sure why he picks it. Probably just because there’s a job going for a groundskeeper at the zoo. He rents a bed in a house with various other men, and to be honest - it was the best decision of his life. He loves living with everyone. Yes, the house is messy. Yes, it is loud and chaotic. But it’s also great fun. Over the years, men move in and out, and Joe finds himself being one of the older guys there. He spends way too much of his time looking after the younger lads.
Played By: Rosa

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