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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
In a panic sort of reaction, she shut the door but neglected to make sure she was on the other side of it.
the thrill of the chase moves in mysterious ways

Ermengarde Delacour
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Played by Dante
Author; Secret Witch Weekly Contributor
45 year old Halfblood
Author; Secret Witch Weekly Contributor
5 ft. 10 in.
❤   Married
Full Name: Ermengarde Fidelma Delcour nee Brownhill

Nickname(s): Minny, Mins,

Birthdate: 12th February 1846

Age: 45

Gender: Female

Occupation: Secret writer of gossip for witch weekly, public writer of halfway descent social problem novels.

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: London

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: Oak, 11", supple, Fwooper feather

Family: Nicholas Delacour  -Husband Pierre Delacour – Son – 10 (incoming Firstie) Elodie Delacour – Daughter – 7 Julia Delacour – Daughter  - 5 Leo Delacour – Son - 3
Plain is the polite word that has followed Minny her entire life.  Always Miss Congeniality she was never a noted society beauty.  She was the friend of the pretty girl, the confident of the handsome boy and she was resigned to that.  A little too tall to be fashionable, a little too thick and ungainly to be elegant, with few exceptional features to recommend her.  Minny has watery blue eyes, mousy brown hair that although thick isn’t particularly lustros or exceptional in anyway, but it is always neat and well dressed.  Her most notable feature is the prominence of her teeth.
She is 5,10, right handed.  She wears fashionable if understated clothing. 
The warmth of the Brownhill family was always the most notable thing about them.  Despite being a rather lumpish and ungainly girl, taller than most boys her age and lacking the lithness that marked many of her sisters – the ugly duckling, she always felt loved and of value. She was an unfailing kind girl, raised in love in the arms of a warm and giving family. 

She displayed magic for the first time at 3 years old, vanishing from the nursery to her fathers study in a tantrum.  She was raised in the nursery with her siblings. 

At the allotted time she was dispatched to Hogwarts and sorted into Hufflepuff, a decision which shocked no one.  Her loyalty and kindness being her most marked personality traits.  She was however, no scholar.  Her scores were always middling, regardless of how hard she worked.  She might have done better academically in a muggle school subjects like literature, art, music and history were more her forte than any of the more practical magical subjects. 

Minny left school after her OWLs, she scored well -but not enough to justify any sort of scholarly pursuits.  As the plain daughter of a middle class man a governessship always sort of seemed in her future.  She was sent to a modest, if unremarkable finishing school and upon completing her time there she made her debut and began to ‘do the season.’ 

Hr debunate years came and went with little aplomb.  She has no notable connections to any particular gentleman but collected herself a large circle of disparate friends thanks to her generosity of spirit.  It is one of these more well to do friends who took Minny as a paid companion.  Even when the other woman married (an arrangement that was formal but loveless), the husband was seldom at home, the two avoiding each other for the most part.  Minnie was still a constant fixture in their home and moved with them to France, the favourite ‘aunt’ of their children. 

She had long since given up all thought of a marriage when she met Nicholas Delacour, a young man, barely 25 years old himself.  His family was austere and religious – believing that plainness and modesty allowed more room for god.  The 32 year old Minny had no intention or thought of him as anything other than an amiable friend, but something blossomed between the two and just before her 34th birthday they married.  They are a well matched couple, he appreciates her for who she is, and she lightened him up. 

Return to England
In short order they made up for lost time and produced a number of children in quick succession.  They lived comfortably in France, Minny has written a number of novels under her married name in both French and English.  When the issue of their children’s education has arisen and Minny won the war between Hogwarts and Beaubaton.  They have returned to England so their children can be educated at her alma mater. 

She continues to write her social problem novels and has since her arrival back in England taken a post as a gossip writer for witch weekly, although the magazine believes they hired a Miss Alma Hessleton. The magazine has never met Miss Hesselton who they believe is the maid in a great house who, for discretion, submits her writing via owl and does not have to attend the office. The very modest amount which she is paid for her gossip means no one asks too many questions about the source.
The mother hen friend.  The one who dries all the tears, offers advice and eventually makes you smile again.  She has a generous and giving personality and now she has money she can give to her hearts content. 
She has written 5 novels in English, some for exclusively magical consumption and some for muggle and magical audiences
The Winter Winds: The story of a young woman whose husband is addicted to opium.  The families loss of fortunes, poverty, dissolution, the husbands eventual death, and her destitution. There is a solidly Christian ending as she dies, is welcomed into gods grace, and her child becomes a vicar.
Sara Drew: A young woman who was raised to believe herself a pureblood, with lots of pureblood prejudice, discovers that she is both illegitimate and half blood when the rest of the family dies of the laughing plague.  She inherits the estate and must wrestle with her feelings on her families secrets and her own prejudices.  (also available in French)
Hemlock at Tea Time: a murder mystery that involves the death of a the matriarchs of a number of prominent families and the family feud that erupts as they try to work out who dunnit.  An epistolary novel written from a number of perspectives. 
Mothers and Sons: A novel about the sacrifices a mother will make for the child and never tell them, and the sacrifices a son makes to protect the mothers feelings – in the end the silence destroys the family and they both die. 
Martin Pain: A hard working, stoic and good coal miner in the industrial north is caught in a mine collapse, as he slowly suffocates he thinks of the cruelty and hardship of his life, and the endless pursuit of profit that is costing him his life. 

She has written 2 novels exclusively in French
The Bloody Field: A novel about the unseen civilian cost of the Napoleonic wars, told from the perspective of a farmer whose land abutted a battlefield.
The last King of France: A piece of speculative fiction for the French magical community, alla man in the iron mask, about a secret son of the King of Louis XVI who was at Beaubaton when the revolution began and was saved from execution. 
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