Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    11.21 A glimpse at post-move changes.
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    11.10 Election update!
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    11.03 Banner time!
    11.03 Welcome to November!
    10.29 October is waning...
    10.17 Election 1887 campaign ledgers are up!
    10.16 Kayte's changed her (Charming) face!
    10.10 Congrats to September's PW winners Olive and Miri!
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    November 1887

    Play-bys are completely optional.

    It is your responsibility to make sure your play-by is claimed. Check after your character is accepted, when you re-activate a character, and after the 1st of the month to make sure your claim is on the list.
    —Reservations for a play-by last for five days. You may renew your reservation once only if a link to a finished application is provided, otherwise re-reservations will be immediately deleted. Renewals last only three days. Please ensure that the character name listed matches the name on the account in question.

    TIP! If you post your reservation in code and with the account in question, there's no need to come back once the character is approved, provided your reservation doesn't expire!

    —Duplicate playbys are only allowed when all players have agree to it.

    —Characters who have at least 75 posts will have their play-bys retired for a period of three months in the event of their deactivation. Deceased characters who have reached 75 posts or more will have their play-bys retired for a period of two months. Such names appear on the list in sienna.

    —Characters who have at least 200 posts have their play-bys retired for a period of six months in the event of their deactivation. Deceased characters who have reached 200 posts or more will have their play-bys retired for a period of two months Such names appear on the list in gray.

    —Players are responsible for making sure their claims get colored! Please let us know by posting below on the account in question.

    — Retired playbys for inactive characters can be used by the new player, but is not required.
    Willing players are more than welcome to share their PBs if they so choose! You can do so on your own terms to ensure you feel comfortable having one (or more) other character(s) sharing a face with your own. If you’re happy to discuss this possibility with other players, please list your claim as sharable using the appropriate form!

    See a face you like already claimed? If the character name is tagged, that means the player is open to sharing. Check to see how similar the existing character is to the one you have in mind. Fairly different? Get in touch!

    Claim play-bys using one of the codes below:

    PHP Code:
    [code]<b>Play-by's Last name, First Name</b> - Character's First Name Last Name<br />[/code

    PHP Code:
    [code]<b>Play-by's Last name, First Name</b> - @'Username'<br />[/code] 

    Achkasova, Pauline - Serpentine Malfoy
    Aggeliki, Zoe - Valeria Greengrass
    Agron, Dianna - Elizabeth Humphrey-Mavis
    Aiken, Liam - Germander Macnair
    Amanda, Maria - Ambrosia Shinnick
    Amell, Robbie - @Tiberius Lestrange
    Aplin, Gabrielle - Aamiya Peverell
    Arjun, Sara - Tatianna Brownhill
    Armitage, Richard - @Phineas Black
    Atwell, Hayley - @Virginia Carmichael

    Badgley, Penn - Malcolm MacFusty
    Bair, Aja - Delight Urquart
    Baisaeva, Iman - Tansy Abberton
    Balfe, Caitriona - Threnody Mohr
    Bamber, Ellie - Acacia Ruskin
    Bamber, Jamie - Philip Calendar
    Barks, Samantha - Minnie Pendergast
    Barnard, Aneurin - His Majesty Merlin Huxley
    Barnes, Ben - Edward Macmillan [04/02/18]
    Barr, Matt - August Echelon-Arnost
    Basso, Annalise - @Citrine Weasley
    Bates, Kathy - Mary Pince
    Beecham, Emily - Vera Podmore
    Bell, Matthew - Jacques Michaud [01/01/18]
    Bendas, Elisey - Julius Scrimgeour
    Benoist, Melissa - Lisa Fairbairn
    Belle, Camilla - Viola Prince
    Benson, Ashley - Angie Swan
    Bentall, Ruby - Prunella Vaisey
    Bethel, Wilson - Albert Pettigrew
    Bicondova, Camren - Spirit Knight
    Bilson, Rachel - Lily Huddleston
    Blagden, George - Elliot Carmichael
    Blanchard, Rowan - Holliday Fudge
    Bledel, Alexis - Elsie Beauregard
    Blondeau, Thylane - Glimmer Whitledge
    Blunt, Emily - Cassandra Trelawney
    Bolger, Sarah - Tilda MacFusty (07/04/18)
    Bomer, Matt - Benjamin Twemlove
    Bond, Samantha - Morwenna Skeeter
    Boneta, Diego - Esteban Zavala
    Booth, Douglas - Enoch Rosier
    Bostick, Devon - Theodoric Jameshill
    Bowman, Joshua - Atticus Kirke (07/01/18)
    Boyega, John - Eaton Shelby
    Boynton, Lucy - Angelica Fawley
    Bradley, John - Casper Darrow  [17/12/17]
    Bratt, Benjamin - Sebastiano Fernandez
    Bravo, Ciara - Flora Halliday
    Bravo, Ciara - Fauna Halliday
    Brown, Millie Bobby - George Waterford
    Brown-Findlay, Jessica - Rachel Hart
    Browning, Logan - @Patsy Flynn
    Brutskaya, Alexandra - Temerita Reid
    Bueno, Jak - Efigénia Caldiera
    Butterfield, Asa - Benjamin Turner

