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But then Miss Dempsey paid her so great a compliment that she wanted to hurl herself over the edge of the theater balcony in delight.
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Vanessa Harrington
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Played by Elaine
Debutante & Singer
23 year old Muggleborn
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Full Name: Vanessa Josephine Harrington

Nickname(s): Nessa

Birthdate: November 2, 1867

Age: 23


Occupation: Debutante & Singer

Blood Status: Muggleborn

Residence: London

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: Elm, 14", phoenix feather, sturdy

Dr. Thomas Harrington, father, b. 1834
Katherine Harrington née Calliwell, mother, b. 1836

Quentin Harrington, brother, b. Dec. 17 1855
Claire Harrington, sister, b. Feb. 16 1858
Juliet Harrington, sister, b. Jan. 8 1860
Adeline Harrington, sister, b. June. 10 1862
Gideon Harrington, brother, b. Dec. 29 1864
Harris Harrington, brother, b. May 5 1866

Tiffany Smith née Harrington, aunt, b. 1838
Eric Smith, uncle, b. 1833
Sun Smith, cousin, b. 1856
Mercury Smith, cousin, b. 1862
Venus Smith, cousin, b. 1865
Earth Beck née Smith, cousin, b. 1866
Mars Asteroid née Smith, cousin, b. 1868
Jupiter Smith, cousin & former dorm mate, b. 1868
Saturn Smith, cousin, b. 1870
Uranus Smith, cousin, b. 1871
Neptune Smith, cousin, b. 1874
Moon Smith, cousin, b. 1876
Play-By: Emmy Rossum

A young woman with rich dark curls, doe-like brown eyes, and fine features, Vanessa Harrington stands five feet, two inches, with a delicate, almost waifish figure, emphasized by just the corsetry of the day. She prefers pale tones to heighten the soft, creamy porcelain tone of her skin and bring out the natural rosy undertones, favoring pink, mint, and soft yellow with lace and embroidery trims. She is right-handed, and rarely seen without a smile

Katherine Calliwell, youngest daughter of a wealthy upper class muggle family, decides that she doesn’t require the excesses of the wealthy lifestyle. She wants to marry for her own reasons, not the reasons society expects. She still attends the requisite debutante balls, but takes habitual walks in London during the acknowledged season, and goes shopping in person to facilitate meeting a potential love match. Shortly thereafter on one of these walks, she meets a young doctor named Thomas. The two marry in late February 1855, and welcome their first child, a son, in December of that year.
Innocent Years
1867: The youngest Harrington is born. She is named Vanessa Josephine.
1870: Vanessa’s first signs of magic are made manifest. She doesn’t remember it, nor were any of her family members present, and the maid who witnessed it was fired and sent to an asylum.
1876: More minor magical outbursts pepper the years since, but the first truly memorable incident is when one of Katherine’s sisters visits - and not one of the nice ones. During an argument that Vanessa shouldn’t have witnessed, during which Katherine and her sister were discussing the propriety of marrying beneath her station. At one point, the aunt called Katherine ruined, and Vanessa snapped. She emerged into the room and called her aunt a “wicked old shrew” - which resulted in the accidental (and permanent) premature greying of her aunt’s hair. Katherine is confused, but seems to accept that her youngest child is…“gifted,” as she calls it. She helps Vanessa come up with explanations for further incidents.
1877: Riots in London lead to the family becoming almost reclusive - the younger children are not informed of their cause, and only Thomas, Katherine, and Quentin ever leave, with their only destinations being either Father's practice or Quentin's studies..
1879: In July, a stranger comes knocking on their door, explaining that Vanessa is not merely gifted, but in fact a witch. Thomas is pleased - apparently his younger sister is also a witch, and he’s kept it from Katherine this whole time! At this point, Katherine tells Thomas why her sister hasn’t been seen in public in three years. Supplies are purchased, including a lovely white owl she names Orion, to keep in contact with her family.
1879: Vanessa is sorted into Gryffindor, the house of the brave lion. She makes friends easily, and takes to practical wand-work with grace. However, in her first practical Potions class, she explodes the simplest potion possible. She settles with the idea that she’ll never be a potioneer, though her father is displeased by that fact.
1881: At the end of her second year, Vanessa chooses Ancient Runes and Divination as her OWL electives.
1884: After her OWLs, Vanessa chooses to keep Ancient Runes, Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Divination, and Transfiguration.
1886: Vanessa departs Hogwarts after her NEWT exams to attend her mother’s (very, very Muggle) finishing school. It’s an immediate culture shift - she keeps her wand hidden in artfully sewn pockets of her dresses, though always available (at night, it’s kept tucked under her pillow) in case she might require it.
1888: Vanessa debuts in June, much to her father’s chagrin. Her elder sisters are jealous, but try not to show it. She does not come out of her first season with a match, but that’s all right. It doesn’t always happen that way. Just in fiction. Still, it’s a touch disheartening that her talent and relative beauty isn’t enough to net a first-season match.
1890: As the 1890 season comes to a close, Vanessa still has not found a match, despite her greatest efforts. Hopefully 1891 will hold some better prospects - and perhaps better news, as well. She’s very pleased she chose not to attend the Quidditch World Cup, after all that unpleasantness.
  • Her western astrological sign is Scorpio.
  • Her singing voice is in the soprano register.
  • Vanessa plays the lute and the harp.
  • Vanessa speaks fluent French, Italian, and Greek.
  • Her Patronus is an adder; she’s only conjured it once, but that it happened is a point of personal pride.
  • Her Amortentia smells distinctly of lavender, lemon, and cinnamon.
  • Vanessa keeps three distinct pets - a white riding-horse named Orion, a white Irish wolfhound named Lyra, and a snowy owl named Eridanus. She is obsessed with white animals.
  • Vanessa possesses an Apparition license.
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