Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    June 1887
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    And More!
    Hogwarts Roster '86 - '87
    Hogwarts Calendar 1886-1887

    — 09/01 (Thursday): Start of term, Sorting Ceremony and Welcome Feast
    — 09/05 (Monday): Classes begin
    — 09/09-11 (Friday - Sunday): Quidditch team tryouts

    — 10/07-09 (Friday-Sunday): Dueling Tournament
    — 10/15 (Saturday): Hogsmeade Trip
    — 10/31 (Monday): Halloween Feast (no new forum will be created)

    — 11/05 (Saturday): Quidditch Match, Gryffindor vs. Slytherin (230 to 180, snitch Slytherin)
    — 11/12 (Saturday): Hogsmeade Trip
    — 11/27 (Sunday): Quidditch Match, Hufflepuff vs. Ravenclaw (220 to 130, snitch Hufflepuff)

    — 12/10 (Saturday): Hogsmeade Trip
    — 12/21 (Wednesday): Start of winter holidays - no classes

    — 01/02 (Monday): End of winter holidays
    — 01/03 (Tuesday): Classes resume,
    — 01/09 (Monday): First day of optional 12 week Apparation Class - every Monday
    — 01/28 (Saturday): Hogsmeade Trip

    — 02/18 (Sunday): Quidditch Match, Ravenclaw vs. Slytherin (70 to 160, snitch Slytherin)

    — 03/04 (Saturday): Quidditch Match, Gryffindor vs. Hufflepuff (210 to 190, snitch Hufflepuff)
    — 03/11 (Saturday): Hogsmeade Trip
    — 03/27 (Monday): Last day of optional 12 week Apparation Class

    — 04/03 (Monday): Apparition Testing in the Great Hall (Optional)
    — 04/07-10 (Friday-Monday): Easter Holidays (No Classes)
    — 04/16 (Sunday): Quidditch Match, Hufflepuff vs. Slytherin
    — 04/21-23 (Friday-Sunday): Dueling Tournament

    — 05/06 (Saturday): Quidditch Match, Ravenclaw vs. Hufflepuff
    — 05/13 (Saturday): Hogsmeade Trip
    — 05/20 (Saturday): Quidditch Cup: Teams TBA (Played IC)
    — 05/15 (Monday): OWL Astronomy and NEWT Charms
    — 05/16 (Tuesday): OWL Charms and NEWT Defense Against the Dark Arts
    — 05/17 (Wednesday): OWL Defense Against the Dark Arts and NEWT Herbology
    — 05/18 (Thursday): OWL Herbology and NEWT History of Magic
    — 05/19 (Friday): OWL History of Magic and NEWT Potions
    — 05/22 (Monday): OWL Potions and NEWT Transfiguration
    — 05/22-29 (Monday-Monday): Hogwarts Examinations
    — 05/23 (Tuesday): OWL Transfiguration and NEWT Astronomy
    — 05/24 (Wednesday): OWL and NEWT Elective Examinations
    — 05/25 (Thursday): OWL and NEWT Elective Examinations
    — 05/26 (Friday): OWL and NEWT Elective Examinations
    — 05/30 (Monday): Hogwarts’ Annual Coming Out Ball
    — 05/31 (Tuesday): End of Term Feast & House Cup Awarded

    — 07/31 (Monday): O.W.L. and N.E.W.T results, Hogwarts acceptance letters and supply lists (as well as Prefect and Head Boy/Girl badges) sent out.

    Since it was considered improper for young ladies to walk about without chaperons, Hogwarts provides chaperons through teachers and Head of Houses as well as other staff members. They are assigned to a location and whomever wants to go to that particular location will be escorted there in a group. Seeing as the groups could be rather large, it would be easy to escape from the chaperon's view, though is greatly frowned upon and could result in a detention. Third years and higher are allowed to go on the excursions. Students who have written permission from their parents/guardians are allowed to visit their families in Hogsmeade if there is a good reason, such as a family emergency, a wedding, or a funeral. As a note, students are not allowed to leave school for events like family dinners.

