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Verity Swann
240 Posts
Played by Emma
Wife of Everett Swann
22 year old Pureblood
Wife of Everett Swann
5 ft. in.
❤   Married
Full Name: Verity Ivy Swann nee Greengrass

Nickname(s): Ver, but only if they're really close.

Birthdate: January 2nd, 1871

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Occupation: Wife of Everett Swann

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: North Bartonburg, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Slytherin Alumna '89

Wand: Sycamore wood with a dragon heartstring core, 11 ¼ and unbending flexibility broken Sept. 1891
Aspen wood with a phoenix feather core, 10 ¾ and unbending flexibility

Everett Swann, Husband [b.1861]

[Papa] Greengrass, Father [b. 1828 - d. 1889]
[Mama] Greengrass née ---, Mother [b. --]
Fortitude "Ford" Greengrass, Brother [b. 1866]
Noble Greengrass, Brother [b. 1868]
Grace Greengrass, Sister [b. 1872]
Clementine Greengrass, Sister [b. 1874]
Although not quite the picture perfect English Rose, with her hair being a warm chocolate brown and her eyes equally as dark, Verity has always believed herself to be pretty. A would-be trend setter if the family's financial status allowed, Verity follows fashion religiously and is constantly charming her dress to match the most 'in' color.

She possesses an ample frame and modest height, standing at five feet and three inches. Verity is right handed.
January, 1871On a cold, wintery morning, Verity is born as the first daughter to the Greengrass family.
1872 - 1876The trio of Greengrass siblings become a tribe of five. Grace and Clementine are welcome additions to the tight knit family, and, despite their obvious differences, they're a relatively happy bunch.
1877-1880The summer before Ford leaves for school is a difficult time for Verity. For one, he's the absolute focus of attention, but mainly she can sense that their lives are about to shift drastically. Not to mention, her very public first display of magic is somewhat ... embarrassing. After all, it's not every day the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad is called to Flourish & Blotts.

Noble's departure is managed in a much more dignified manner, as is befitting her age. Still, becoming the eldest remaining child in the Greengrass household is odd. The responsibility comes naturally enough, she supposes, but it's also a burden. It's at the prime age of nine that she realizes she would much rather fill her mother's shoes than her father's. Hosting glamorous dinner parties and galas seems far more exciting than the awful drudgery of maintaining a ministry job like Ford must one day.
First Year, 1882-1883Finally, it's her turn to disrupt the status quo within the household and attend school. The hat sorts her into Slytherin after just a second upon her head, a natural selection, she thinks. Verity takes to her classes well enough, with the exception of flying. Sitting astride a broomstick is just about as unladylike as one can be. She manages just fine, but takes no enjoyment from the wind blowing through her perfectly styled hair.
Second Year, 1883-1884With her flying days steadily behind her, Verity returns to school happy as a clam. She's even happier when Grace is sorted elsewhere. It's not that she doesn't love her sister, but that she came to enjoy being her on her own her last school year. Grace is capable of establishing herself elsewhere.
Third & Fourth Year, 1884-1886The choices of electives are less than appealing for Verity. (Who in their right mind would willingly choose to work with beasts?! The very thought physically repulsed her.) Eventually, she settled upon adding Divination. Once she married she would have tea often enough, and if there was anything to learn from the dregs it would be useful to know what to look for. Surprisingly, it becomes one of her best classes.

The beginning of her fourth year sees a drastic falling out with one dorm mates over some academic rivalry. Verity vows then and there to always triumph over the girl in every possible avenue. And, to her great pride, she succeeds.
Fifth Year, 1886-1887The prefect badge that arrives with her letter is met with sheer delight. She restrains from wearing it around their home — pride is a sin and untoward prefect behavior, after all. Still, she makes a show of lording it over her nemesis. If she finds the weight of the badge tiresome and, at times, dreadfully boring, well she would never admit it.
Sixth Year, 1887-1888Verity does moderately well on her OWLs, and decides to continue on with Astronomy, Charms, Divination, Herbology, and Transfiguration. The lightened course load makes her prefect duties easier to complete, though she still finds most patrols needlessly dull. Surely, the professors could manage without the assistance from students? Not that she ever dared to voice such thoughts, no. To do so would be unseemly, and besides, if she wasn't the one forced to patrol her nemesis surely would be.
Seventh Year, 1888-1889Another badge is gifted this year, this time the most coveted one of all. Before she even boards the train to school Verity begins fantasizing about leading all the other girls into the Coming Out ball. Her family weren't hurting financially, but she knew better than to expect her own ball. So what better way was there to secure the attention of every man in attendance than to lead the opening debut of the season?

Not even her NEWT exams are enough of a deterrent to keep from dreaming of the ball. She attended last year's, of course, but then she was but a footnote. This year she's to be the star! Somehow, Verity continues to manage decent grades, but they're nowhere near the standards she had set for herself the last six years of school. In fact, her distraction had allowed for her nemesis to surpass her academically. It's that realization that forces her to double down on studying once more. For, if she wants passing grades she really can't afford to be distracted for another month.

The studying pays off in the end. For while she doesn't top her foe as intended, she also doesn't receive dreadful marks either. The rivalry was never truly about academics, anyway. No, it was always about winning, something she's certain she'll succeed at in the weeks following the otherwise flawless Coming Out Ball.
1889 - 1890Only, she doesn't. Weeks of ignoring and declining invitations screams to Verity that there's something amiss. This was to be her year, was it not? Otherwise, why allow her the pride of leading the Coming Out ball? She does her best to eavesdrop on her parent's conversations and snoop through any papers she stumbles across, but none of it makes a lick of sense. No. Instead, she's forced to spend day after stuffy hot day stuck in the parlor with mother embroidering. As if her needlework needed any improvement whatsoever!

The weeks bleed into months. And, suddenly it's Christmas and Father is dead. And all hope Verity had clung to of having some semblance of a social season are dead with him. She resents her father even more than she'd come to in these last months (it had to be his fault and not dear Mother's that she was forced to be a shut in all summer!) for his untimely end. Verity takes what little comfort she can in the family's garden and greenhouse. She had always liked seeing the estate covered in snow, tending for the herbs and vegetables that were to be planted come spring. However, Ford soon sells the country home and even that small comfort is taken from her.

She tries not to be furious, truly. She tries not to resent her eldest and favorite brother for decisions she cannot understand. She tries to settle into Noble's rented home as though this was always the intended plan. But it wasn't, not in the least. Verity was meant to be married already, or, at the very least, engaged! To be trapped in a too-small home in a shut in life was a fate worst than death, and she's bloody furious.

Ford's insistence that both she and Grace have successful is the final clue. Through her anger, Verity can plainly see through the lies crafted by her Father. She (correctly) suspects why she was denied her glory. However, without any tangible proof there's nothing for her to act upon. Instead, she simply has to smile prettily as she's forced to stand next to Grace, who, despite her name, is about as graceful as a baffoon. Because that'll certainly lead to Verity's success.
Ambitious. Competitive. Intuitive. Sneaky. Vengeful. Prideful.
  • She is fluent in English and French, proficient in Latin.
  • An accomplished pianist, Verity takes pride in any performances she's asked to make. She, like any well bred young lady, can also sketch and sing moderately well.
  • Verity is both proficient and (quietly) interested in Divination. She often stares into her teacup long after the cup has been emptied.

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