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Dorian Fisk
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Played by Emma
Accidental Magic Reversal Squad Member
27 year old Halfblood
Accidental Magic Reversal Squad Member
6 ft. ¼ in.
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Full Name: Dorian Gareth Fisk

Nickname(s): Dory

Birthdate: January 20th, 1864

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Occupation: Accidental Magic Reversal Squad Member

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: A rented flat, North Bartonburg, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw Alumnus '82

Wand: Cherry wood with a unicorn hair core, 13 ¾ and quite bendy flexibility

    Brannon Fisk, Father [1825]
    Delia Fisk née Davis, Mother [1832-1884]
    ARI FISK, Brother [1851], and family
    Dionisia Fisk née Tweedy, Sister-in-Law [1868]
    Elliot Fisk, Nephew [1889]
    Julian Fisk, Brother [1853]
    Katia Meadowes née Fisk, Sister [1854]
    Henry Meadowes, Brother-in-Law [1850]
    Bethany Meadowes, Niece [1874]
    Henry Meadowes, Nephew [1874]
    Irma Meadowes, Niece [1876]
    Charlie Meadowes, Nephew [1877]
    Neville Meadowes, Nephew [1879]
    Lily Meadowes, Sister [1883]
    Konstantin Fisk, Brother [1857]
    Roslyn Ross née Fisk, Sister [1859]
    Justin Ross, Husband [1846]
    Idris Ross, Son [1878]
    Rhiannon Ross, Daughter [1886]
    Leonid Fisk, Brother [1861]
    Xena Fisk, Sister [1861]
    Nemo Fisk, Brother [1866]
    ZELDA FISK, Sister [1868]
The tallest of his brothers at a solid six feet, Dory has a slim, lanky build that has only become more lean as he's progressed through his adulthood. Confident in his actions, even despite his general clumsiness, he stands tall with an easy grace afforded only to those with little insecurities. His dark brown hair is kept just short enough to still be considered respectable without it being deemed unattractive (he once dreamt of having a long mane to wear like a pirate). Piercing blue-grey eyes makes the sharp angles of his face more tolerable.

Now that he's related to the minister, Dory places a greater focus on his wardrobe and never steps out in anything that isn't freshly laundered and neatly tailored. There is a pocket sewn into all of his right sleeves that stows his wand perfectly.

Dorian Gareth Fisk is born after a whirlwind labor on a cold, wintery morning. He's loud and demanding from birth, and the superstitious midwife declares he'll be a handful. If she only knew.

Brannon enforces a no rough housing rule in the Fisk household. However, seeing as Dory is but a toddler, it doesn't phase him much.

Nemo is born two years after he and their proximity in age bonds the pair more than Dory ever bonded with Xena. They develop a life long friendship in infancy, two peas in a pod, two fish in the sea.

The last Fisk child is born, a girl named Zelda. Dory enjoys her company plenty, and by the time she's toddling her, Nemo and he are as thick as thieves.

Brannon and Delia breathe a sigh of relief as Dory finally exhibits his first sign of magic. The boys' bedroom is blistering hot one summer evening, something he's never done well with, and Dory causes rain to pour from the ceiling in his frustration. Everything is soaked. Their beds, the floorboards, even the kitchen below has water dripping from the ceiling. Thankfully, Brannon is trained in how to reverse such scenarios and the problem is remedied quickly enough.

Zelda, Nemo and Dory captain a stolen canoe through the nearby pond. He's the oldest and therefore the "true" Captain of the ship — in his opinion anyway. The canoe capsizes in a turn of events that surprises only the three children, but they're saved the long swim back to shore by Zelda's burst of accidental magic. Brannon, the old worried fart that he is, bans all watercraft adventures from their play. Which, ordinarily wouldn't have phased Dory. However, in light of how exhilarating being on the water was Dory is now convinced his future dream is to be a pirate. Or a Naval Seaman. Or a ferrier across the Atlantic. Most likely a pirate, though, pirates are the coolest, after all.

He joins the tribe of Fisk children on the train to school and is soon sorted into Ravenclaw. Dory both understands his placement and doesn't, but the dormitory is cool and he's always liked birds anyway. Besides, the Ravenclaw placement pleases Brannon endlessly, so it isn't the worst thing ever.

