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Concealment & Disguise Instructor, Auror Office
Concealment & Disguise Instructor, Auror Office

42 year old Pureblood
5 ft. 11 in.   ❤   Married
played by MJ
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Trystan Selwyn

Full Name: Trystan Arthur Selwyn

Nickname(s): --

Birthdate: 11th April, 1848

Age: 42

Occupation: Concealment & Disguise Instructor, Auror Office

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Selwyn Manor, Wales.

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: Red oak, 13”, phoenix feather, swishy.

Family: Ephraim Selwyn | Father | 18xx - 1882
Rhea Selwyn | Mother | 18xx - 1880
Trystan was always their golden child. Their parents might be dead now, but no one else should forget it.
Emrys Selwyn | Brother | 1851
His favourite brother. Not that he’d say it to his face, but Emrys is a damn sight more fun than Daniel.
Daniel Selwyn | Brother | 1854
What a misanthrope. No wonder his business does so well; it’s not as though Daniel has any friends.
-- Freya Selwyn née Benwick | Sister-in-law | 1865
Seems pretty normal, which makes how she ever fell in love with Daniel a real mystery. Could be that stick up her arse, though.
Tanwen Selwyn | Sister | 18xx
Persistently unmarried, their sister is a feature of his household now, not only because he was the one to inherit the manor, but also because he could use the extra help to supervise his children.
Anthea Selwyn | “Half-Sister” / Daughter | 1865
No wonder his parents didn’t leave her much in their will; she probably should have been his responsibility all along. She’s terribly clever... but perhaps not clever enough to realise who she actually is to him.
Ambrosia Selwyn | Wife | 1856
The old ball and chain. On rare occasions, Trystan surprises himself by almost liking her - but more often gets a kick out of contradicting her around the children, just to remind everyone who’s really in charge.
Liliana Selwyn | Daughter | 1872
Though she is publicly known to be illegitimate and disliked by most of the family to boot, Trystan is nothing if not fond of her.
Adrienne & Aristide Selwyn | “Wards” / Daughter & Son | 1874
A pair of French twins raised abroad by relatives; they may have grown up out of the picture but privately Trystan is particularly glad to have them around, and thinks they are très charmants.
Cadawalader Selwyn | Son | 1874
Eh, he’s fine. Takes things a little seriously. Maybe he’ll mellow as he gets older.
Rupert Price | Son | 1875
Bastard son no one’s allowed to know about, including said son. Trystan would take more of an interest, but his wife has forbidden him.
Hortense Selwyn | Daughter | 1877
Sweet enough. Shame Ambrosia’s got her talons in her already.
“Hephaestus” Selwyn | Son | 18xx
Look, he’s not going to say all Ambrosia’s kids are the weird ones, but... they’re the weird ones.
James Fletcher | Son | 1878
Thank god no one knows about this one either. (Talk about daddy issues, I’m playing my own father/bastard son here.)
5’11, broad-shouldered and ridiculously burly in build, Trystan has lighter hair than most in the family - as a young boy it was blond, and then turned the golden-brown it is now - and he has never been quite so pale or serious looking as either of his brothers. He has light eyes, a strong nose, and usually some degree of facial hair; it is possibly more his charisma and personality that lend his presence its weight and glamour than his looks alone - something in the way he carries himself, maybe. An ex-auror, he has a manner of easy confidence and dresses well now that he isn’t out in the field like he used to be, but he has plenty of experience at concealment and disguise, and can alter his appearance with the right spells as well as any metamorphmagus. He is right handed.
ESTP | Generous and genial, pragmatic and energetically social, Trystan is a natural leader. With a wealth of good-natured charm, confidence, and charisma, he loves to laugh and be loved, so is always happy to be the centre of attention or to be looked up to. He is too self-assured and has too much of a sense of humour to be sensitive to criticism, which usually bounces off him. That said, his charm, while freely offered to friends and strangers, can just as easily be switched off: while he seems benevolent when his temper is in check, when it is unleashed he can be ruthless, and will get stormy in a flash. He can perform in public to save face, but might also be unengaged or irritable around the house, particularly when he finds his wife or one of his children trying. His laidback, more laissez-faire moments might give the impression the rest of the family has power, but in the end his rule is law and should only be tested at one’s own risk. He has always been competitive with his brothers and competent and proactive at work, something carried over from boyhood; wanting to be the best, to impress people and be showered in praise. Working hard means it is only fair to play hard, too, and all his passions have to go somewhere if he is to let off steam. Always tempted by adventure and a reckless move, he falls in love and lust quickly, and when he is in it he is wholly swept up in it... but if the passion fades, boredom sets in, or the illusion crumbles, he moves on. Still, attachments linger even afterwards and beneath all practicality and preservation there is an emotional creature. That said, he also believes he has an extraordinary amount of self-control in life. Spoiler alert: he does not.

1848 | Trystan is born, the first son and first child of the Selwyns, an old upper class family in Wales. He is the light of their lives, if he does say so himself.

