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Dionisia Fisk

Full Name: Dionisia Alexandra Fisk (née Tweedy)

Nickname(s): Dio

Birthdate: February 02, 1868

Age: 22

Occupation: Wife of Ari Fisk

Blood Status: Muggleborn

Residence: Bartonburg, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff Dropout ('84)

Wand: Aspen, 9¾ inches, Unicorn hair, Brittle

Ari Fisk, Husband [1851]
Elliott Benedict Fisk, Son [1889]

Edgar Tweedy, Father [1839]
Clara Tweedy (née ------), Mother [1844]
Tristessa Tweedy, Sister [1866]
Despite being blessed with so-called "English Rose" features, Dionisia has little desire to do anything accentuate or bring attention to them. She stands at five foot, four inches tall, and has a thin build. Her hair is light brown, though does appear dark blonde in bright lighting. She has warm, dark brown eyes and thick brows. She dresses in clothing typical of working class women, though frequently wears her mediwitch robes between long shifts. She is right-handed.

Straightforward. Low maintenance. Hardworking. Selfless. Good bedside manners. Independent. Fiercely loyal to those she loves.
    — Dionisia is accomplished at identifying and using different herbs and potion ingredients.

    — Naturally athletic, she has no qualms about engaging in physically strenuous activities or getting her hands dirty when necessary.

    — Dionisia's boggart is being burned at the stake.

    — Her patronus takes the form of a potbelly piglet. She was teased for it in school because pigs are said to be a very "un-magical" animal.
1867 | Dionisia is born to her parents, a middle class muggle preacher at the local Anglican church and his wife, a meek housewife. Though loved by her parents, she was frequently cared for by the family's nurse/kitchen maid/general servant.

1873 | Dionisia begins her education under the watchful eye of a governess. Her education is primarily centered around the Bible and other religious documentations, forgoing any developments in science and history that do not align with the church's teaching.

1876 | Dionisia becomes very aware that she's unlike most children her age. Odd things seem to happen when she gets overly-excited or angered, and after years of assuming it was a sign from God, she begins to fear the consequences of her oddities.

1877 | Did you witches are real? Now Dionisia does, and she's as scared as ever. Her father participates in two mobs—even leading one—that results in the death of an innocent man.

Summer, 1879 | Dionisia and her family receive a visit from an odd stranger bringing even stranger news: she's a witch. As one might assume, her father does not take the information well, threatening both the man and his daughter. After realizing the threats are very credible, the school representative snatches Dionisia and brings her to safety. She's put in a Hogsmeade orphanage, but she's not very happy about it.

Autumn, 1879 | Dionisia goes off to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, a magical school where they teach magical subjects. She can't really be skeptical after having spent a month in Hogsmeade, but still is awestruck at the new experiences. She's sorted into Hufflepuff—a good choice for the just and hardworking eleven-year-old—and proves to be a talented witch.

Summer, 1880 | Instead of returning to the orphanage, Dionisia goes to stay with Phoebe Beauregard and her family for the summer.

Autumn, 1880 | Dionisia returns to school with a full scholarship for her excellent grades and finally feels hope for her future.

Summer, 1881 | Dionisia returns to the Beauregards for the summer.

Autumn, 1881 | Dionisia decides to take Care of Magical Creatures and Divination, two classes that she can relate to the muggle world in some way or another.

Summer, 1882 | Dionisia is offered the chance to live with Zelda Fisk and her family for the summer. She finds the brood quite entertaining and is fascinated with the sibling relationships. Being one of two daughters in her biological family, she was never able to experience much of the fun that came with having almost a dozen children!

Summer, 1883 | Dionisia spends the summer with the Fisks once again. Rather than holding a part-time job during the summer, she chooses to instead focus on her studies. She reviews her old textbooks and homework that she's completed, hoping to keep her full scholarship after her OWLs.

1884 | Dionisia takes her OWL examinations in the spring and eagerly awaits her scores in the summer. When her scores arrive in the mail, she can't help but be disappointed: she didn't get her perfect—or even near perfect—scores, causing the loss of her scholarship. Completely crushed, she drops out of school. She goes to work on High Street and lives with friends with the hope that she'll soon be able to support herself.

Summer, 1885 | Dionisia signs up to begin mediwitch training.

Spring, 1886 | Dionisia becomes a full mediwitch at Hogsmeade Hospital.

1887 | After spending years brooding about economic and blood inequality, the election spurs a side of her she didn't know she had: a very political one. She takes a great interest in the protests that arise from the half-breed ban and supports the most liberal candidates from among the contenders. The candidate she does supports fails to secure the Minister's seat, but she gets the second best thing: Zelda's brother-in-law, Justin Ross.

1888 | The Irvingly Fog Crisis leaves Dionisia trapped in Irvingly under the care of Miss Temperance Fairchild. She helps guide Mr. Enoch Rosier, an auror, to safety during the whole ordeal and an unlikely respect develops between the two. Later, in the fall, she falls victim to the amortentia letter crisis which sees her impregnated. Ari Fisk, the eldest brother of her best friend, takes pity on her and agrees to marry her, for reasons she has yet to understand. They are married in December after a short engagement period, much to the confusion of the Fisk family.

1889 | Dionisia gives birth to Elliott Benedict Fisk on June 13th. She's pleased to find that the child shares a number of her features, but less pleased to realize that motherhood is going to have to take priority over a swift return to her career.
— Dionisia and Ari married after a short engagement without any previous known courtship. She gave birth to a son less than nine month slater.

— Dionisia was disowned by her middle class, witch-hating muggle parents at the age of eleven, and she stayed with various friends throughout her Hogwarts years.

— She dropped out of Hogwarts in '84 and became a mediwitch.

— She stayed with the Fisks and Beauregards during the summers between school years.
— She is bisexual.

— That Ari and Dionisia were married not out of love, but to protect Dionisia from disgrace after an amortnetia-induced hookup led to her pregnancy. Ari has only told a handful of people the truth.
Played By: Bree

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Rosier. She was no expert on the families of magical Britain, but it sounded familiar—perhaps the name of a notable Ministry official or one of those families. Still, that fact made her no less inclined to offer her assistance with utmost kindness, so she rose to her feet and offered a delicate hand.

"Well, Mr. Rosier," she said cordially. "I must say I agree with your assessment as well." The Irvingly Infirmary couldn't be too far away—she'd sworn she just saw it while coming this way!