    Cam, Stephanie - Gertrude Baker
    Cameron, Dove - Hope Crawford
    Campbell, Danielle - Cora Smith
    Canning, Sara - @Ida Green
    Carpenter, Sabrina - Maybelle Marriot
    Cavill, Henry - @Willoughby Follywolle
    Chaplin, Oona - Laura Darrow
    Chastain, Jessica - @Honoria Urquart
    Chernysheva, Liliana - Hestia Fairchild
    Cho, John - Basil Stretton
    Christensen, Hayden - Brendan Beckett [07/03/18]
    Clarke, Emilia - @Marcella Weasley
    Clarke, Emilia - Sorcha
    Colfer, Chris - Allan Pavlovich
    Collins, Lily - Porphyria Dempsey
    Cooper, Andrew - @George Livesey
    Cooper, Bradley - Wesley Cavanaugh
    Cooper, Jake - Tobin Cartwright
    Corinth, Caroline - Annette Fontaine
    Coster-Waldau, Nikolaj - @Nikolai Sleptov
    Coulby, Angel - Lila Pearson [01/01/18]
    Cox, Brian - @Hamish Darrow
    Cox, Mark - Sparrow Bloodworth
    Crawford, Chace - Elias Grimstone
    Creber, Fionn - Eoin Friel
    Criss, Darren - @Tybalt Kirke
    Cumberbatch, Benedict - @Aldous Crouch
    Cutkosky, Ethan - Waffle Whitledge

    Daddario, Alexandra - @Hortensia Moody
    Daddario, Matthew - Philip Aymslowe
    Dallas, Josh - Quincey Honeyduke
    D'arcy, James - @Frederick Humphrey-Mavis
    Davidson, Laurie - Overstreet Richardson
    Davey-Fitzpatrick, Seasmus - @Andronicus Wilkes
    Day, Rosie - Adasia Mohr
    Day, Spencer - Stacey Livingstone
    Dayal, Manish - Samson Jane
    Debnam-Carey, Alycia - Andromeda Parkinson
    Delevingne, Cara - Ottilie Pine
    Dempsie, Joe - Mercutio Darrow
    Deutch, Zoey - Jane Flack
    Dever, Kaitlyn - Emmeline Woodcroft [04/02/18]
    Diaconu, Andreea - February Lynch
    Dobrev, Nina - Loretta Browne
    Dockery, Michelle - @Rufina Mulciber [05/02/18]
    Dolan, Xavier - Kieran Abernathy