Dory chooses the two easiest subjects (that he thinks, anyway) for his OWL classes. Divination is hilarious — who sees their future in tea leaves, anyway? — and Muggle Studies is fascinating. He wouldn't ever want to be a muggle, of course, but their trinkets are interesting, at least.

His interests are made glaringly obvious with his OWL grades. The subjects in which Dory applies himself he receives explementary remarks and the subjects that bore him receive only acceptables (or worse, in the case of History of Magic). He drops his least favorites and keeps a solid roster of five classes.

The summer between fifth and sixth year sees Dory's first romance with a neighbor. He steals kisses whenever permitted and promises her his whole future. Such promises, obviously, will never come true, but she seems to accept the reality with grace. They mutually break their relationship off just before the start of school, as neither of them wishes to risk their education for love.

His final year sees Dory bestowed with the title of Captain for the Ravenclaw quidditch team. He wears his badge proudly and, most importantly, leads his team to have their greatest season in a decade. Only the threat of losing his captaincy deters Dory from letting his grades slip completely.

The Ravenclaw team wins the Quidditch Cup, something Dory claims as his own personal success. Despite his surprisingly decent NEWT grades, Dory foregoes his academic pursuits to play quidditch professionally as a second string beater for Puddlemere United. Naturally, this infuriates Brannon, but when has Dory ever strived to be the favored child?

With Ari and Roslyn having relocated to Hogsmeade, the rest of the Fisk family follows suit. Dory rather enjoys the bustling town and takes great satisfaction in being able to use magic freely. Truth be told, he doesn't understand why they didn't make the move sooner. He's soon promoted to a first string beater with Puddlemere, the icing on the cake for the year.

The Laughing Plague deals a harsh blow to the Fisk family, taking Dory's mother early on in its outbreak. It's a devastating lost for Dory, having developed a close relationship with her in the years since his graduation. Not being able to leave their home is almost a blessing, for at least they can grieve in private. That Hogsmeade is burning doesn't even phase Dory. After all, what else could go wrong?

A lot, evidently. First, Dory catches the plague himself from a visiting mourner and is bedridden for the better part of two weeks. He's spared the horrific death of his mother, but only by slim margins. It takes him months to be able to laugh again, longer still to trust that he'll be able to stop laughing. Then, just when he's getting back into things with quidditch, a rough bludger hit to the shoulder knocks Dory from the game completely. He takes it as his sign from the universe to move on with his life and, in a last ditch effort to get back in Brannon's good graces, he joins the Squad for Accidental Magic Reversal at the ministry. It helps, somewhat, and, surprisingly, the work comes naturally to him.

Dory discovers the miraculous invention of condoms and purchases three. They cost him a pretty penny, but one can never be too safe.

Dory helps with the election process if and when needed. Justin Ross isn't the worst sort of man and he's done right by his sister, which is as good a reason as any to vote for someone, he supposes. He's never been the sort to strictly follow politics, his patience tried by the constant debates. Better Ross than that Crouch fellow, anyway.

A twenty-four year old man has no business residing at home, at least not when his romances sometimes turn into the bedroom sort of activities. It's a mercy he hadn't been caught yet, a larger mercy no women have shown up yet with his children. The condom helps, he knows, but they're not infallible. Too many of his less reputable friends had found themselves shackled with a wife because of such failures.

Dorian, while still too young to properly consider a wife, realizes the prospect is looming like a dark storm clouds brewing in the distance. Ari is married, Kons is well on his way to (he rather likes Kons' choice in bride), hell even Zelda has a beau! Everyone is starting to live their own lives, which only means he's next. Yikes.

Goofy. Flirtatious. A master procrastinator. Messy. Natural Leader. Learns best with hands on experience, never reads a book if he can avoid it. Enjoys athletic pursuits but they don't come naturally to him. Non-committal. Charming. Clumsy. Independent.
Accidental Magic Reversal Squadron Member 1884 — Present
1st String Beater for Puddlemere United 1883 — 1884
2nd String Beater for Puddlemere United 1882 — 1883
Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain 1881 — 1882

Defence Against the Dark ArtsEE
History of MagicD
Muggle StudiesEE
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