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Dionisia Fisk
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Played by Bree
Wife of Ari Fisk
26 year old Muggleborn
Wife of Ari Fisk
5 ft. 4 in.
❤   Married
Full Name: Dionisia Alexandra Fisk (née Tweedy)

Nickname(s): Dio

Birthdate: February 02, 1868

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Occupation: Mediwitch

Blood Status: Muggleborn

Residence: Bartonburg, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff Dropout ('84)

Wand: Aspen, 9¾ inches, Unicorn hair, Brittle

Ari Fisk, Husband [1851]
Elliott Benedict Fisk, Son [1889]

Edgar Tweedy, Father [1839]
Clara Tweedy (née ------), Mother [1844]
Tristessa Tweedy, Sister [1866]
General | Dionisia stands at a respectable five feet, four inches tall and has always been rather thin—even after the birth of her child. She still faint stretchmarks across her stomach, but is not vain enough to be self-conscious about them. Her hair is long and dark blonde, but darkens and lightens with the seasons. Her eyes are a chocolate brown and framed by dark lashes and thick brows. She is right-handed.

Expressions | Years of working in the medical field has left Dionisia very capable of masking her emotions, although in very personal situations her mask is quick to melt away. She cries when angry and stiffens up when upset. She does not feel comfortable expressing her glee and is more likely than to give a warm smile than any dramatic display.

Deportment | Being without a family of her own and extremely high expectations for herself, Dionisia carries herself with confidence even when it does not exist. She moves quickly, does not take time to stop and smell the roses, and is purposeful with most of her gestures.

Fashion | While her wardrobe once consisted of her work uniform and fewer plain muggle dresses than she could count on one hand, Dionisia now enjoys the privilege of an extended wardrobe. She still prefers muted colors and feels silly in anything with too much flourish.

Accessories | Dionisia does not generally like accessories, less because they're impractical but more because she's afraid of losing anything sentimental. That being said, she does wear her wedding ring, although it's one size too small and makes her finger look like it's about to lose circulation. It's almost fitting.

Scent | Between an active lifestyle and a dislike of feeling grimy, Dionisia bathes as often as she's able to and smells generally soapy. She is not fond of over-fragranced perfumes and prefers lighter floral scents to heavy musks.

Face Claim | Bridget Satterlee

1867–1870 | Dionisia is born to a muggle preacher and his wife. Though they claim to love her, they do a poor job of showing it; Dionisia's first few weeks are spent solely in the care of a nurse/nanny, and as she begins talking and walking she is groomed to be the image of a godly girl—no speaking unless spoken to, no fairy tales because the only truth can be found in the Bible, and getting messy is a cause for punishment. Her elder sister, Tristessa, is treated like a a surrogate mother despite their closeness in age and is responsible for ensuring Dionisia is properly "formed".

1873 | Dionisia begins her education, which is really an extended Bible study with teachings on how to be a housewife. She is taught to recite scripture, do housework, cook, and clean. Anything that goes against the church's teaching is banned, including scientific and historical developments and theories. She is still a happy girl, blissfully unaware of the bubble she's living in. Every Sunday is spent in Sunday school, and her group of friends are handpicked by her parents to avoid any "poor influences".

1876 | Dionisia becomes increasingly aware that she's not like other children her age. Strange things—most notably objects moving, breaking, shaking, or disappearing—happen when she is overly excited or angry, but she assumes they are signs from God (or worse, the devil).

1877 | The existence of the magical world becomes known to Dionisia's small community. Her father participates in a mod that leads to the death of an innocent man, and she's terrified, especially knowing how she causes odd things to happen. She keeps them a secret, not even daring to write them in a diary.

Summer, 1879 | Her world comes crashing down. When a strange old man visits her home, Dionisia (and to her dismay, her family) learns the truth: she is a witch, and she's been invited to attend a magical school. Her father could have said no. He should have said no, and continued living as if the man had never visited and Dionisia's abilities had never been revealed to them. But he didn't. Instead, he nearly explodes at the revelation and says no witch will ever be considered a daughter to him, a godly man, and tells the wizard that if it's true than to remove her from the house—or else. And so he does. Dionisia is taken to an orphanage, with no more than a suitcase with a dress and small tokens of her childhood, and is informed later in the month that someone has heard her story and decided to pay for her first year supplies. The expansion of her worldview is... a change, to say the least, but she proves surprisingly adaptable.