    Donnell, Colin - Ari Fisk
    Dormer, Natalie - @Rosaline Bennett
    Dornan, Jamie - @Francois Faucher-De Loncrey
    Doyle Kennedy, Maria - Helena MacMillan
    Dufour, Jeremy - Dominic Adair
    Dunst, Kirsten - @Dyllis Perkins [02/12/17]
    Ebanks, Selita - Marceline Gillum
    Edwinson, Hanna - Regina Lacey
    Efron, Zac - Jesse Hatchitt [04/05/18]
    Egerton, Taron - Justus Pilliwickle
    Egorova, Karina - Sisse Thompsett
    Egerton, Tamsin - @Penelope Humphrey-Mavis
    Elba, Idris - @Justin Ross
    Elgort, Ansel - Handsome Whitledge
    Emerin, Victoria - Honey Whitledge
    Evans, Chris - Sydney Podmore
    Evans, Indiana - Modesty Beechworth [04/02/18]
    Evans, Luke - Salazar Slughorn

    Falahee, Jack - Regan Pendergast
    Fan, BingBing - @Severina Restell
    Fanning, Elle - Gretchen Lestrange
    Fassbender, Michael - Balthazar Urquart
    Feild, JJ - @Herbert Fudge
    Ferland, Jodelle - Frida Lestrange
    Findlay, Katie - Eilis Hooligan
    Follows, Megan - @Katherina Selwyn
    Forchhammer Christensen, Camilla - Oceane Beaumont
    Foy, Mackenzie - Vesta Bones
    Franciosi, Aisling - Beatrix Borgin
    Franco, James - @Elmer Macmillan
    Frank, Miles - Owain Edwards
    Frazier, Nia - Claire de Luna
    Freeman, Kimberly - Socellia Morzolla
    Froseth, Kristine - Daffodil Potts
    Fuhrman, Isabelle - @Galatea Merrythought

    Gadon, Sarah - @Drusilla Travers
    Gale, Kelly - Meredith Crowninshield
    Galocha, Alba - Ambleside Blue
    Gao, Godfrey - Zian Zhao
    Gardner, Ginny - Terpsichore Van Helsing
    Gelmis, Rachel - Avril Lukeson
    George, Helen - Sappho Hartwright
    Gillan, Karen - @Felicity Riley
    Gillis, Niclas - Ignatius Quirrell
    Giordano, Alexia - Odette Hoch
    Gleeson, Domhnall - Catigern Weasley
    Gleeson, Jack - Castor Allaway [12/03/18]
    Goldani - Telles, Julia - Clarissa Cosgrove
    Gomez, Selena - Mozelle Rios
    Goode, Matthew - Roberto Devine
    Gosse, Arthur - Lorcan Byrne
    Goyo, Dakota - Cameron Gillenwater
    Graham, Katerina (Kat) - Odette Lécuyer
    Graham, Katerina (Kat) - Mireille Lécuyer
    Green, Seth - Ryder Lukeson
    Grimes, Luke - Theseus Greengrass
    Gröblinghoff, Joana - Madeleine Backus
    Guerrero, Diane - @Antonia Greyback
    Gustin, Grant - Nemo Fisk
    Gutierrez, Froy - Eugene Reese

    Hadid, Gigi - Ligeia Baudelaire
    Haig, Georgina - Attica Paxton
    Hale, Lucy - Gemma Simpson
    Hamill, Mark - @Noah Hatchitt [07/02/18]
    Hammer, Armie - Eugene Scamander
    Hanratty, Sammi - Sweetie Whitledge
    Hansen, Lindsay - Eavan MacKay
    Harding, Ian - Jonathan Webster
    Harmon, Richard - Yarrow Macnair [04/05/18]
    Harington, Kit - Orpheus Parkinson
    Hargitay, Mariska - Bihotz Whitney
    Hart, Aiysha - Eleanora Brownhill
    Hartnett, Josh - Morris Wraith
    Hathaway, Anne - @Marguerite Gauthier
    Hawes, Keeley - Temperance Fairchild
    Hayes, Amy-Beth - Lenora Waffling
    Healy, Matthew - @J. Alfred Darrow
    Heathcote, Bella - Circe Barret
    Hempstead-Wright, Isaac - @Gabriel Vablatsky
    Hemsworth, Chris - @Garrett Wallingford
    Hemsworth, Liam - Fitzroy Prewett
    Heughan, Sam - Vernon Avery [02/12/17]
    Hughes Geijer, Tait - Clayton Ross
    Heukels, Ton - Jude Wright
    Hewitt, Jennifer - Guinevere Lukeson
    Hibbert, Alex - Edgar Rey II
    Hicks, Bobby - Leander Grantham
    Hiddleston, Tom - Edward Mohr
    Higginson, Will - August Lynch (07/01/18)
    Hilmar, Hera - Ellory Pendergast
    Hinds, Ciaran - Lucius Lestrange
    Holland, Tom - @Hudson Pine
    Holland, Willa - Morgana Gaunt
    Hollander, Tom - Ephraim Vablatsky
    Holt, Olivia - Trinity Estep
    Hoult, Nicholas - Cassius Lestrange
    Howle, Billy - Freddie Prewett (07/04/18)
    Hubacher, Max - Luitpold Striebel
    Hunnam, Charlie - Roland Rourke
    Huntington, Sam - Finn Rowe
    Huttlestone, Daniel - Questor Spryly

