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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
In a panic sort of reaction, she shut the door but neglected to make sure she was on the other side of it.
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Viola Corner
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Played by MJ
Employee at The Modiste Rose
20 year old Halfblood
Employee at The Modiste Rose
5 ft. 3 in.
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Full Name: Viola Laurel Corner

Nickname(s): Vi, V, Lola, Olly, Lolly... the more ridiculous the better; she loves a nickname.

Birthdate: 15th July, 1871

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Occupation: Shopgirl at The Modiste Rose

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Pennyworth, Hogsmeade.

Hogwarts House:

Wand: Maple (a little damaged) and unicorn hair, 11”, swishy. Bought secondhand in ‘88, and her most prized possession.

August Corner | Father | 1839 - 1880
Agatha Corner née ___ | Mother | 1840 - 1880
Audrey Corner | Sister | 1864
Jane Corner | Sister | 1867
Helena Corner | Sister | 1868
Daisy Corner | Sister | 1877
At 5’3”, Viola is decidedly average in height and frame, though prone to awkward posture and shoulder-strain from always having to hunch over her sewing work, and quite restless in life, unable to ever get perfectly comfortable in sitting still. She has a round face with prominent cheeks and a mouth usually upturned in a smile: this might have all been salvageable if she had only had the blue eyes of some of her sisters... but no, hers are a boring brown. Her hair, too, is a long, straggly brown, usually respectably pulled back - though she will pester her sisters to put it up in more intricate styles or curl it properly to look pretty for any occasion her imagination can conjure, and often insists on adorning it with bright ribbons and hair pins so she looks less plain. Being fashionable is a challenge for a girl with a wardrobe made of hand-me-downs, but Viola is at least fairly talented at making the most of the dresses they have, and will embellish anything she can, provided practicality or meddling sisters do not get in her way. She is right-handed.

1871 | Viola is born, fourth daughter to Agatha and August Corner, and the cause of her eldest sister’s first sign of magic in fright. Not at Viola, that is. Viola is a delightful addition to the family from the start. Anyone who tells it otherwise is telling it wrong.

1875 | Having idolised all her sisters from the beginning and been overjoyed whenever she is included in their antics, Audrey leaves for Hogwarts this year which shakes the world somewhat. Viola has hardly imagined the household without any of her sisters here.

1877 | She has expected to be the baby of the family forever, but Daisy arrives and dispels that notion. Viola does her best to be helpful. She probably gets in the way more than anything, but she means well.

1878 | And then Jane goes to Hogwarts!

1879 | And then Helena leaves her! The family moves to the Hogsmeade slums which means the castle is in view - so close but so far! Viola takes over many of the looking-after-baby-Daisy duties so her parents can work; her magic saves the day after an hour of Daisy screaming her head off and a distraught Viola accidentally enchanting some folded paper birds to fly about the room and distract them both for a while. Thank goodness she only has three years before she gets to go to Hogwarts herself and learn some magic!

1880 | Or... maybe not. Audrey has her OWLs now and embarks on a new adventure with a Ministry job (not the adventure Viola would have chosen, but she’s proud of her sister and nosy about the job all the same!), and things look rosy until half the household gets sick. Worryingly sick. Viola tries to be helpful again, but there’s nothing she can do for mother or father except fetch things and wipe their foreheads and cry herself to sleep when they don’t get better. The girls’ world upends. Jane and Helena come home. Daisy acts out more than ever. Viola keeps crying herself to sleep and starts wetting the bed again. She quietly takes over the laundry duties, trying to do her part.

1882 | The summer illness this year confines her to bed for a while, but it is worse for her working sisters - or so Viola thinks. But then Audrey breaks the news that they can’t afford school supplies for her this year, which means Viola can’t go to Hogwarts. Ever. She doesn’t listen all summer, starts up a collection for herself and tries to raise the funds by selling off what little she owns, but it’s too late, it’s not enough, her sisters can’t do anything. They all got some time up at the castle. Not so for her. She tries to sneak out to the station on September 1st anyway, which goes badly; that night Viola weeps herself to sleep again.

1883 | What can she do but live with it? Her sisters got wands and have jobs and Daisy needs to be looked after in the house every day. Viola’s barely a witch, but she’s not entirely useless; she spends her days doing seamstressing slop-work at home for a clothing company; they send out the clothes and she stitches things up by the same designs and does the fiddly button work day after day for a small wage dependent on productivity. Every time she gets to leave the house for a boring errand is practically an adventure to her.

1885 | They move to a house in Pennyworth, which is almost a palace compared to the shabby old place and Viola thinks every last corner of it is delightful.

1886 | She starts up a collection of odds and ends in her free time, buttons, ribbons, pressed flowers and that sort of thing; she flits from interest to interest and has no money to actually spend on thing but has a creative eye for crafts.

1888 | When her sisters break the news that Daisy gets to go to Hogwarts, Viola tries to be graceful about it. But it’s hard, because it’s not fair that it happens to be her fate to be the tragic one in the family, forced to live vicariously through them all. She’s just spent years babysitting Daisy, so this one hurts, and there is maybe an argument or two when she leaves. There is a silver lining: Audrey buys her a (second hand) wand and promises to teach her some magic! At last.

1889 | With the (tragically few) basics of magic now up her sleeve, Viola gets a better-paid job out in the world (read: the village) as a seamstress at Gladrags. It’s not the House of Lytton, but the dresses she gets to make now are a step up from the old waistcoats she used to sew day-in and out, and she lives for every fitting with the customers. Every person she meets, at work or beyond it, is a chance to prove herself, a chance to make a new friend. For a sociable person, she has had startlingly few.

This same year, dear Jane gets an offer of marriage! And turns it down?! Viola is sure she would accept marriage from any young man that asked her, so she can’t fathom why Janie wouldn’t.

1890 | Life goes on; her homeschooled lessons in magic continue; she has not stopped dreaming that adventure is just around the corner. Her eyes are peeled. Her fingers are crossed.

1891 | When the Modiste Rose, a new dress shop on the High Street opens, Viola leaps at the chance to be employed there by the mysterious Mrs. Rose from America. It's mostly serving tea and helping to take measurements, but at least she actually gets to meet the customers.

Viola lives a little like a butterfly, flitting from interest to interest as she pleases, an idealist through and through. She can be practical, stubbornly down to earth when she has to be, but most of the time she is bright and chirpy and insatiably curious, can’t wait to meet people or try something new. Her head is full of hopes and questions and ideas, with a relentless optimism and a belief in the best of everyone that means heartbreaks and hardships hit her all the worse. Having spent most of her life cooped up inside, an outsider from everything exciting, she does not have her elder sisters’ ingrained caution, but instead a streak of ambition for better things. Getting there is the problem, for she is better at starting things than finishing them, and well-meaning attempts to do most anything often backfire. She doesn’t always see the line not to cross until it’s too late. Oh, and if she argues with her sisters? She’s bringing up the Hogwarts thing for the next fifty years, sorry.
— Past business attempts include sewing custom dresses for dolls, making seashell sculptures, and intricately-woven bracelets made of locks of loved ones’ hair... and so on.

Josiah was a little uncomfortable with how her expression intensifiedJosiah Rohlwing
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