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Alice Dawson
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Played by Emma
17 year old Halfblood
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Full Name: Ailís Maire Dawson

Nickname(s): Alice

Birthdate: May 4th, 1876

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Occupation: Mediwitch

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Birr, Ireland

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: English Oak, Phoenix, 13", Supple

Family: While the Dawson family is a securely middle class family, a few years of failing crops and unfortunate investments cost this branch of the family into the working class.
Patronus Dawson | [1853] Father
Maire Dawson née Doyle | [1858] Mother, a muggleborn witch from a large farming family.
Bridget Dawson | [Apr. 1878] Sister
Callum Dawson | [Aug. 1879] Brother
Niamh Dawson | [Feb. 1881] Sister
Aiofe Dawson | [Jan. 1882] Sister
Seamus Dawson | [May 1883] Brother
Declan Dawson | [Jul. 1884] Brother
Aine Dawson | [Sept. 1885] Sister

Ferdinand Dawson | [1812 - 1869] Grandfather
Nell Dawson née Conway | [1818] Grandmother
Elixir Dawson | [1840] Uncle and family
Essence — nèe Dawson | [1842] Aunt and family
Jinx Dawson | 1845] Uncle and family
Charm — née Dawson | [1848] Aunt and family
Fairy Spectre née Dawson | [1851] Aunt
Rune Dawson | [1858] Uncle

The first thing one tends to notice about Ailís is her shocking red hair. It falls in loose curls down to her bottom like a ginger curtain when left lose. When at school, she wears it in nearly exclusively in a neat plait down her spine as Nanny taught her to do. The next thing one might notice is how abnormally thin she is. Where some of her friends have begun puberty and are filling out appropriately, Ailìs is usually at least ten pounds underweight. Some have commented a strong wind would take her away with it.

Aside from her waif-like appearance and shocking red hair, there isn't much striking about her. Her brown eyes can sometimes be self-explained as dull, and she stands at an average height of five feet one inch. While she might grow still, the likelihood of her reaching a final height of five feet three is unlikely. Her clothes fit well due to her mother's obsessive tailoring, but their quality make her family's financial status somewhat obvious. Ailís is right handed.
Ailís is born on a bright spring morning after a quick labor. She's a quiet baby — a trick baby — and happy to watch from her blanket as her father and their few laborers work in the field. Their farm is small, a hasty purchase made on a whim to live somewhere more remote, but the three of them an overjoyed family.

Three quickly becomes four as Bridget joins them less than a year after Ailís' birth. She's too young to grasp the concept of a sibling, but she remains by the infant's side regardless, happy as always to have company.

Callum arrives, and, much unlike his two elder sisters, is a collicky baby from the start. The strain of caring for him is obvious on her parents, who the toddler realizes are bickering more often than normal. The summer ends with bickering leading to arguing. It's the first time in the four years the Dawson's have owned the farm that the crops don't produce the expected yield.

But not the last. The Dawson's pour every last sickle they own into the farm, leading to more arguments and stress between her parents. Ailís, now three, realizes its her responsibility to keep the other two out of the way when the adults are yelling. Lest the yelling be directed towards them.

The crops fail for a third year. Now, Patronus Dawson has taken liens on the farm to try and bring it back to life. Ailís hears arguments on how they ought to sell the small parcel of land, but without it they have nothing.

The fighting hasn't stopped, not even upon Niamh's birth. Ailís is grateful this baby isn't as cranky as Callum was, a relief she often hears her mother commenting upon to their neighbors. Once Niamh is old enough to be mobile, Aílis adds the baby to the flock like a mother hen.

Coincidentally, this leads to her first act of magic. One afternoon, after a long day of dealing with Bridget's temper, Ailís turned to shout at her siblings to quiet and watched in horror as they all became tiny baby chicks. It was an easily rectified spell, but for the first time in her life Ailís was afraid of magic.

Another year, another baby. By now, she has the routine memorized. The only difference between Aoife's birth and the rest of them is that Maire takes much longer to recover. Curious eyes follow her father around their home. Questioning looks are given every time he mutters something about 'it just being the weather'. She hopes it means the farm won't fail as terribly as it had the first time. However, when her mother doesn't get out of bed for three weeks Ailís realizes something was truly wrong.