    Irons, Jeremy - Herschel Dawlish
    Irons, Max - Ezra Vablatsky
    Irons, Max - Micajah Vablatsky
    Isaac, Oscar - Marcus Lytton

    Jafri (Jaffrey), Abbas - Halvar Kirmani
    Jaizani, Maddison - Martha Denbright
    James, Bradley - Alexander Echelon
    James, Lily - @Hannah Pettigrew [04/05/18]
    James-Collier, Rob - Jeremy Rohlwing
    Jerins, Sterling - Zadie Pine
    Jin-goo, Yeo - Oscar Stretton
    Jones, Felicity - Eva Sleptova
    Jones, Maggie Elizabeth - Sapphire Weasley
    Jow, Malese - Suzuko Layton
    Justice, Victoria - @Pauline Woodcroft
    Kalaycheva, Elpida - Odessa Pettigrew
    Kane, Adelaide - @Tatiana Lestrange
    Kapoor, Sonam - Souri Avninder
    Keen, Dafne - Meta Lestrange
    Kekilli, Sibel - Adaline Reid
    Kelly, Brock - Kristoffer Lestrange
    Kendall, Vienna - Gabrielle Fontaine
    Kendrick, Anna - Nathalie Jennings [04/02/18]
    Kim, Jongin - Young-Jae Choi
    Kinnaman, Joel - Harrison Shaw
    Kinney, Emily - Phoebe Beauregard
    King, Candice - Joanna Triggs
    Kirby, Vanessa - Nephele Lestrange
    Knightley, Keira - Emma Macmillan
    Kolbaseeva, Daria - Madeline Bell
    Komleva, Ksenia - Novella Braunstone
    Kovalenko, Alina - Ginevra Blackwood
    Kruk, Lilly - Sloane Bixby
    Kusakina, Nastya - November Malfoy
    Laar De, Romy Van - Sophie Hathaway
    Lachowski, Francisco - Ignatius Wilde
    Lapaeva, Sofija - Constance Huntingtower
    Larson, Brie - @Lucinda Cavanaugh
    Larson, Brie - Roslyn Ross
    Laswick, Marina - @Tessa Darrow
    Lauridsen, Mathias - Adrien Favreau [02/12/17]
    Lazzini, Rafael - @Reuben Crouch
    Lazzini, Rafael - @Roman Crouch
    Lee, Christopher - @Armando Dippet
    Lee, Victoria - Xena Fisk
    Ledé, Kiana - Naeva Lécuyer
    Lerman, Logan - Sage Macnair
    Leslie, Rose - Maeve Connolly
    Leto, Jared - @Paul Pince
    Levine, Adam - Claudius Lestrange [04/05/18]
    Levy, Jane - Fallon Abernathy
    Lewis, Matthew - Mason Skeeter
    Liberato, Liana - Zelda Fisk
    Lindemann, Maggie - Margaret Rawlinson
    Liu, Crystal (Yifei) - Natsuko Mountbatton
    Lively, Blake - Adella Calendar
    Lloyd, Harry - Brian Pratt
    Lloyd, Harry - Konstantin Fisk
    Lord, Quinn - Nathan Blackwall
    Lowden, Jack - Percy Pettigrew
    Lundback, Johanna - Violetta Lestrange
    Lutz, Kellan - @Magnus Lockhart (07/04/18)
    Lyapina, Valentina - Céleste Bennet
    Lyapina, Valentina - Claire Bennet

