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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
In a panic sort of reaction, she shut the door but neglected to make sure she was on the other side of it.
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Daffodil Potts
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Played by Bee
Florist at The Florist Potts
22 year old halfblood
Florist at The Florist Potts
5 ft. in.
❤   Complicated
Full Name: Daffodil Meadow Potts

Nickname(s): Daff, Daffy, Dilly-Dally

Birthdate: January 17th, 1870

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Occupation: Florist at The Florist Potts

Blood Status: halfblood

Residence: Thimblewhit Turn, North Bartonburg

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: 9", vine, unicorn hair, springy

Basil Potts [1834] | Father, Marine Herbologist
Laurel Potts née Phillips [1842] | Mother, Owner The Florist Potts
Amaryllis ---- née Potts [1862] | Sister, Healer and family
Senna ---- née Potts | [1863] Sister, housewife
Thistle Potts | [1865] Sister, Florist
Zinnia Potts | [1868] | Sister, Florist
Dahlia Potts | [1873] Sister, Student
Calla Potts | [1875] Sister, Hufflepuff

Beatrix Maine coon cat (Blue Tortie tabby)

Myrtle Potts | [1838] Aunt, Spinster

Cecil Potts | [1836] Uncle, Herbologist
Elizabeth "Beth" Potts née --- | [1841] Aunt
Edmund Potts | [1863] Cousin
Dorothea Potts | [1866] Cousin
Fletcher Potts | [1873] Cousin
Gabriella Potts | [1875] Cousin

Ailsa Fraser née Phillips | [1842] Aunt
Ewart Fraser | [1834] Uncle
Aegir --- née Faser | [1860] Cousin
Astrild Fraser-Scamander | [1865] Cousin
Tyr Fraser, cousin | [1872] Cousin
Idunn Fraser | [1875] Cousin

Heather --- née Phillips | [1845] Aunt & family
Bianca --- née Phillips | [1850] Aunt & family

Eloise Belby née Phillips | [1854] Aunt
Cyrus Westerman/Ephraim Belby | [1852] Uncle
Aria Belby | [1874] Cousin
Archer Belby | [1877] Cousin

Daffy is a bit of a wisp in many regards. Her frame long and lanky, her limbs a little gangly and uncoordinated; she boasts no curves. She's reached her full height at a rather impressive 5'4". Her hair is a medium brown and often falling out of its updo and decorated with fresh flowers of some kind. With a pale complexion for someone who spends such an enormous time outside, she rarely gets anything past a sun-kissed rosey cheek, but she tries to keep from burning too badly. With wide blue eyes and long lashes she can come off as almost a little alarming if she’s staring off into space in your direction, but she’s quick to smile and quite approachable!
[1870] | Daffodil Meadow joins the Potts family as the 5th girl, much to her father’s chagrin. He keeps hoping for a boy. Her mother names her Daffodil despite being born on a particularly snowy day as she is a ray of sunshine in the cold. Daffy proves to be a quiet and independent babe.

[1873] | Dahlia joins the family and Amaryllis is off to Hogwarts. She’s sorted into ____.

[1874] | Senna joins her cousin and sister at school and is sorted into _____.

[1875] | Baby sister Calla joins the family as the final child; Basil gave up on boys after Daffy.

[1876] | Thistle heads off to school and is sorted into Ravenclaw. By now Daffy is well aware that she would like to join her sisters at school, but still enjoys being home with her younger sisters and spending time in the enormous family greenhouse and gardens.

[1877] | Upheaval in the magical community sees the Potts moving to Hogsmeade, to Thimblewhit Turn on the edge of town. Their land is not nearly as extensive as it was previously, but they have enough to put up a decent greenhouse and plot a wide garden. They manage to get family florist shop up and running once again and open a storefront on High Street. The Black Lake provides Basil with work opportunities and Laurel quickly gets the shop into ship shape.

[1879] | Zinnia takes her turn to head off to Hogwarts. Daffy has still not displayed any magic, but she isn’t worried even if it concerns Basil.

[1880] | Amaryllis graduates and Daffy finally displays her first sign of magic! While making repairs on the greenhouse, Basil knocks the ladder over and it nearly hits a young Calla, but Daffy levitates it up and away from her younger sister. Amaryllis takes on an intern position at Hogsmeade Hospital in Potion and Plant Poisoning.

[School Year 1881-82] | Senna graduates in the spring of 81 and heads off to work in the family florist shop. Then it’s finally Daffy’s turn! That fall she packs up her things and favorite cactus, Henrietta and joins her sisters at school. The  Sorting Hat barely touches her head before announcing she will be joining Ravenclaw. Her sisters are not surprised; Daff has always been an inquisitive and investigative child. Through a friend of a friend, she meets a Mr. Noble Greengrass and asks for his help on a potions project that blossoms into a friendship.

[School Year 1882-83] | Naturally Daff excels in Herbology, but she also quite enjoys transfiguration and charms as well. Thistle graduates this year and joins her family at the flower shop.

[School Year 1883-84] | Daff picks up Runes and Earth Magic for her electives. It is this year a little crush begins to form on Noble and she keeps it very distinctly to herself. Daffy has always enjoyed people and thinks she just enjoys him more than the rest.

[School Year 1884-85] | The Potts are fortunate to be unaffected by the fire and plague at large. Dahlia joins her sisters at school and is sorted into Hufflepuff. Fourth year is rather unremarkable, thankfully, after the Summer From Hell ™.

[School Year 1885-86] | While Daffy is gearing up for OWLs, Zin is tackling NEWTs and poor little Calla is awaiting her turn at school in the fall. After a busy year for both herself and for Noble, a little surprise after their exams comes in the form of an admission of feelings on his part. Daff realizes that what she too has feelings for him and it culminates in a kiss. He vows to get himself established so that when she graduates they can be together. Ever the dreamer, Daff finds the whole thing rather romantic and on brand for her.

[School Year 1886-87] | Daffy decides to keep relatively few NEWT level courses, Astronomy, Runes, Charms, Herbology and Transfiguration. It’s nice not to have to worry about the others and naturally, she spends lots of time in the greenhouses. Letters and quiet visits with Noble will have to suffice for this year, though it doesn't ever quite seem like enough.

[School Year 1887-88] | Though Daffy is not overly concerned about graduating or debuting for that matter (she hardly ever remembers the latter anyway). She does well enough in her current classes and spends most of her free time sketching or in the greenhouses. Daff participates in the Hogwarts debut, but doesn't take it seriously as she feels she does need to. Without a season to really weigh her down or the prospect of having to seriously search for a husband, she happily joins her family in the shop.

[1890] | Senna marries in the summer. Daffy is obviously happy for her sister, but with Thistle's lack of interest and Zinnia closer to courting herself Daffy is starting to feel the pressure coming her way to get out of the house and therefore Noble's promise.

Late in the year, Noble's father dies and Daff cannot imagine everything he and his family are now going through. She does her best to quietly support from the sidelines. Though she keeps the exact thoughts to herself, Daff selfishly worries that their plans have come to a disastrous halt, but doesn't say anything about it. Everything they planned to do is starting to crumble around them and Daff doesn't know what to do.
Mellow; spacey; intuitive; flighty; can be perceived as naive; sweet; caring; book-smart; gentle; basically she’s a bit of a hippie (think Luna-esque) who enjoys plants as much as she enjoys people. She takes things and people as they come and is unafraid to chat with just about anybody. She can be a bit of a flake, so will need lots of reminders during social things, but has a good heart that can easily be taken advantage of.
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