Full Version: Dueling '90: Bellona Zabini vs. Somersby Fudge
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January 5th, 1890 — Headquarters of the London Society for the Practice of Combative Magic
He had never had much faith in the notion of ladies duelling combatatively - they were, after all, rather decorative themselves - and he felt a particularly awkwardness at seeing a debutante step up to the mark. If she was injured at all then no doubt Witch Weekly would hound the department until duelling was put to an end for good!

With a sinking feeling he indicated for Miss Zabini to begin.

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How nice it was to blow off some steam—was this how men felt all the time, Bellona wondered?

After observing the appropriate niceties, Bellona attempted to transfigure her opponent into a mouse.
On to round two, Somersby thought, steeling himself. Miss Zabini seemed rather capable. Somersby attempted to make the debutante's legs dance and distract her from her own spell.
Fortunately for Miss Zabini she would life through the indignation of doing a jig and Mr Fudge remained as he was so the winner was obvious.

"Mr Fudge takes the round and will begin the next.

Bellona: 3
Somersby: 6
Rather surprised at his success Somersby sent a trip jinx the lady's direction.
Bellona was hardly thrilled with how that had gone. Unwilling to be embarrassed further, she decisively cast a shield charm.
Well, that was awkward. The shield had somehow managed to form itself just well enough to bounce the jinx back at the man, while not being quite strong enough to block the spell entirely. As a result both duellers had their feet go from under them.

"This round to Miss Zabini," he said, more out of a desire to let them both have another attempt so they could leave with a bit of dignity. "And she will begin the tiebreaker."

Bellona: 8
Somersby: 8
Much better.

"Silencio!" she cast for her third pass. After all, he could hardly cast if he couldn't speak—the boy didn't look likely to have any measure of skill at nonverbal casting.
For a shield spell that really hadnt seemed to do much, but Somersby took the point in stride.

He cast a simple knockback jinx for Miss Zabini, not liking that gloating look on her features.
The young man's wand work was excellent but an inability to speak made it a redundant effort.

"Miss Zabini wins the bout."

Bellona: 13
Somersby: 12