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Begonia Belby

Full Name: Begonia Alice Belby

Nickname(s): None

Birthdate: 24th January 1867

Age: 24

Occupation: Debutante

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: London

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: Ash, 12 inches, unyielding, unicorn tail hair.

Cygnus Belby, born 1818 – father
Antiope Belby (née Westerman), born 1828 – mother
Ephraim Belby (aka Cyrus Westerman), born 1852 – brother
↳ Aria Belby, born 1874 – niece
Archer Belby, born 1877 – nephew
Isiah Belby, born 1855 – brother
Iris – (nee Belby), born 1860 – sister
Major Belby, born 1864 – brother.

Harriett, born 1878 - cat
A large, grumpy cat whose face always shows her eternal displeasure. Harriett doesn't like many people. Thankfully Begonia is counted among the few that Harriett does like, and the two are frequently found together.

Begonia is a small woman in pretty much every way. She stands at five foot tall, and has a slim build. Her face boasts small, but pretty features. Her eyes are blue, and her hair colour is somewhere in between blonde and ginger. She uses her right hand for her wand. Begonia always ensures to make sure her hair is done well, and she is dressed well. Not out of any interest, just because that is what is expected of her.
As a young girl, Begonia had been bold and brave, a true Gryffindor. She said what she wanted, and did what she wanted. Perhaps too much. Over the years, she has learned to tame herself. To think her thoughts, and not to say them. Very much wanting to marry (for romantic reasons, for financial reasons, for social reasons, for all the reasons), and having a few too many scandals against her, Begonia has learned to toe the line when it comes to being a proper lady. The things she is expected to say, the things she is expected to do. Blah blah blah, it’s all quite boring to Begonia, but she does it anyway. Perhaps too smart for her own good, Begonia tires of the boring parts of society and seeks interesting interaction - or at least ways to keep her brain occupied.

While Begonia can be very catty, particularly when she is jealous, Begonia is a very loving and kind sister and friend - just as long as she likes you.

Bold | Individual | Confident | Smart | Loving | Romantic | Somewhat proper | Catty | Jealous

Defence Against the Dark ArtsED
Ghoul StudiesA-
History of MagicT-
Muggle StudiesED


◆ Speaks English and French fluently.
◆ Patronus is a seal. Begonia is quite embarrassed about this fact.

1867 | Late in the evening on the 24th of January 1867, Begonia Alice Belby is born. She is the youngest of five children.

1871 | Begonia remembers very little of her sister’s heading off to Hogwarts. She was too busy playing with her dolls and running off from her nanny at every opportunity

1875 | When Major went off to Hogwarts, Begonia was most certainly old enough to remember. She stared out the window after he had gone. Oh how she wished to be going with him! She wanted to go learn magic, to be surrounded by other children, to run around and be free of her nanny. Unfortunately, she had yet to experience magic. Squib stress had well and truly set in.

1877 | At ten(!!) years old, Begonia finally experiences magic! This is a huge relief for everyone involved.

1878 | Begonia goes to Hogwarts. She is sorted into Gryffindor. Without looking back or feeling homesick, Begonia throws herself into life at Hogwarts. She made lots of friends. Begonia also makes one of the best friends she ever had - or ever would have - her baby girl Harriett. A kitten who Begonia would love for many years to come.

1880 | Shortly after her thirteenth birthday, Begonia developed her first crush. She was, as most thirteen year olds are, quite awkward about this. She had always assumed she would have been bold in her first crush, she wouldn’t have giggled and been silly as the other girls had been. However, somewhat unexpectedly, her first crush was… a girl. Surely this was going to be a one off.

1882 | Begonia starts her fifth year at Hogwarts. She is not named prefect.

1883 | Revising for exams is boring, or so was the opinion of 15 year old Begonia. She did small amounts of revision, but scraped through with mostly Es and As (and a T in history of magic but again – revision is boring! Begonia didn’t even bother writing anything in her exam in the end). Perhaps she had more time to revise had she had not spent too much time following a rather pretty girl around school.

Ephraim is also turned into a werewolf and everyone knows about it. It’s not good. Begonia does feel terrible about it all, and does think it’s harsh when her family shuns Ephraim. But she was busy being a teenage girl so just kept on doing that.

1884 | Sixth year brings a new crush for Begonia – this time a boy. This is relieving for Begonia, as she was rather worried about herself. However, she realised how impractical it is to fancy boys, for she could never spend any time with him. Boring!

1885 | As Begonia was preparing (or perhaps – not preparing) for her NEWTs, she once again found herself attached to someone. Normally her crushes were young, foolish, and merely a childish affair. However, this crush was more serious. It all ended up with the two girls being caught in a broom cupboard, mostly undressed, and in a situation wholly improper. After some tense discussions, it’s decided that Begonia can finish her schooling.

However Begonia was not free of punishment. Her mother, furious, refused to let her out of her sight again. Begonia comes out under these circumstances, and finds the season terribly difficult with a mother lurking around every corner.

Oh also. She tanks her NEWTs.

1890 | Since leaving Hogwarts, very little has changed for Begonia. She goes to parties and balls and to lunch. Her mother is still ruining her chances of finding a husband, but Begonia knows she will succeed.

◆ Begonia's brother Ephraim is a known werewolf.
◆ Begonia had an article written about her in Witch Weekly. It was not positive.
◆ While in her seventh year at Hogwarts, Begonia was caught in a broom cupboard with another girl undressed. This has never been confirmed but there are ~rumours.
◆ Begonia is bisexual.
Played By: Rosa

Contact: PM Josie Jones

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Begonia has to properly try to laugh like a lady in public because her actual laugh when she is properly tickled is a full cackle.

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