    Madden, Richard - Javert de Montfault
    Madison, Bailee - @Eliza Tremlett
    Makarov, Vasiliy - Aleksei Nichols [01/01/18]
    Malek, Rami - Seth Amin
    Malik, Zayn - Jacob Babineaux
    Manganiello, Joe - Kentigern MacFusty
    Mara, Rooney - Ismene Swift
    Mararazzo, Gaten - @Angus Greyback
    Marling, Brit - Adelia Lovegood
    Martin, Ellie - Roselaine Jugson
    Martin, Ellie - February Lynch
    Mattsson, Helena - Audrina O'Fannon (07/01/18)
    Mavor, Freya - Adeline Xavier
    Mcaullife, Callan - Felix, Parkinson
    McAvoy, James - Killian Macmillan
    McCrory, Helen - Olivia Pendergast [21/01/18]
    McGowan, Rose - Tessa Van Patten
    McGrath, Katie - @Ursula Black
    McKellen, Ian - @Meserimus Valenduris
    McKenzie, Benjamin - Evander Darrow
    McLaughlin, Caleb - Julian Dearborn
    McNamara, Katherine - Juniper Middlemiss
    McNamara, Katherine - @Maiken Thyradatter
    Mendes, Camila - Zoraida Vasile
    Menzies, Tobias - Priam Lestrange [04/05/18]
    Michael, Ali - Ottaline Moody
    Mikkelsen , Mads - @Mordecai Gradgrind
    Miller, Ezra - Rupert Bingham
    Miller, Levi - Elijah Urquart
    Mirren, Helen - @Harriet Prewett [01/01/18]
    Mitchell, Elizabeth - Constance Sykes
    Mitchell, Robert - Tripper Jameson
    Momoa, Jason - @Aeror
    Momsen, Taylor - Nectar Shinnick
    Montgomery, Janet - Gwendolyn Vane Tempest
    Moretz, Chloe Grace - Cecily Gallivan
    Morgan, Joseph - Stephen Flint
    Morley, Bob - Worthy Paine [04/02/18]
    Morris, Julian - Edmund Grimm
    Moseley, William - Harvey Beauregard [04/05/18]
    Mulvoy-Ten, Ana - Darling Whitledge
    Murray, Bill - @Brannon Fisk
    Murray, Jaime - Elladora Black
    Museau, Joekenneth - @Atticus Sharpe

    Nash, Kate - Katia Meadowes
    Natarov, Petr - Eros Mohr
    Nélisse, Sophie - Petra Sleptova
    Nessman, Simon - Mathias Beaumont
    Newman, Ryan - Alcyone Slughorn
    Norton, James - Orlando Lovegood

    O'Donoghue, Colin - Leon Lupin
    Offerman, Nick - @Flitterbloom Vaisey
    Okogwu, Patrick - Marlowe Forfang
    Oman, Teresa - Annabeth Jennings
    Omundson, Timothy - @Aurelius Fogg
    Osorio, Daniela Lopez - Laura Beasley
    Overstreet, Chord - Barnabas Skeeter

    Palmer, Teresa - @Coraline Cattermole
    Palvin, Barbara - Ella Carrington
    Park, Jung-Yoon - Moriko Shimizu
    Parker, Mary-Louise - Mariana Macnair
    Parker Kennedy, Jessica - @Estella Valenduris
    Patel, Dev - @Dhaval Dandekar
    Penry-Jones, Rupert - Nathaniel Gallivan
    Pestryakova, Sofia - Calla Potts
    Peters, Evan - @Eli Swan [20/12/17]
    Pettyfer, Alex - @William Pendergast (07/01/18)
    Pettyjohn, Jade - Darling Whitledge [02/12/17]
    Pieterse, Sasha - Love Darby
    Pimenova, Kristina - Luce Faucher-De Loncrey
    Pine, Chris - Gaius Malfoy
    Piro, Nataliya - Jamesina Mcintrye
    Plaza, Aubrey - @Ophelia Dippet
    Plowright, Joan - Lydia Harleston
    Poésy, Clémence - Catherine Weasley
    Poots, Imogen - @Antigone Lestrange
    Popplewell, Anna - @Odira Potter (07/04/2018)
    Potter, Ryan - James Baird
    Pouliot, Anais - @Marianne Hatchitt
    Pratt, Chris - Edgar Pomfrey
    Ptacek, Fatima - Lorna Van Patten
    Pullos, Haley - @Frieda Sanger

