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Yuri didn't know what being a steamed patron was but it sounded like it might be painful.
Anyway, Here's Wonderwall

Toddling Away
December 19th, 1891 — Padmore Park, Christmas Charity Quidditch Match

"Elliott?" Dionisia called, eyes wide as she stood in the midst of the crowd. Everyone was gathering in Padmore Park waiting for the event organizers to begin letting the public into the makeshift stands for the quidditch match. Elliott—now two-and-a-half and all too eager to see the "big boomsticks", as he called them—had forced her to get in line without even getting food or snacks, and now he was gone. "Elliott!?" She felt her breath grow shaky as she frantically looked all around, searching for head of dirty blond hair.

But he was nowhere to be found. Dionisia abandoned her spot in line and began moving past the people in front of her, certain that if Elliott had gone anywhere it would be closer to the action. The line was long and winding, and very quickly she determined the best route would be to get the attention of other attendees.

"Someone help me!" she called over the commotion, her breath going heavy, "I can't find my son!"

Despite her immense hatred for the sport, Melody was attempting to find some avenue in which she might enjoy it. If Eleanora was to be introduced to the sport eventually (which, knowing Ben, was sooner than later) Melody had to be able to at least tolerate it, for she refused to be the grumpy mother left home alone while her family went to a match. Besides, the game was for charity not competition, so the violence couldn't be that bad today.

She left Eleanora with the nurse and floo'd over to a friend's in Hogsmeade before the pair walked to the park. Although it was difficult to trust that her daughter would be safe at home without her, Melody was resolute in her belief that Eleanora had to become accustomed to being without her. Spoiling a baby only ruined them for the future, and they certainly couldn't have that.

Separating from her friend, Melody stood in line for snacks when the desperate shrieks reached her ears. Abandoning all thoughts of food or the games, she rushed through the crowd to the desperate mother. "What does he look like?" Melody asked without hesitation upon finding her. "How old is he?"

Beautiful set credit goes to MJ
[Image: rVeL1F.png]
As white as a sheet, Dionisia looked up at the other woman. Something she'd come to realize about being a mother was that it was easy to recognize other mothers, and despite the fact that the woman had no child with her, the motherly tone was obvious.

"He's—two—" she managed, not stopping to make eye contact for longer than a brief second. She'd started pacing in a circle, her head craning back and forth as she tried to scan the crowd. "He's got my hair and brown eyes. Fair-skinned, small, carrying a flag for the Hogsmeade Howlers." Tears welled up in her eyes. Logically he must have been here, trying to get a good look at whatever had caught his eye, but she wanted him here, with her.

Two. A baby was lost in this crowd. Merlin, how had this woman been so irresponsible as to lose sight of a baby?! More importantly, why hadn't she been holding his hand at least?

"We'll find him, I promise." She tried her best to sound reassuring, but even her own panic was surging. Reaching forward, Melody stopped the woman's pacing by grabbing her forearms. "What was he excited to see today? Was he chattering about anything? What's his name?" Melody pressed insistently. Hopefully the baby simply wanted to go see the field.

Beautiful set credit goes to MJ
[Image: rVeL1F.png]
The tears were too much to contain; even as she tried to keep her voice even and her mind focused, tears dripped down her cheeks, blurring her vision. "He wanted to see the quidditch match, of course," she explained, her voice decidedly not even and actually a bit snappier than she'd intended. She wanted to apologize, but what time did she have for that? "He was—It was just—" A few seconds. A few seconds is all it took for Elliott to wander off, and it would only take a few seconds before Ari would completely break down if he found out their baby had disappeared. Her breaths grew heavier, and finally she let out a choked sob.

"His name is Elliott. Elliott Fisk." (Good luck getting him to answer to his full name, though, she might have added had this been a happier conversation. Elliott hated getting the "full name" treatment.)

Melody did her best not to sigh in frustration at the less than helpful answers to her questions. Obviously they were here to watch quidditch, but what about it? The brooms? The balls? Snacks? People? Clearly, the little boy was interested in something to have wandered away from his mother. What it was though Melody hadn't the slightest idea.

She squeezed the woman's arms once more at the sob before releasing her completely. "We're going to find him, I promise." Toddlers didn't just disappear, after all. Not from bloody Padmore Park! "There was an officer by the bleachers just over that way. Go and inform him, give as detailed description as possible. I will go look near the field. He couldn't have gone too far." Her instructions were firm and given with little leeway for negotiation. Finding the boy would be immensely easier if the constables were involved, after all.
Dionisia should have known better. She'd been a mediwitch for years—definitely long enough to come up with a simple protocol for finding a missing child. The thing was, this was her child, her baby, and now she didn't have him in her grasp and someone else could have very well snatched him up. It had happened before, but she couldn't think why someone would take a toddler!

Unwilling to argue, Dionisia headed towards the constable the other woman had pointed out.

"I need help," she said once she reached the man. What followed what a quick, rambled explanation. Missing child—loves quidditch—two-years-old—blonde hair—woman off behind them helping her. "I don't know where to begin looking."
@Benjamin Woodcroft

Benji had been hoping to have an uneventful patrol, which obviously meant that there was a missing toddler. He took actually-careful notes through the woman's story. This wasn't the sort of thing he could fuck around through — this was a missing toddler.

"We should check Quality Quidditch Supplies first," Benji said, although this may have been obvious. "What's your name? And the child's name? And the other woman's name?"

If they couldn't find the toddler quickly, Benji was going to have to find a way to reach the father — but that often went dramatically for the mother, so he hoped it didn't come to that.

Quality Quidditch Supplies? "Do they have a stand here?" she asked, thinking that her son might have wandered off in that direction if they had some sort of display for broomsticks. He had a toy one at home, of course, but he probably enjoyed gawking at a real one than he did riding his toy one. "His name is Elliott. Elliott Fisk. And the woman is—"

Dionisia paused, realizing that she hadn't actually caught the woman's name. She'd seen her before—recognized her face and everything—but the name was lost to her. "I don't know her name, actually. She was simply... in line with me." Glancing back in the direction of the woman, she motioned for the constable to follow. They needed her help, too.

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