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But then Miss Dempsey paid her so great a compliment that she wanted to hurl herself over the edge of the theater balcony in delight.
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Lillian Avery
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18 year old Pureblood
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Full Name: Lillian Victoria Avery

Nickname(s): Lily

Birthdate: March 16, 1873

Age: 18


Occupation: Student

Blood Status: Pure

Residence: Primarily, the Avery family estate in northeastern England, with a summer home in North Bartonburg, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: 11½” of reasonably pliant spruce with a core of Hebridean Black dragon heartstring

Wilbur Jonathan Avery, father, 1830-1891
Rosemary Avery, mother, b. 1834

Wilbur "Will" Jonathan Avery II, brother, b. 1856
Charlotte Genevieve __ née Avery, sister, b. 1859
Play-By: Sarah Hyland
Standing a petite five feet even, Lillian is a lithe and youthful slip of a girl. Her dark brown hair falls long in waves, just past her hips — highlighting to dark honey in sunlight. Her wide, bright eyes shine in a greenish hazel shade. Her skin isn’t quite as pale and pretty as one would expect of a typical English waif, her cheeks just a touch fuller, her frame barely curved — but her physicality can easily be ascribed to her hobby in ballet. Her choice of attire depends upon the intended venue, though she favors clothes in shades of pink and purple, accessorized with delicate silver and gentle white. She is right-handed.
1873 Best described as an accident or "oops baby", Lillian Victoria Avery is born fourteen years after her elder sister - seventeen after her elder brother! Her siblings are away at Hogwarts when the youngest Avery is born.

1874: Wilbur graduates Hogwarts. Lillian is a year old.

1877: The world turns upside down as muggles discover magic. Lillian, as a four year old, is largely unaffected. The thing that does affect her is the return of her sister, Charlotte, from Hogwarts. Coming with this is a transition from summers in London, to summers in a little village called Hogsmeade. Lillian doesn’t really care.

1878: Charlotte is married. Quite a prompt match. Lillian is her flower girl.

1879: Lillian’s first act of magic comes about while overhearing a discussion about her future. How they intend to have her education last longer than her sister’s mere Hogwarts and done, after the e. The words “finishing school” are brandished. In reaction, thinking an extended education is a bad thing, Lillian somehow manages to transfigure (temporarily) a wooden toy into a living rabbit. Gleefully, she carries the creature to her mother, exclaiming what she’d done and begging her mother to make sure it’s permanent. Unfortunately, her mother refused, and the spell faded in mere hours.

1882: Will gets married!!! Lillian is very excited, and somehow Isabella asks her to be a junior bridesmaid.

1884: What a terrible year for Hogsmeade. The Laughing Plague and a fire. The family had no reason to spend the summer in the village this year, and so are thankfully spared. Their household staff, however, are not unscathed, as Rosemary’s lady’s maid loses one of her sisters in the plague.

And then, finally! Years after her siblings have graduated, Lillian Victoria Avery arrives within the hallowed halls of Hogwarts. She is the first Avery of her family to be sorted to Gryffindor, house of the bold lion. Lillian is delighted, and takes to wearing ruby-and-gold hair combs while at school.

1886: For her Ordinary Wizarding Levels years of study, Lillian decides to add only Ancient Studies to her class list, signing up for Art class on top of this.

1887: News arrives of Isabella’s demise. Lillian does attend the funeral, though she spends the time close to her brother, listening to stories and offering a shoulder to cry on. She didn’t know Isabella that well, unfortunately, but Will is her brother, and the only one she’s got.

1890: With just a school year, it’s time to decide her classes for the future. She decides to take lessons that will be of benefit to a decent social life: Ancient Studies, Art, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and History of Magic. Good social topics, solid spellwork, and self-defense should she ever require it, Merlin forbid.
April 1891: Father dies in the wreck of the Santa Antonina, plunging the would-be debutante into mourning for what she'd hoped would be her first true adulthood years. Mother promises to seek out a tutor or finishing school for her youngest daughter, to ensure she does not find herself bored, nor her skills rusty upon her debut, which is to be planned for the last week of April, 1892.
As an OOC note, should a thread involve Lillian encountering a boggart, please do not link photographs; I, the player, actually have a fear of spiders.

  • When exposed to Amortentia, the predominant smell Lillian picks up is cinnamon, followed by the sweet scent of sugar cookies and the crisp fragrance of fresh morning dew.
  • In addition to the family animals, Lillian keeps her own foxhound, Argo — he’s still a young pup, though, and is primarily cared for by the family kennel-master while she’s at school — as well as a female barn owl, Daphne.
  • Lillian’s boggart takes the form of an attacking spider. However, her deepest fear is not actually one a boggart can tap into; she is more afraid of heights than of arachnids.
  • Lillian is a natural artist, favoring watercolor paints. In addition, she is skilled with the viola, cello, and mandolin, and dances ballet.
  • At Hogwarts, Lillian takes part of not one, but two clubs - one of which, she has only recently joined. She has been part of Art Club since second year, and has joined Music Club’s band as of sixth year with the cello.
  • Lillian and her branch of the Avery family are soft purists.
Set by MJ
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Lillian's NEWT courses are Ancient Studies, Charms, DADA, and History of Magic
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