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Department of Investigation Assistant Head
Department of Investigation Assistant Head

31 year old Pureblood
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played by Bree
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Simeon Shafiq

Full Name: Simeon Sanjay Shafiq


Birthdate: February 23rd, 1859

Age: 31

Occupation: Department of Investigation Assistant Head

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: is Oxfordshire estate; during the season, a London townhome.

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor Alumnus ('77)

Wand: Elm, 13 inches, Unicorn hair, Firm

Asa Shafiq, Father [1826-1869]
Indira Shafiq (née Patil), Mother [1840-1869]
Simeon can work both the "large and intimidating" or the "boyish charm" look depending on how he dresses and grooms himself. Standing at five feet, nine inches tall, Simeon seems a rather imposing figure with a beard and a well-tailored suit, but looks equally harmless while clean-shaved and in loose robes. In general, he prefers a casual but still stylish outfit with thick stubble help him look his age. He has soft features, save for a heavy brow bone emphasized further by his dark, thick brows.

He has light brown, unblemished skin, and even nicer hair—thick and dark, owing to his Indian heritage. He has soft brown eyes with permanent laugh lines at the corner and a full, wide smile. Try as he might to keep himself looking put-together, Simeon often overpacks out of a fear of being unprepared and can frequently be found carrying things apart from his wand and briefcase (which he keeps meaning to charm to hold more but never seems to get around to it). He has a natural smile to his face, even when situations might call for a more serious expression. He wields his wand with his right hand.

At work, Simeon is the epitome of professionalism—polite, diplomatic, assertive, and yet with a friendly, approachable demeanor suited to someone in management. He is meticulous with details and does not suffer carelessness, lest he let down his superiors or make a name for himself as an unreliable employee. It stems from a need to be in control after years of being in a situation entirely out of his control, and it sometimes takes the form of micro-managing in stressful situations or staying late when deadlines are beginning to weigh on him.

At home and with friends, it's a different story. He is still polite, friendly, and knows how to assert himself when in uncomfortable situations, but there is more of an emphasis on his kindness and friendliness. He has a bleeding heart and a charitable soul, and has always been a sucker for a good sob story. He likes to help people, which was his initial driving force to enter law enforcement. Simeon is the type to give advice and struggle to take it himself, especially when it comes to personal matters; he has always been a bit of a coward when it comes to talking about his feelings and would rather deny them altogether in favor of sunny façade.
  • Apart from his native languages of English and Punjabi, Simeon also knows a bit of French and Hindi.
  • Though he excelled in most classes while at school, he has a particular penchant for Potions.
  • As anyone with auror training, Simeon is proficient on a broomstick. However, he prefers apparition for routine transportation.

  • His patronus takes the form of an Eurasian beaver.
  • His amortentia smells of roasted coffee, floo powder, and fresh parchment.
  • Though never a fan of competitive sports, Simeon is athletic and enjoys pheasant hunting and boxing.

Ancient RunesA
Care of Magical CreaturesE
Defence Against the Dark ArtsOO
History of MagicA
1859 | Simeon is born the firstborn son to Asa and Indira Shafiq at their estate in Oxfordshire. The birth takes a toll on his mother as she struggles to stop bleeding, but after a long night the healers announce that she is likely to recover. Indira's friend and the wife of a neighboring landowner, Mrs. ----- Carrow, is delighted by the birth as well, as she had recently given birth to a baby boy.

1862 | Indira suffers an early miscarriage and is traumatized by the whole ordeal. Simeon is too young to recognize the cause of his mother's sudden depression. His days are instead spent under the watchful eye of the family nanny... or at the Carrow's home, where he quickly becomes a favorite friend of the eldest Carrow boy.

1864 | Simeon's first sign of magic comes at the fear of repercussions after he accidentally ruins part of his mother's flower garden while playing a rough game of croquet with his friends. When the nanny comes running to assess the damage, the squished flowers return to their uprigh position and regain their vibrancy as if nothing had ever happened.

1865 | Indira suffers another miscarriage, and the healers warn her that another pregnancy may prove fatal. Simeon does not see much of his mother after this, not only because she is weak but because—in Simeon's opinion—she is unable to accept what happiness she has. Why can't she be content with him as a son? Why is another child necessary for happiness when he is right there?

1869 | Simeon is left with the Carrow family while his parents take a trip to India for business purposes. They both come down with an illness while abroad, and neither make it home. Asa and Indira Shafiq are pronounced dead in the middle of March, just a year before Simeon is slated to begin Hogwarts. He struggles to process his parents' sudden deaths, which leave him numb and empty. Even more disconcerting is the sudden grab from guardianship from relatives that he'd never heard of who, presumably, want to gain something from the Shafiq heir's sudden orphaning. In the end, it is not his second-cousin or unfamiliar great-aunt who he is sent to live with, but the neighboring Carrow family, as per his father's last will and testament that arrives by post soon after. The estate is liquidated and the property sold off, leaving Simeon's inheritance tied in investments and a savings account until he comes of age.

1870 | Simeon begins Hogwarts by being sorted into Gryffindor alongside the eldest Carrow brother. School provides a much-needed distraction from the fact that he has no parents, because no parents are visible in the corridors of Hogwarts. He does not struggle to do well in his classes, the only slips of his grades coming around the holidays and during the stretch before exam week.