1879 | Dionisia purchases her school supplies and goes off to Hogwarts in September. She has no expectations, but has learned enough from her time at the magical orphanage to have a general sense of what school will be life. First she is sorted into Hufflepuff, a house known for its patient, kind, and hardworking students, and she quickly makes friends among the other girls. In class she's an eager learner, which is helped by the knowledge that she'll have to score highly in her classes to earn a scholarship to stay at school. And she does.

1880 | At the end of first year she returns to the orphanage, but her friend Miss ----- writes to her and offers to let her stay with her family for the remainder of the summer. Being in a home with a proper magical family allows her to experience the magical world in a way she might have been in the orphanage, and she never loses her memories of her time spent in the candy shops, a quidditch game, and playing magical card games. She returns to Hogwarts for her second year with a full scholarship and less classes, which gives her even more time to focus. She takes to Herbology as her favorite class, and fancies the idea of working for the Apothecary when she finishes her schooling.

1881 | Rather than return to the orphanage Dionisia is once again offered a chance to stay with Miss ----- and her family. In September she begins her third year and adds Care of Magical Creatures and Divination to her course roster. Both of them she can relate to the muggle world in one way or another, but prove very different from the muggle idea of vampires and unicorns and reading tarot cards.

1882 | Rather than return to Miss -----'s home at the end of her third year, Dionisia goes to live with her schoolfriend Zelda Fisk, her parents, and nine siblings. Of course, many of them are grown and some even have their own homes, but as a family they're closer than anything Dionisia has ever experienced, and she grows fond of every single member of the family (even if that fondness is shown only in comments to Zelda, or in her own heart, as is the case with her crush on Zelda's older brother, Nemo Fisk). She returns for her fourth year in September, still on a full scholarship.

1883 | Dionisia considers spending the summer after her fourth year seeking a job, but instead decides to focus on her studies. OWLs are only a year away, and without them she won't be able to pursue anything worthwhile! She has a few solid career plans floating around in her brain, but the one she is most deeply invested in is the track of a healer. It requires NEWTs, which seems a little unlikely; she would have to get nearly perfect OWL scores to continue receiving her scholarship, and OWLs are hard.

1884 | Dionisia takes her OWL exams and spends the summer biting her fingernails. When her scores finally arrive, her hard work has paid off—but not to the degree she needs to continue receiving her scholarship. In her nine exams she receives three O's, two E's, three As, and one P. Without a scholarship and not enough money saved up to purchase her supplies (and too much pride to let her friends' families help her) she departs from Hogwarts and begins working at the Apothecary while she waits for her seventeenth birthday.

1885 | Shortly after her seventeenth birthday Dionisia sends in her application to begin mediwitch training at Hogsmeade Hospital. She takes her job seriously—but more than that, she enjoys it. She likes helping people, she likes the fast pace, and more than anything she likes that she's actually being useful. While many of her friends are considering their lives in a post-Hogwarts world and all the expectations of womanhood that come with it, Dionisia is content to be on her own.

1886 | Dionisia becomes a full mediwitch at Hogsmeade Hospital. With a steady income of her own, Dionisia is able to move into a boarding house in Pennyworth. With the help of some of her coworkers (including some mediwizards, but mostly healers) she's able to learn more advanced magic than she was able to learn at an OWL-level.

1887 | Zelda's brother-in-law becomes the Minister for Magic, and Dionisia secretly hopes to meet him. She's always been strongly in support for extended rights for witches and more security for members of the working class, and Minister Ross is one of the more left-leaning candidates.

