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Department of Magical Games and Sports Secretary
 Department of Magical Games and Sports Secretary

20 year old Halfblood
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played by Rosa
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Josie Jones

Full Name: Josie Jones

Nickname(s): None

Birthdate: 15th February 1871

Age: 20

Occupation: Department of Magical Games and Sports Secretary

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Pennyworth

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: Laurel, unicorn tail hair, 10 inches, bendy.

Bryn Jones, born 1850 – father
A kind and good man, Josie was never lacking in a good father figure. He also works in the ministry in some menial role, and has done for over twenty years.

Ella Jones (nee Davies), born 1851 – mother
A wry and witty woman, Josie's mother is never short of an amusing comment or quip. She works part time in a shop in Hogsmeade.

Josie does not have much extended family, however the family she does have is extremely close-knit.

If you were to ask Josie, she would claim she is forever plain. However, she is quite pretty. She has long blonde hair, usually tied up in some neat hairstyle. This is complimented by her blue eyes, with annoyingly pretty lashes (although Josie would never think this herself). She is five foot four, and has a slim build due to running around at work all day, and never having a huge amount of food. Josie always makes sure she is dressed neatly and has a pretty dress on to compensate for her lack of confidence.

Josie likes to put smiles on other people’s faces. She knows life isn’t fair, and that she always hasn’t had it easy. But, she’s never let any of that get to her. She just cracks on with her life, very happy about how it is. Moaning never solves anything. Her parents taught her to do her best and be a kind and hardworking person. Being raised in a happy and loving home, Josie tends to be a happy and loving person – although she is usually painfully unaware of how other people can act. She trusts very easily. Generally she is kind and sweet, however often she allows her insecurities to get the best of her. Lacking a lot of confidence, Josie gets very down on herself, and on occasion can lash out. She always immediately regrets it. She is always hard on herself. She is also weak-willed, and a people pleaser, and will often find herself in unfortunate situations because she wants to be that helpful, kind, person she knows she is. For if she were to say no, then she would be a fraud (in her opinion).

Cheerful | Kind | Goofy | Hardworking | Innocent | Trusting | Insecure | Pushover


◆ Speaks only English fluently.
◆ Speaks English with a South Wales accent
◆ Knows a few Welsh phrases, but nothing more.

Magical Skills:
◆ Patronus is a brown hare.
◆ Surprisingly talented at magic, but cannot remember spells very well.

Other Skills and Hobbies:
◆ Keen amateur seamstress, often altering and repairing her own clothes.
◆ She is competent at secretarial skills. Although without being able to use a magical quill she would be unable to take notes. ◆ Despite struggling with organisation in her early years at Hogwarts, Josie has found a system that works very well for her and is now extremely organised - particularly with work.


◆ Prefers to walk around Hogsmeade and use the ministry entrance on the high street. If she needs to go elsewhere, she will use the floo.
◆ Is dyslexic - obviously undiagnosed.
◆ Often has outbursts of magic with various degrees of maiming to herself and others.
◆ Due to magical outburts Josie prefers to do things without the aid of magic - unless magic is absolutely necessary.


Care of Magical CreaturesA-
Defence Against the Dark ArtsA-
Earth MagicA-
History of MagicP-
Muggle StudiesA-

Department of Magical Games and Sports Secretary 1887-present
1871 | Born to two Welsh wizards in Cardiff, Josie Jones’s arrival into the world was not a smooth one. Even with the help of magic, it was hard on both mother and child. However, when all was done and dusted, Bryn and Ella were overjoyed to welcome their baby daughter. They had hoped she would be the first of many, but that was not to be. It was no issue to the Joneses despite this – their one daughter was perfect and they would dedicate their lives to keeping her safe and happy.

1876 | Shortly after her fifth birthday, Josie experienced magic for the first time. It was simple, but very cute. While spending quality time with her family, she became so overjoyed, she conjured a bed of flowers around herself. Josie thought it was the best thing ever. It was fantastic.

1882 | The September of 1882 brought Hogwarts to Josie. This was the best day ever for Josie! She was so excited. She made friends right away, was sorted into Hufflepuff, and her first two years past with very little incident

1884 | Third year was when things started to go wrong for Josie. She watched as all of her friends hit puberty and grew into young women, and she just… didn’t. No matter how long she waited, she stayed so little, and so tiny. Josie tried to stay her positive self, but after so long it just didn’t work anymore. She became so down about it all. Thankfully, she had some good friends to get her through it.

1886 | In the middle of fourth year, Josie finally managed to grow up a bit. She came into her own, and puberty went more or less without any hiccups. But for Josie, the damage had been done. Lacking all confidence, she still saw herself as that strange small child.

1887 | OWLs for Josie was a stressful experience. She really wanted to do well. Her parents did so much for her, to keep her in school until her OWLs that she had to do well. Academia was never her strong suit, but with dedication and hard work she left with five acceptables. And then the rest were poors. Josie was really proud of herself. She had done it! She had done enough to get a good job as a secretary in the ministry.

1888 | With an extra income in the family, the Joneses moved to Pennyworth. It was much nicer than their home in Cardiff, it was nice, and more spacious, and it was nice. In reality, Josie did not want to move to Hogsmeade. She liked living in Cardiff where she was friends with her muggle neighbours. But, she accepted it. And at least she didn’t have to lie about where she worked all the time.

1890 | As of 1890, Josie is still living in Pennyworth and doing the same job. She's happy overall.

Played By: Rosa

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@Aldous Crouch - All the yes to inappropriate flirting. I'd be keen for a thread if you are too? No worries if Fitz is a bit booked up with threads at the moment. I also like the idea of her and Blythe knowing each other. I imagine Josie being quite churchy, so they'd have that in common.

@Ophelia Devine - I like the idea of Josie and Reuben knowing each other and some past inappropriate flirting because that would make Josie super awks, she'd make sure to say hi to everyone so if he's about in the DMGaS offices. I'd also be super keen for some friend!hurling with Juliana if you are? Why start a new character if you don't put them in different strange situations for some friend meet cutes?

@Holly Scrimgeour - I think Holly is your main so I'm tagging that account. I'd be keen for Jane and Josie to be friends! I stalked Jane's profile and I think they would get on. I'd definitely be keen for a thread. I could imagine Josie and Handsome being like loose acquaintances after working on some homework together/whatever and seeing each other at work and doing that awkward smile and hi and being like, do I speak to you further, kind of a deal?

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