Whatever happened to her mother with Aoife's birth continued with Seamus'. A dark cloud settled over the house, even as the farm began to look as though it might have its first success. A nanny is hired on a part time basis, mostly when Patronus had to be out in the field. While Ailís doesn't mind having another mother figure to follow, she misses the easy guidance of Maire.

The nanny is hired on a more full time basis as Maire struggles to bring Declan into the world. Though, how her parents afford a nanny with the wages from a failing farm she doesn't quite understand. Sometimes, she creates elaborate stories about Nanny and where she came from. Others, she wonders if her father is engaging in some sort of shady dealings with the woman. Either way, Ailís becomes more determined than ever to grow into the mature role of the eldest sister. Perhaps if she proves to her parents she's capable of managing the troop of kids they can rid themselves of the additional expense.

The last of the Dawson's nearly takes Maire's life with her bloody entrance. Ailís stands in the corner of the room as the midwife works, dutifully handing over every piece of cloth the family owns and watching in horror as it's dropped to a crimson heap. Miraculously, the midwife saves both Maire and Aine. It's a relief felt through every member of the family. Eight children is enough anyway, isn't it?

With no more pregnancies in sight and the last of the babies weaned, Maire fires Nanny. Ailís takes this as a sign she's to help more with taking care of her siblings. With Bridget's help (as every captain needs a co-captain) the two girls pick up the slack Nanny left behind to the best of their abilities. Managing six other little kids isn't the easiest task, though, and there are more accidents than either girl would ever admit to.

She reluctantly leaves her flock for Hogwarts, and is worried sick about them for weeks before finally beginning to settle in. It helps to have her Grandmother as one of the professors. Ailís thoroughly enjoys her classes (with the exception of History of Magic) and takes to flying like a bird. Perhaps school isn't as bad as she thought.

Without flying class to participate in, Ailís finds she misses the freedom too much and promptly joins the flying club. She talks herself out of trying out for her house's team, citing needing to focus on her studies as the main cause. The truth is, however, that maybe she's not a true Gryffindor at heart. Maybe she's a coward and afraid of the rejection that would surely come. Besides, Grandma Nell can only pay so much of her tuition. Focusing on her classes wouldn't be the worst thing to do.

She takes on Care of Magical Creatures and Arithmancy, the former because most of her friends do and the latter because she's decent with numbers. The year goes (mostly) quietly for her, that is if someone doesn't include the drama of her friend group.

With her fourth year set to begin in the fall, Ailís has major decisions to debate regarding her future and her family. For, as much as she would thrive as a full fledged healer, the financial strain of her being away from the farm is difficult for her parents. Perhaps settling for her OWL's would be the better plan ...

Her fifth year brings about more strife than ever before, as Alice goes the majority of the year without speaking to many of her friends. She leaves school upon the completion of her OWLs and (finally) confesses her feelings for Edison Moony.

Alice begins working as a mediwitch trainee once her OWL scores come in. It isn't incredibly satisfying work, but she succeeds in it all the same. Her relationship with Calla Potts slowly begins to repair now that they're communicating solely by letters, and that Christmas Calla reveals feelings that extend beyond friendship. Initially, Alice fears that this will ruin their friendship, but the girls seem to work past it and continue on without much effort. Her relationship with Edison begins to fray as he becomes distracted with his NEWT preparations.

The year (or rather: summer) that never ends. Sloane, a lynchpin in their friend group, dies in a freak accident. Alice refuses to accept this death and spends weeks (foolishly) looking for any trace of her in the Forbidden forest before she's attacked during a full moon and bitten by a werewolf. She immediately begins trying to sever her relationships with those she cares about completely, as she's too aware of what will happen to their reputations if they're known to be friendly towards a werewolf. She sends a final letter to Edison, claiming the distance as an excuse for ending things between them completely, and attempts to do the same to Calla only for Calla to refuse any such notion.

Maternal. Responsible. Loyal. Studious. A martyr to her own self interests. Calm. Athletic. Can be a bit nagging at times. A teacher's pet. People pleaser.
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