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Beth Vane
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Played by Beanie
"Unchaperoned. Unwatched. Nigel knew she could fend for herself, but he knew what other people thought" - Nigel Vane in A Fork in the Road"
Wizengamot Court Scribe
23 year old Halfblood
5 ft. 5 in.
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Full Name: Beth Margaret Vane


Birthdate: February 9th, 1868

Age: 23


Occupation: Wizengamot Court Scribe

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Bartonburg, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Red Oak, 10", whippy, unicorn tail hair

Joseph Vane | Father | b. 1824
Margaret Vane | Mother | b. 1831, d. 1868
Nigel Vane | Brother | b. 1856
When standing, Beth stands at a tallish 5'5"; she is an angular person, with red hair that she keeps pinned up, and brown eyes. However, the first thing people notice is usually her wheelchair - it's made of black metal, she can wheel it herself, and it's magically tricked out to be lightweight. When she stands and walks, she uses a cane, and moves slowly.
1868 | Beth is born; her mother dies. Her father does not take this overly well and is generally neutral to hostile re: the infant; this continues for most of her life.
1870 | It becomes clear that Beth is not where other children her age are, in terms of physical development. She does not remember this, but the Vanes begin to struggle financially.
1871 | Although he had expected her to be a squib, Beth demonstrates signs of magic when she drops and re-summons the cane she uses to walk.
1877 | The Vanes move to Hogsmeade. Nigel goes on an adventure, which Beth is quite jealous of, both because he gets to adventure and because he gets to be away from their father. (Although Joseph is much fonder of Nigel!)
1879 | Beth goes to Hogwarts; although she typically uses her wheelchair at home, her father wants her to use the cane almost exclusively at Hogwarts. As such she starts in Ravenclaw and spends much of the year physically exhausted - Hogwarts' general inaccessibility does not help - as well as a bit of an odd duck. She feels mostly friendless and, while interested in her classes, is often too tired to excel - she leaves her first year with grades that are decent but not where they could be.
1881 | Beth picks up Divination and Arithmancy as her electives.
1882 | That summer, Beth takes advantage of living in Hogsmeade to do some semi-illegal magic on her wheelchair, making it capable of weighing very little and of being folded into a small space easily. She does not tell her father this - he is prone to attempts to make her feel small - but does take her wheelchair to school in the fall, where she is likely to use it in the Common Room or when on the same floor of the school for significant amounts of time.
1884 | Beth takes her OWLs and chooses to continue with Potions, Charms, Transfiguration, and Divination. She will never be a debutante - that much is clear - but her father doesn't want her around the house, either, and is willing to invest in the last two years of her education so that she isn't around him.
1886 | Beth finishes her NEWTs and after a few months of indecision, proceeds to find employment in the Wizengamot as a Court Scribe. Living with her father fulltime again is emotionally difficult, and Beth often finds herself wishing that she had been a little bit more extroverted re: making friends when at Hogwarts.
1890 | Secretly longing for adventure or creative or anything else, really, Beth finds herself looking at another year of working at the Ministry and unsure what to do about it.
  • Beth is an ambulatory wheelchair user; she can walk, but is tired and worn out after doing so, and usually chooses not to. Her wheelchair is magically tricked out to be lightweight and easily folded magically. From most healers' estimates,  her illness is that Beth's joints don't work quite as they should - she was born too early , or her mother was too old, or or or.

  • Basic proficiency in French.
  • Secret passion for adventure novels; fond of Treasure Island.


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