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Lawyer in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement
Lawyer in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement

23 year old Muggleborn
5 ft. 0 in.   ❤   Engaged
played by Rosa
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Gertrude Baker

Full Name: Gertrude Agnes Baker

Nickname(s): All of Gertrude's immediate loved ones would just call her Gertrude. Miss Baker otherwise, or perhaps just Baker at work.

Birthdate: 7th June 1867

Age: 23

Occupation: Lawyer in the DMLE

Blood Status: Muggleborn.

Residence: Irvingly
Due to Gertrude's particularly large paycheck, the Bakers rent a large home, similar to one of a lower middle class family. Although they do not keep staff.

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Aspen, unicorn hair, 11 and a 1/2 inches, hard

Nicholas Baker, born 1841 - father
Anna Baker (née White), born 1847 - mother
James Baker, born 1866 - brother
Patrick Baker, born 1869 - brother
Thomas Baker, born 1870 - brother
Nora Baker, born 1872 - sister

Walter Brownhill, born 1842 - fiancé

Gertrude has long brown hair and blue eyes. She stands at five foot dead and has a slim frame. Although once very scrawny, these days Gertrude's body is more womanly, having put some weight on. Her wand hand is her right hand. Since moving up in society, her fashions have remained fairly plain, although having more money to spend on clothes has allowed her to become ever so slightly more fashionable, even if it is more the seamstresses making her clothes that way, not her choosing to be more fashionable. She has a scar on her right hand from when Ellory Lestrange bit her hand when she had been transformed into a llama.
Over the years, Gertrude has matured into a confident young woman. Once quiet and awkward, she has come out of her shell. She knows what she wants and she does what she can to get it. Her eternally respectability keeps her in check, but behind closed doors very little holds her back. As she has become more bold, she has become even more firm in her positions. Whether they be political, or in her everyday life. She is stubborn and steadfast, and often refuses to admit she is wrong. Despite any changes to her character, at her core she is still the politically minded sweetheart she always has been. She would like to say she always has an ear for anyone in need - but she works too much for that. The intention is there. However, she is still a very loving and sweet woman. She is extremely affectionate to those in her inner circle.

Political | Family oriented | Confident | Kind | Pious | Stubborn | Workaholic


Ancient RunesO-
Care of Magical CreaturesE-
Defence Against the Dark ArtsOO
History of MagicOO

Lawyer in the department of magical law enforcement 1890-present
Junior lawyer in the department of magical law enforcement 1887-1890
Clerk in the department of magical law enforcement 1886-1887
Intern in the department of magical law enforcement 1885-1886


◆ Speaks with a Mancunian accent.
◆ Patronus is a jackrabbit.
◆ Is extremely religious - is Catholic.

Gertrude is born in 1867 to a working class family in Manchester. Her early childhood is happy, living in a very close-knit family who care deeply about one another. After her sister’s birth, there are five children in the Baker family. They crammed into a small back to back in the shadow of a local cotton mill, but they were a happy bunch nonetheless.

During her early years, Gertrude mainly spent her time playing with her brothers in the street, accompanying her father to union meetings, and of course, attending mass with her family on Sundays.

The July of 1878 brings a letter and a visit. Gertrude is visited by a teacher from a school in Scotland, who informs her and her family that she is a witch. This is a lot for the muggle family to take in. Magic and Catholicism do not go hand in hand. Eventually, it is decided that Gertrude shall go to Hogwarts.

During her entire time at Hogwarts, Gertrude was a hardworking and dedicated student. Sorted into Ravenclaw, she did not disappoint her house. She excelled in all of her subjects, spending a good portion of her time revising and preparing for her exams.

For her third year, Gertrude picks her options. She chose arithmancy, for she had always been good with numbers; ancient runes, for they seemed very interesting and care of magical creatures. All of the other options to Gertrude seemed either unnecessary, boring, or in the case of divination - unholy. She was on the most part happy with her choices, although she regrets taking care of magical creatures as she soon discovered that her and creatures don’t particularly get along.

During her fifth year, Gertrude realises what she wants to do with her life. She wants to be a lawyer - and maybe use that as a platform to help others. Inspired by her dreams, she doubles down and works even harder. During her sixth year she completes a summer internship at the ministry and it is amazing.

