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Clementine Greengrass
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Played by Kayte
19 year old Pureblood
5 ft. 4 in.
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Full Name: Clementine Augusta Greengrass


Birthdate: August 20th, 1874

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Occupation: Debutante, Apparently

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: North Bartonburg, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Pear, eleven and three-eighths inches, with a unicorn tail hair at its core. Firm.

[Mr.] Greengrass, Father [1828 - 1889]
Audra Greengrass nee Crouch, Mother [1847]
Fortitude Greengrass, Brother [1866]
Noble Greengrass, Brother [1868]
Verity Greengrass, Sister [1871]
Grace Greengrass, Sister [1872]
At five feet, four inches, Clementine is the tallest of the Greengrass girls, with a lithe build that will be much more in fashion thirty years from now. Though she has little preference where fashion is concerned, she does tend to favour light blues and purples. Her light brown hair is always slightly in disarray—enough to be noted, but not chastised—and her brown eyes betray most emotion. Clementine writes and wields her arm with her right hand, both conducted in tight, precise motions without frippery.

Her PB is Maude Apatow.

August, 1874Clementine is the fifth child to join the Greengrass family.
1875 - 1879As the youngest of her family, much of Clementine's earliest efforts are done in order to simply keep up with her siblings—she walks earlier than she might have otherwise, talks earlier (and more loudly, to ensure she is heard!), etc. The family is close and affectionate in spite of their differing personalities; by five, Clementine is resolved very much to be her own person, rather than emulate either of her sisters.
1880Her sixth birthday sees her first act of magic when Clementine changes the flavour of her birthday cake.
Autumn 1882 - Summer 1885With three siblings off at Hogwarts, Clementine really begins fantasizing about what the school might be like, and pesters Ford, Noble, and Verity whenever they return for holidays (and extensively via owl) with her questions.

The house feels particularly empty once Grace goes off to join the others; even though Ford is now done his studies, his work and social life keeps him out of the family home much of the day. While Clementine misses her siblings dreadfully, this time does allow her to explore her own interests without worrying about their oversight.
Autumn 1885Clementine, at last, departs for Hogwarts, where she is sorted into Hufflepuff. One of the youngest in her year, with so much secondhand knowledge from her siblings (some of it true!) she feels quite authoritative compared to her fellow first years. While this does not endear her to all her peers, Clementine quickly makes friends, particularly among her own house.
1886 - 1889Having always been prone to flights of fancy, Hogwarts proves no different. She picks up and drops again both art and music lessons with reckless abandon, and her performance in her courses waxes and wanes with her interest. In her third year, she selects Divination and Ancient Studies as her electives after weeks of indecision, and ultimately is still not certain of her choices when classes resume and it is too late to change her mind. Throughout all of this, though, her relationships with her family and friends remain strong.
1889 - 1890When asked at any time prior to this, Clementine might have said she expected the year of greatest change in her life to be the year she left Hogwarts. Instead, it would be her fifth year that bore that mantle.

September sees the arrival of a new Ancient Studies professor to rejuvenate her previously stagnant interest in the subject: Professor Vane. Almost immediately, Clementine develops her first crush; though she works hard out of class to master the subject—and impress him!—her efforts in class are often hindered by her habit of daydreaming about him. Her life continues in much this way until The Tragedy: her father's passing.

Sudden and just in time for the holidays, Mr. Greengrass dies in an accident that seemingly tears the family's life asunder. Ford is forced to become 'the man' of the family though Clementine knows he does not relish it; the family home is sold (why? To add insult to injury?) prompting them to relocate to Bartonburg; and the entire family is thrust into mourning, prolonging Verity's time on the shelf. Her OWLs almost come as a welcome distraction!

Christmas of 1890, a year since their father's passing, arrives surprisingly quickly. Clementine is now in her sixth year and the world is her oyster—or is it? Ford lets her know that, once one of her sisters has been seen to, she will "get" to leave school and make her own debut.

Well. Let's just see about that.
  • Languages: Speaks English and French. Working on learning Latin.
  • Womanly Skills: She does well in areas that require precision over natural talent—needlepoint and pianoforte good, singing very very bad.

  • Boggart: An elderly, unkind husband who looks vaguely like a beardless Professor Valenduris, probably because he is the oldest person she knows.
  • Amortentia: Lilies, parchment, and crisp autumn air.
  • Hates getting her face wet.
  • Clementine keeps a meticulous journal as a way of unwinding at the end of the day, and also a more seemly way to vent her frustrations.

Class Name OWLs NEWTs
Ancient Studies E E
Astronomy O E
Charms E O
Defence Against the Dark Arts A
Divination P
Herbology A
History of Magic E
Potions E A
Transfiguration O A

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