    Quaid, Jack - Conrí Power
    Quinn, Molly C. - Sorina Dalca

    Raffey, Cassidy - Rhaposdy Harper
    Ray, Asia Monet - Bellerose Rey
    Redmayne, Eddie - Richard Gladstone
    Regan, Bridget - @Annabelle Bones
    Reinhart, Lili - Alannah Hipworth
    Renner, Jeremy - Baxter Keene
    Rey, Lana Del - Willow Middlemiss
    Reynolds, Ryan - Everett Grimm [04/05/18]
    Rheon, Iwan - @Charles Macmillan
    Ritter, Tyson - Howell Merrick
    Rhys Meyers, Jonathan - Gaston Darby
    Ricci, Christina - @Evelyn Tilney
    Richardson, Haley Lu - @Leandra Nott
    Riley, Charlotte - Belphoebe Lestrange
    Riley, Tom - @Thom Pettigrew
    Roache, Linus - @Caspar Urquart
    Robbie, Margot - @Aurelia Wallingford
    Robb, AnnaSophia - Persephone Van Helsing
    Roberts, Emma - Crystal Ruskin

    Robertson, Britt - Eveylyn Morgenstern
    Robertson, Sadie - Kerensa Bonney
    Rodriguez, Gina - Octavia Lytton
    Rogulina, Camilla - Demelza McGonagall
    Romanova, Kristina - January Lynch
    Rosende, Alberto - @Thiago Caldiera
    Rossum, Emmy - Viola Orsino
    Roy, Drew - @Andrew Bingham
    Rudd, Emily - Benevolence Montague
    Rudd, Paul - @Walter Brownhill
    Rush, Odeya - Cornelia Pendergast [03/12/17]

    Samuel, Xavier - Toussaint Favreau
    Samuels, Skylar - Apollodora Vablatsky
    Saner, Julia - October Lynch
    Sarbaeva, Valeria - Annabelle Scrimgeour
    Sarbaeva, Valeria - Ari Scrimgeour
    Satine, Elena - Marigold Finch
    Satterlee, Bridget - Dionisia Tweedy
    Sbaraglia, Leonardo - @Otavio Caldiera
    Schnapp, Noah - Time Day
    Scott, Adam - Barrett Keene
    Scott, Stefanie - Katrina Winthrop [04/02/18]
    Serrano, Xavier - Henrie León
    Seyfried, Amanda - Katherine Midford (07/04/18)
    Shahidi, Yara - Ivory Kamaria
    Shaik, Shanina - Bláthnat
    Sharman, Daniel - Mundungus MacFusty
    Sherwood, Dominic - Tom Grant
    Shields, Willow - Seneca Lestrange
    Shipka, Kiernan - @Abigale Abbott
    Shum Jr, Harry - Montgomery Morales
    Sinclair Jenness, Mia - Ramona Fogg
    Singer, Paulina - Winifred Whiteley
    Sivan, Troye - Garrett Cavey
    Skarsgård, Bill - Archelaus Abney
    Smurfit, Victoria - Lucy Pettigrew
    Sorensen, Tobias - Josiah Rohlwing
    Speckhart, Anna Christine - Calliope Riley
    Sprouse, Cole - @Nigel Yaxley
    Stan, Sebastian - @Hiram Birch
    Staub, Chelsea - Chloe Fenix
    Stenberg, Amandla - Topaz Urquart
    Stenberg, Amandla - Ruby Urquart
    Stevens, Dan - John Smith
    Stirling, Lindsey - Saoirse Cleary
    Stone, Benjamin - John Humphrey-Mavis
    Strahovski, Yvonne - Evelyn Abercrombie
    Straker, Clayton - Valentine Wenlock
    Strashko, Stav - Storm Vesper
    Stroma, Freddie - Alfred Clearwater
    Sturgess, Jim - Arthur Pettigrew
    Sulkin, Gregg - Theodore Gallivan
    Sung-Jong, Lee - Hwan Moon
    Swift, Taylor - Aurelia Vernon