1872 | The beginning of the third year comes with the additions of Ancient Runes and Care of Magical Creatures. Both are decently interesting, but they are quickly pushed aside when Simeon decides he wants to pursue a career as an auror. He begins focusing on the specific classes needed to achieve that goal, which leads to two things: (1) an improvement in his grades in those classes, and (2) a sharp downturn in his grades in the classes he deems unimportant. Once his head of house points out the importance of balance, Simeon—reluctantly—begins dedicating more time to his other classes.

1873 | Simeon gets his first kiss! And hates it! Apparently satisfaction does not come from kissing girls just because they are willing participants. Did he ever even like her? He can't remember.

1874 | The summer before his fifth year a letter arrives from Hogwarts complete with his supplies list and prefect badge. The entire year is one giant clusterfuck of prefect duties, unnecessary projects, and OWL examination prep. He becomes addicted to coffee sometime during the year, but he can't remember when. The fact that he survives to see May seems like something of a miracle itself.

1875 | With the beginning of sixth year he bids a number of classes farewell—all but five, actually. He is finally able to prioritize the classes that mean something to him, even if it seems like a lot to manage at first.

1876 | The countdown to graduation arrives, and so does all the preparation that comes with it. It dawns on him finally that within the year he'll have access to his inheritance and he'll have to do something with it—investments, properties, household staff, all of it. He no longer wishes to burden the Carrow family, no matter how much of a second family they'd come to be.

1877 | NEWTs. Graduation. Adulthood. Everything happens in such quick succession that a to-do list quickly proves handy. While waiting for his NEWT scores to be tabulated, he decided to get his financial situation back in order. His family's old home has been purchased by some old money muggle and attempts to repurchase it prove futile. He instead purchases an smaller eighteenth-century home not too far outside of Derbyshire that serves as his primary residence. A home, a small staff, and the return of his NEWTs, and there: a functional adult. He enrolls in the Auror Training Program, hoping to help make a difference in the world after years of feeling confined by his circumstances. Not only does he want to rid of his feelings of helplessness. He wants to feel useful.

1881 | He graduates from the Auror Training Program, having proved himself capable of functioning under the pressure of the field and being a stellar office employee. He enjoys the physicality and the analytical part of being an auror, but distinctly dislikes watching people suffer. He does his best to remain unemotional, but has to be frequently reminded that there are people whose job it is to tend to victims.

1884 | Three years are done and gone, and Simeon leaps at the first chance to transfer into the Investigation department as a trainee. He much prefers the problem-solving aspect of it; a closed case file is an easier-identified sign of success than a field operation, especially when sting operations and capture attempts are messier than following clues and ruling out suspects.

1885 | Now a full investigator, Simeon has the opportunity to showcase his skills. He is an enthusiastic and hardworking employee, arriving to work fifteen minutes early each day and leaving after most of the office has left. He doesn't need to work—he tells himself that after particularly hard days—but deep down he enjoys it.

1887 | Finally, nearly a decade after graduation, the old muggle who purchased his parents' home bites the bust and the property is put up for sale by the son. Simeon does not hesitate to offer the initial asking price, and soon the sale closes and Simeon's other home is up for sale. Now back in his childhood home, he does what he does best: go detail by detail, ridding of every muggle influence and replacing it with familiar things from his childhood (albeit a bit more stylish and modernized).

1891 | The assistant head of his department's sudden leave leaves an opening. The Ministry offers it to him. He cannot deny the opportunity to have even more responsibility—this time over the employees in his department.
  • Simeon is the sole remaining member of his family—no parents, no siblings.
  • He's worked in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement since graduating Hogwarts, first as an auror and later in the investigation department.
  • He spent his Hogwarts years living with the neighboring Carrow family, and at the age of eighteen came into his inheritance.
  • His parents were the traditional pureblood sort, yet it's uncertain whether or not Simeon shares the same beliefs due to his friendliness with almost everyone.
  • He was a Gryffindor prefect while at Hogwarts.
Played By: Bree

Contact: PM Holly Scrimgeour

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What: Exhibition Dueling Bracket
Who: Hosted by Excalibur's and is intended for Hogsmeade's gentleman but not limited to them. Any class may attend, provided they can afford the admission fee. Any rep may attend as well, but only reps 5+ are invited to participate in the actual dueling competition.
Cost: 2s to enter into the building, but the low price is offset by the assumption that gambling will be going on.
Where: An events pavilion that Padmore Park should have so I am making it so.
Why: Inspired by the Bridgerton's boxing match, and also because there should me more men-geared events.
When: January 16th

Word-renowned dueler Billius Blewitt is coming to Hogsmeade and hosting an exhibiting dueling competition. The proceeds from admission will be turned into a scholarship for low-income students, but the big bucks will come from the gambling pools.

Fifteen gentleman may enter to compete against Mr. Blewitt and each other, and the first prize will receive a 5G prize and—of course—the glory of being the champion (although Mr. Blewitt has pledged his winnings to the charity, assuming he wins!)

Guests will be invited to fill out a bracket whether or not they choose to gamble, but there are plenty of betting private betting pools to get into for those who wish to put their guessing to the test. OOCly, brackets can be filled out HERE.

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