1851 | Emrys is born.

1854 | Daniel is born.

1857 | By this point, Trystan is fairly secure in being his parents’ favourite. It helps that Emrys is better left to his own devices and Daniel is a sullen child. Trystan has always been bright and quick-witted and outgoing; he has a hot temper too, but his parents rarely provoke it, so instead he blossoms under their attention.

1859 | Off to Hogwarts at last, Trystan is sorted into Gryffindor and without further ado begins making friends.

1861 | Though popularity is his primary goal, he does not do badly in his classes when he puts his mind to it, and has a flair for competition. In third year, he adds Ancient Studies and Care of Magical Creatures to his classload.

1863 | In fifth year, he is awarded a prefect badge - to be perfectly honest, he doesn’t know why, but he’ll take it. Some of his classmates look up to him - he has never minded being a leader - and he has the ability to make people fall into line if he wants to. He might not be a stickler for the rules, but his father does want him to go into the law one day, so. Good practice?

1865 | He hasn’t finished his sixth year when he finds out the girl he’s been fooling around with is pregnant. Her parents find out about it which means his parents find out about it, but because he’s their golden child they agree to cover up a potential scandal and take in the baby as their own. He is allowed no further contact with the mother, but the baby is a girl and named Anthea, and in September he goes back to school for his seventh year as though nothing has happened.

1866 | Trying to make up for, you know, that, Trystan puts his head down for his NEWTs and gets Es and Os across the board. This is enough for him to be accepted into the Auror Training Program. His father would have preferred something a little more staid - he has hopes of passing on his seat in the Wizengamot one day - but an Auror is still an esteemable career, however flashy, and still in Law Enforcement, so he does not protest.

1869 | Trystan becomes a fully-fledged auror, and takes to the job like a duck to water.

1871 | At twenty-three, work is going excellently, which leaves Trystan open to... distraction. He has had a few discreet flings since Anthea’s mother, but this one is more a months-long affair with a beautiful woman of lesser status, and if anything, she seduced him.

1872 | She finds out she’s pregnant, but obviously he can’t marry her, she knew that all along. To stay in his parents’ good books, Trystan is inclined to wash his hands of her, but then she passes away after giving birth and he can’t let the baby grow up an orphan, can he? His parents are... pissed, to put it lightly, but on the upside, Trystan bringing up his bastard does overshadow Daniel’s graduation from Hogwarts, ha.

1873 | If he falls in love (or lust) again, this is no one’s business but his own. She’s a debutante this time. It’ll be fine.

1874 | It’s not quite fine. She finds out she’s pregnant, her family send her away to France and force her to give the children (twins!) up. Trystan wants to bring them to live in Wales, and though his mother is nearly convinced, she thinks a little discretion is in order, so the twins grow up with some relatives of the family and will be known as ‘cousins’ if and when they come to Wales. His father is fed up, and to prevent this happening again, decides it is high time Trystan was married. Trystan gets no say in this. Obviously, because they chose Ambrosia. Her temper is worse than his.

1875 | So it’s not fabulous for him when his wife finds out he’s slept with her maid. Also, the maid’s pregnant, whoops. Acknowledging the child is out of the question, so the boy is sent away to be raised elsewhere. (If Trystan keeps tabs on the kid, he keeps it out of Ambrosia’s earshot. Particularly because they have a legitimate child to worry about now.)

1877 | A legitimate daughter is born.

1878 | And another bastard son. Ambrosia’s mad - and also pregnant with another son. Life never slows down, does it? It’s lucky he likes children.

1880 | His mother dies. (Probably from having to endure too much drama.)

1882 | His father dies and Trystan inherits the family lands, whilst his brothers get the other companies. Trystan throws himself into work for the mourning period. Things at home have actually seemed to... dare he say settle down? Or at least find a rhythm only half as volatile.

1885 | In a surprising move, Daniel marries Freya Benwick. Trystan has always expected Daniel to be forever alone. Apparently that’s Emrys. He supposes one of his brothers has learned from his mistakes.

1889 | Having been an Auror for twenty eventful years, age is finally catching up with him. Unwilling to move to a desk job completely, Trystan takes up a position as one of the instructors in the Auror Training Program, in Concealment & Disguise. He’s been on many an undercover mission in his time... and since the public scandal he has faced is only the tip of the iceberg, he evidently can be discreet. He has always been talented at charms and transfiguration, and as such is excellent at all manner of human transformations. (It riles him a little that his wife is an animagus and he is not - but then she always had too much time on her hands.)

1890 | He has had fewer affairs in the last few years - and fewer bastard children - and this might be put down to there being too many prying people around him all the time nowadays or him actually trying to be careful... but temptation’s always round the corner.

— He has acknowledged and raised Liliana as his illegitimate daughter.
— There are a suspicious amount of 'cousins' and other rumours of bastard children floating about. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
— His 'sister' Anthea is actually his daughter, presented as the child of his father.
Played By: MJ

Contact: PM Elias Grimstone

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