    Tatum, Channing - Warwick Nott
    Taylor, Holly - Dorothea Potts
    Taylor-Joy, Anya - Blythe Fairchild
    Teixeira, Marlon - Zachary Podmore
    Theobold, Cara - Penelope Sykes
    Thompson, Emma - Iphigenia Urquart
    Thompson, Tessa - Diligence Flynn
    Thorne, Bella - Emerald Weasley
    Thwaites, Brenton - Henry Berkwood [03/12/17]
    Till, Lucas - Andren Lovegood
    Tipton, Analeigh - Ruth Lockhart
    Tomlinson, Eleanor - Amelia Evans
    Townsend, Stuard - Killian Tabiner
    Tremblay, Jacob - @Alfred Bott
    Tupper, Rosie - Artemisia Carrow [04/05/18]
    Turner, Aidan - Benedict Sterling
    Tveit, Aaron - Mortimer Skeeter
    Turner, Sophie - Aeronwy Rife


    Valverde, Maria - @Catalina Albarrán
    Van Den Hoven, Jaco - Tristan Michaud
    Van Meervenne, Simon - @Cornelius Sherington III
    Vasylchenko, Antonina - Nora Abercrombie
    Velikodnvi, Timothy - Sebastian Urquart
    Ventimiglia, Milo - Percival Adlard Jr
    Vincent, Brooke - Penelope Darrow [04/02/18]
    Vlahos, Alexander - @Brutus Kettleburn [04/02/18]

    Waltz, Christoph - Charles Jameshill
    Ward, Gemma - Alphonsine Maxine
    Wasikowska, Mia - Hyacinth Sprout
    Waterhouse, Suki - Anais Beaumont
    Watson, Emily - Astrid Parkinson
    Watson, Emma - Imogen MacFusty
    Wayne-Callies, Sarah - Veronica Gallivan
    Weber, Jade - Holly Scrimgeour
    Weeks, Perdita - Elizaveta Antonova
    Weissman, Malina - Augusta Selwyn
    Westwick, Ed - @Simeon Graves
    Whishaw, Ben - @Lupus Jameshill
    White, Jeremy Allen - Ian Longstaff
    Whitehouse, Joshua - Randall Stuart
    Wilde, Olivia - Prudence Silvertree
    Wilson, Rebel - @Phyllida Rummage
    Wilson, Patrick - @Célian Marchand
    Winnick, Katheryn - Veronica Grantham [04/02/18]
    Wolfhard, Finn - Thomas Sanger


    Yasheva, Alina - Irene fudge

    Zadro, Ameilia - Cheesecake Whitledge
    Zhidkova, Nastya - @Iziza Noel
    Reserving Larsen Thompson!
    [Image: oadORX.png]
    thank you, bee, for the amazing set!!
    <b>Krasinski, John</b> - Geoffrey Davies<br />


    <b>Varma, Indira</b> - Reva Khatri<br />
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       Elsie Beauregard
    <b>O'Shaughnessy, Dudley</b> - TBD<br />
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       Valeria Greengrass
    [Image: oicvlM.png]
    Please remove the date from Lauridsen, Mathias!
    [Image: o43erc.png]
    Reserving/claiming upon acceptance:

    <b>Kapoor, Ranbir</b> - @'Rush Khatri'<br />

    She's back! Claiming my ol' gal.

    <b>Smith, Maggie</b> - Violet Wiltingham<br />
    [Image: rIPEOxP.png]
    Recently retired due to an unfortunate illness, Violet still demands to be called 'Professor,' 
    and is just now getting back into the swing of things.
    [Image: DFw5U7K.png]