Despite all of this, she still makes excellent friends and is a social person throughout her time at Hogwarts. Even if she talks about politics and her dreams a little bit too much.

After leaving school, Gertrude starts her job at the ministry in the department of magical law enforcement. It is quite possibly the greatest day of her entire life. This has what she has been working for over the last several years.

Before long, the Bakers pack up and move to Irvingly. At first in a small flat. Being able to support her family is perhaps even more exciting than working towards her dreams. They settle into the town well, with her family members mostly associating with other working class muggles. It is also around this time Gertrude begins her political writings, writing to the Prophet on current events under the pseudonym George A. MacAuley.

Throughout the years, Gertrude moves up the ranks in the ministry. First an intern, then a clerk, then a junior lawyer, before finally in late 1890 reaching her dreams and being promoted to a full lawyer. Throughout the years she put in endless hard work, and finally makes it to her dreams. The promotion is well deserved.

For once in a long time, Gertrude takes some time to focus on something other than politics, providing for her family, and her work. For Gertrude, it was an instant connection. The day she met Walter Brownhill was a very special day indeed. She had developed crushes before, but this was different. Perhaps it was because he was sweet and kind, perhaps it was because he clearly had a loving heart - particularly for his daughter. Perhaps it was because he was mature, a proper adult. Gertrude was immediately smitten.

She did not expect anything to come of this. After all, he was a fair few years older than her, and a respectable gentleman. And while Gertrude was moving up in the world - her family had recently moved to a large home in Irvingly - and she did not earn a dissimilar amount to many middle class men. She is still very working class - and very young. However, despite all this, she takes any opportunity to strike up a conversation, just casual of course. Soon they have breaks together, and then they’re speaking a lot - and before long they are courting.

Her family are, understandably, perhaps bemused by her choice (Mr Brownhill being only one year younger than her father), but supportive. The whole family meets her match, and approves (even if her brothers rag her constantly for it). In the autumn, he proposes.

While Gertrude is totally and utterly terrified of moving away from her parents and beginning married life. She loves Walt - and is utterly taken with Lucy, his daughter. She is excited for their little family of three. It will definitely be quieter than the Baker home.

Gertrude is engaged to man who is a) much older than her, and b) is middle class. She is also very political.
Despite being very culturally working class, due to having a good job at the ministry since 1885, Gertrude is fairly affluent - at least compared to other working class people.
Played By: Rosa

Contact: PM Josie Jones

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RE: Character Survey: Bridgerton Edition February 2, 2021 – 1:25 PM 2
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Character Survey: Bridgerton Edition OOC - Community » Charmers' Chit Chat
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Character: Gertrude Baker
Age: 23
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Are they aware of their sexuality: She just thinks that everyone is heterosexual.
Are they aware of masturbation: Absolutely not.
Do they masturbate: Absolutely not.
If they had to choose one, which played character would they marry tomorrow: @Walter Brownhill
If you had to choose one, which played character would they marry tomorrow: Also Walt.
Are they a virgin: Yes
If not, describe their sex life: N/A
Any romantic dealbreakers: Anyone who didn't approve of her career choices, anyone who her family didn't approve of.
How would they react to catching someone with a member of the same sex: She wouldn't really understand what was going on but would be mega awkward about it.
If you've seen Bridgerton, which character(s) are they most like: Eloise probs?


Marry for love or for duty: Love
Marry for love or for money: Love
Marry at all or not at all: Marry
Embrace or deny a 'simple' child: Embrace, but she would definitely be disappointed that her child was simple.
Attend a boxing match or a ball: Boxing match.
Attend an art sex party thing or bone after the opera: Bone after the opera.
Spill or keep a scandalous secret: Keep.
Have sex out of wedlock or wait until the wedding night: Wait. And then wait some more. #sorrywalt


What does she know about sex: Basically fuck all. She knows that men have different parts because she saw her younger brothers naked when they were really little. That's it. She knows mem and women doing something together leads to pregnancy and babies, but nothing about how sex actually works.
How & when would she describe sex to a daughter: She would do it the night before the wedding. Would be the absolute basic nuts and bolts.
Would she try to trick a man into marriage to avoid a scandal: Gertrude would never get into a scandal.
If she were to have a name scheme for her children, what would it be: Probs something like after saints or something?
Marriage or career: Career.

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