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Marie-Louise Skovgaard
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Played by Fallin
Spell Damage Healer
25 year old Halfblood
Spell Damage Healer
5 ft. 4 in.
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Full Name: Marie-Louise Geya Skovgaard

Nickname(s): For family and anyone who met her before the age of 15/17: Malou
For anyone who is close enough to call her by her Christian name that she met after 15/17: Marie

Birthdate: December 29, 1865

Age: 25


Occupation: St. Mungo’s Spell Damage Healer

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: A flat in London

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Hawthorn, Dragon Heartstring, 12”, Solid

Steffen Skovgaard | [d. 1884] father
Mary Skovgaard nee ---- | [d.1884] mother

Gabriel Skovgaard | paternal uncle

Marie-Louise is a mousy little thing, with a pale complexion and light brown hair she often thinks she looks washed out. She also is inclined to wear muted colors and prefers wizarding robes over the latest fashions. That’s not to say she doesn’t own a fashionable dress just that she rarely wears them. Marie-Louise also has her father’s light blue eyes and her mother’s delicate nose. She is rather average height of five foot four inches although her slight frames diminishes any sense of authority she might have at that height. She is right wanded, although she was born with a tendency toward her left hand that was forced out of her by her nanny.

Face Claim - Maria Zhgenti


Steffan Skovgaard is the eldest of two Skovgaard sons. A member of the Danish Upperclass and the heir to his family’s lands he is groomed for such a life - one that has nothing to do with magic. When on his eleventh birthday a representative of Durmstrang Institute approaches the family with the biggest secret the family will ever harbor they have little choice but to send their heir - after all the oddest things tend to happen around the boy: spontaneous fires, exploding chairs, and the such. For everyone’s protection he is sent to Drumstrang for all seven years under the guise that he is at an expensive foreign boarding school. It’s all in the details, as his mother would often brush such subjects aside.

After Steffan’s graduation he returns home and takes his place under his father’s tutelage. Only a few years later his father dies and Steffan inherits the family’s land. A few years after that he meets a young British witch by the name of Mary.
Having been ill for much of her life upperclass pureblooded Mary is sent abroad for her health following her sixth year at Hogwarts. Instead of her final year at school she sees much of Europe and is enchanted by Denmark. Or rather by a certain handsome man of the right standing that she meets. Shortly after her seventeenth birthday Steffan proposes to Mary, Mary besotted agrees, and both families are content with the happy match. Except, perhaps Steffan’s brother Gabriel, but we’ll get to him later.

It is late at night in the lull between Christmas and New Year’s of 1865 when Marie-Louise makes her entrance into the world. She is the first and only child that her parents will have. Mary barely survives the birth and for many days Malou (as her family calls her) is hardly noticed and is in the sole care of her nanny. When it becomes clear that Mary will indeed survive Malou becomes the object of her parents’ affection. Her early years are filled with happiness and cheer, constant affection showered on the small girl.
From an early age Malou is a shy thing, often peeking around corners and rarely talking. Her quietness enchants her parents who often look in on her and her nanny. Both parents are excited when Malou displays her first sign of magic at the early age of three, summoning a large pile of books onto the sitting room floor during her afternoon visit with her parents. Not realizing the big deal Malou begins to dig happily into her father’s books pouring over them. As the next year progresses her curiosity becomes more and more obvious and her parents end up employing a governess to teach Malou to read and write at the age of four. Already proficient in Danish and English, the governess teaches her to read both languages and by the age of five begins to teach her both French and German.
The next few years delightful for Malou, who loves her lessons but also loves to explore the family’s wooded lands. She displays a curiosity for her father’s work (if it would even be called that) and for book keeping. Her mother attempts to distract her with womanly arts such as painting, embroidery, even knitting - to some degree of success, but she is unable to completely distract the young girl. Malou longs for a companion, a sibling who would have to be a friend to her, but never voices her thoughts. A good thing for the topic is rather a sore one for the family with a string of miscarriages and finally her mother’s weak health ending any chances for a male heir.
In December of 1876 Malou receives her letter not only for Drumstrang Institute and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy. In one of her mother’s only moments of assertiveness she insists that Malou attends Hogwarts like she did.
SCHOOL YEARS [1877-1884]
Malou travels to Britian for the first time in her life when Hogwarts starts in the fall of 1877. Nervous and shy Malou feels she spends a ridiculous amount of time with the sorting hat on her head debating between Ravenclaw and Slytherin, she doesn’t really care which one so long as the hat makes up its mind soon and lets her escape from the spotlight. When it finally sorts her into Slytherin she shyly takes her place at the house table and tries to keep to herself. Her accent often makes her the target of childish ridicule and teasing, which growing up in the sheltered happy family Malou did she doesn’t handle well. One day fellow classmate Fallon Abernathy comes to her rescue and the two become inseparable friends.
The next few years become a blur of classes and activities. Malou never overcomes her shyness but does become confident in her schoolwork and activities. It begins to occur to her that she does not want to simply marry and live the life her mother did. She wants to [i]do[/i] something. This is perhaps spurred by her increasing interest in both Danish and British politics. Malou takes an increasingly ambitious course load and convinces her parents to allow her to complete all seven years, despite her mother’s objections to it (quieted by her father’s indulgence in his daughter’s “whimsies” as he calls it). Realizing she will likely stay in Britain for much of her life Malou begins to go by Marie instead. Malou sits for NEWTs, already having come up with a plan to work, she begins to ready herself to set her plan in motion and applies for an internship at St. Mungo’s. In the meantime she debuts at the Hogwarts ball per her mother’s wishes.

Arrangements are made for Malou to spend her first season in Hogsmeade with her wealthy godmother, but when illness strikes the family home in June of 1884 both Steffan and Mary die. Suddenly an orphan in mourning Malou finds that all her careful planning is for nothing. Her Uncle Gabriel hardly cares if she returns to Denmark, never having approved of the magical (odd as he’d grumble) side of the family, and cares even less of Malou marries. If she has a son then he’d be able to contest Gabriel’s inheritance of the family lands. When Malou writes that she will be staying with her godmother in London, he hardly spares a glance at the letter and sends her her much smaller and meagerer allowance than she once had. With some careful conversations with her godmother, Malou is able to convince her that monetarily she will not be able to wait for another season and that her best opportunity is to work.
Malou completes her internship at St. Mungo’s and becomes a full fledged Spell Damage healer in 1885. Intent on making her own way on life Malou moves into a London flat with her best friend, hardly caring the differences in her life now then her childhood. She enjoys her freedom and her career and indulges keeping abreast on politics both at home and in London. Occasionally Malou will attend a society event to calm her godmother (guilt trips are a b*) but really doesnt care to attract any attention at them.
Maria-Louise is quiet and shy, but don’t mistake that for timidness. She keeps her opinions to herself but holds strong thoughts and inclinations. She is ambitious and when she wants something she is willing to fight for it. She is a strong believer in a good work ethic and in merit over position. She soaks up as much information as she can. She is also incredibly shrewd and astute. Toward those few friends she has she is incredibly loyal.
Is fluent in Danish, German, French, and English
Even though she has been in Britain for over a decade she still has a slight accent

Academic Record

Defence Against the Dark ArtsOE
Earth MagicEE
History of MagicE

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