1888 | When Irvingly is cloaked in a magic-disabling fog, Dionisia spends her time living at and working out of the Irvingly Infirmary. Finally it passes, and Dionisia is able to return home, believing nothing she could experience for the rest of the year could possibly top that. She's wrong. The pink (i.e. amortentia-laced) letter scandal leads to her losing her virginity to rumored rake Reuben Crouch. She wakes up in a haze and blocks out most of her memories of the day, but it's impossible to ignore when she discovers weeks later that she's with child. She rushes to the Fisk home, hoping Zelda will know what to do, but she stumbles across Zelda's eldest brother Ari instead. In a crying fit she confesses that she's pregnant, and he hatches a plan to marry her, which seems absurd. A healer-in-charge and very much a desirable bachelor, Dionisia cannot see why Ari Fisk would ever marry her knowing the child she bears isn't his own, but she's of course in no position to refuse. What she doesn't know is that Ari is gay, so when they marry in December they never consummate their marriage, and that's.. fine. For the moment.

1889 | Elliott Benedict Fisk is born on June 13th. He has his mother's blond hair and big brown eyes, which is a relief to say the least. Dionisia suffers from postpartum depression and grows restless at home as she struggles to form a bond with her baby while also wanting to go back to work. The guilt of it all eats her alive, and eventually she decides staying at home is a non-option. Elliott stays under the care of a nanny while she returns as a mediwitch, which stirs some rumors.

1890 | The years have passed, and the nature of her marriage to Ari becomes something that preoccupies her mind more than she would like. She loves him, but not necessarily romantically; there's no sexual tension, no chemistry, no nothing, and it bothers her. She wants to be wanted and wants to be loved, which she doesn't realize until the chance to marry someone who actually loves her is out the window. It all comes to head one evening when a misunderstanding leads to Dionisia thinking Ari wants her, and when he admits he doesn't she... loses it. He says he's already in love with someone he can't have, and she doesn't stop pressing him until he flat-out admits that the person he loves is not a she, but a he. It suddenly makes sense, but also makes things worse than before, because the little flame of hope in her heart that Ari might one day love her is extinguished, and Dionisia knows she'll be in a loveless marriage forever. So: not ideal. He claims that he will always love her (platonically) and will always see Elliott as his son, and he wouldn't care if she sought love outside their marriage, but in the moment it doesn't help much. In December she runs into a man while on a walk with her son, who she soon realizes is none other than Reuben Crouch, her babydaddy. After debating it for a few weeks, Dionisia decides to send him a letter—one informing him that he has a son.

1891 | Everything is a mess. Dionisia's letters to ben result in him and Elliott spending time together in-person, but Ari doesn't know, and Dionisia fears how he'd respond if he did. Her attempt to tell him the truth only results in more lies: she claims she wants more children, which she does not, and suddenly she has Ari believing she's about to go on a mighty quest to get some D. Which she isn't.
Straightforward. Sensible. Low maintenance. Hardworking. Selfless. Good bedside manners. Independent. Fiercely loyal to those she loves. Enjoying helping other people. Internalizes a lot of her own problems.
  • Languages: Only English.
  • Feminine Skills: Raised with the expectation of being a housewife, Dionisia is good at cooking, cleaning, mending clothes, embroidering, and generally anything that was considered a "womanly" task. She excels with household charms and would almost rather do the work herself than let Ari's household staff do them, as it would grant her more control over how her household is run. Dionisia is not, however, a very proficient musician, nor is she a particularly good dancer.
  • Magical Skills: In general her magical ability does not extend past an OWL level, but as a mediwitch she has a more advanced knowledge of potions, magical plants, and emergency healing spells.
  • Post-Hogwarts she learned a number of spells she never had a chance to learn in the classroom., including the patronus charm. When she casts it, it takes the form of a potbelly piglet.

  • Her boggart takes the form of herself, screaming silently as she is burned at the stake.
  • Although she married into a Jewish family, she identifies better with protestant Christianity. This makes things awkward when the subject of faith comes up with her in-laws, because according to Jewish tradition of matrilineal descent, her unwillingness to convert means her son is technically not Jewish.
  • Dionisia is bisexual, although is not very in-touch with her sexuality. She's kissed only one (two?) people in her life, and managed to have a child without remembering much of her first (and only!) time. In short: a very repressed human being.

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