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Anxious Debutante
Anxious Debutante

17 year old Pureblood
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played by Kelly
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Cecilia Bulstrode

Full Name: Cecilia Theresa Bulstrode


Birthdate: July 23, 1873

Age: 17

Occupation: Seventh Year

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: London

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: Alder, 11.5", slightly springy, phoenix tail feather

Father: Myron Bulstrode (1838)
Mother: Zoe Bulstrode (1844-1885)
Brother: Elisha Bulstrode (1863)
Brother: Ephraim Bulstrode (1868)
Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Brown

Height: 5 ft. 0 in.

Clothing: Cecilia has always been rather mindful in regards to her wardrobe. Always trying to represent the appearance of feminine elegance. This stems from an insecurity of making a bad impression from the lack of a mother in her teen years and no older sisters or step-mother to fill that void.
Nonetheless, her private insecurities have been rather unjustified given that etiquette lessons both through childhood and at Hogwarts have been more than sufficient, along with well planned out friendships that she has been introduced to since childhood.

Dominant Hand: Right

PB ~ Kaitlyn Dever

While she has an intense feeling of insecurity, she has always done her best to keep these feelings private. Diaries and close friends have more of an idea of her worries, though not enough for her to feel burdensome towards them.

She has Ravenclaw leanings, though her sense of moral justice does carry a greater weight than her sense of curiousity. With this in mind, she will come to someone's aid to an extent, but could not bring herself to step outside of what is considered appropriate for a young lady.
Amortentia: Fresh baked cookies and lavender

Patronus: Unknown

Boggart: Her mother, looking at her with pure disappointment

Star Sign: Leo

Hobbies: Her hobbies tend to vary depending on her mood, and she tries to keep her skills sharp regarding several instruments

Pets: A cat named Elizabeth
1873: Cecilia is born the first daughter and last child of her Bulstrode branch.

1877: The muggle riots see the Bulstrode family staying at a country estate for a little over a year before moving back to their London home.

1879: Cecilia shows her first sign of magic when being spooked by a rather large dog and promptly turning invisible. It was lucky that this had been in a family friend's garden - rather than a park - and her nanny was promptly able to make her visible once more.

1884: One cousin is lost to the laughing plague, though no one in her immediate family is effected due to their living in London. Hogwarts sees Cecilia placed in Gryffindor of all houses. Utterly shocking, given what a quiet young girl she has always been.

1885: Mother dies of tuberculosis. Cecilia is devastated, as the two were as close as to be expected of a mother and child of their social standing. She admired the woman greatly, and wonders if she could ever live up to such standards without her mother's guidance.

1886: Cecilia only adds divination to her course load, as she does not wish to overwhelm herself.

1889: While a good student, with grades ranging from average to outstanding, Cecilia doesn't feel a need to have an abundance of classes in her final years of schooling. Charms would benefit her as an enchanting hostess, potions for practicality reasons, and divination for the curiosity of the subject.

1891: While she wouldn't make a fool of herself by expressing her worries to anyone and everyone, the upcoming season does leave her nervous. Will she be able to live up to her family's expectations, as well as those of society?
  • She is a Bulstrode, which results in holding purist values. While not outright blunt on the matter, she is more likely to befriend and interact with fellow purebloods.
  • She has an undiagnosed social anxiety disorder, and one wouldn't know this unless they are a close friend or have read her diary.
Played By: Kelly

Contact: PM/Skype/Discord

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Debutante Blues IC - London
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Not one to readily admit that she was one to study Witch Weekly in the last year or two, she would likely blame a business venture of one of the Bulstrode men for her quick knowledge of who he was. Not to mention that some girls in her dorm certainly were vocal about their reading, and hadn't his likeness been somewhere in there at one point?

Hopefully he was too polite to ask. Shouldn't prominent members of society be able to at least be able to guess as to whom they are speaking to? Well, at least she hadn't made the mistake of calling him Mr. Parkinson. Certainly that would have been awkward.

At least her past governess and etiquette teachers could be proud in the knowledge that she hadn't made a complete fool of herself. "Thank you, that is kind of you to say."

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