    O.W.L.s are tests taken by all fifth years. N.E.W.T.s are tests taken by all seventh years. Students not enrolled in the subject writing on a given day will have that day free of classes, to study for other subjects.

    Quidditch game outcomes (unplayed) are determined by die rolls, coin flips, and player ability.  

    Charming uses house points to determine the winner of the House Cup.

    To apply for a student staff position, please fill out this form and PM it to a staff member, who will then post it up for scoring in the staff forum.  For student quidditch positions, please post in maintenance.

    Roster of Students

    First Years: 12 | Second Years: 9
    Third Years: 16 | Fourth Years: 9 | Fifth Years: 16
    Sixth Years: 13 | Seventh Years: 10

    First Years @Willow Ridley
    @Hestia Fairchild
    @Claire Tatting
    @Cameron Gillenwater
    Second Years @Questor Spryly
    @Guppy Travers
    Third Years @Carolyn Mistelley
    @Shadow Darrington
    @Vesta Bones
    @Timmy McGonagall
    Fourth Years @Lorna Van Patten
    @Cora Smith
    Fifth Years @Emmeline Woodcroft*
    @Isaiah Triggs*
    @Glimmer Whitledge
    @Ignatius Quirrell
    @Adasia Mohr
    Sixth Years @Tristan Michaud
    @Mundungus MacFusty
    @Hope Crawford
    @Handsome Whitledge*
    @Glitter Whitledge
    Seventh Years @Castor Allaway*
    @January Lynch
    @Regina Lacey
    @Annabelle Scrimgeour

    First Years @Sapphire Weasley
    @Honey Whitledge
    Second Years @Georg Striebel
    Third Years @Ruby Urquart
    @Demelza McGonagall
    @Abigale Abbott
    @Darling Whitledge
    Fourth Years @Joanna Triggs
    @Katherine Yaxley
    @Evie Reese
    Fifth Years @Xavier Abbott
    @Delight Urquart*
    @James Baird
    Sixth Years @Madeleine Backus*
    @Owain Edwards
    @Margaret Rawlinson
    Seventh Years @Pandora Winterdowne
    @Garrett Cavey
    @Emerald Weasley*
    @Aamiya Peverell

    First Years @Varenka Sergeyeva
    Second Years @Artemis Fairchild
    @Cleo Wood
    @Apollo Fairchild
    Third Years @Holliday Fudge
    @Citrine Weasley
    @Topaz Urquart
    Fourth Years Sinead O’Luain
    Fifth Years @Rupert Bingham
    @Benjamin Turner*
    @Acacia Ruskin
    @Atticus Loontousler
    @Teddy Morgan
    @Glisten Whitledge
    @Oscar Stretton
    @Georgia Gibbons
    @Gabriel Vance
    Sixth Years @Katrina Winthrop
    @Daffodil Potts
    @Katherine Midford*
    @Peter Troublefield*
    @Chloe Fenix
    @Cecily Gallivan
    @Ian Longstaff
    Seventh Years @Petra Sleptova*
    @Zinnia Potts

    First Years @Zadie Pine
    @Elijah Urquart
    @Sebastian Urquart
    @Irene Fudge
    @Constance Huntingtower
    Second Years @Maybelle Marriot
    @Horatio Wilde
    Third Years @Sage Macnair
    @Archelaus Abney
    @Cecily Carmichael
    @Seneca Lestrange
    @Evelyn Tilney
    @Gretchen Lestrange
    Fourth Years @Sweetie Whitledge
    @Blythe Fairchild
    @October Lynch
    @Alfie Castor
    Fifth Years @Kristoffer Lestrange*
    @Percese Bolić
    @Modesty Beechworth
    Sixth Years
    Seventh Years @Clarissa Cosgrove*
    @Persephone Van Helsing
    @Ottaline Moody
    @Philippa Wilde
    @Ari Scrimgeour

    Prefects have a * behind their name. Years 5-7 are allowed to be appointed as prefects, one boy and one girl are elected in their fifth year and carry out their duties until they leave the school.

    Student Positions

    Head Boy Castor Allaway 7th Year
    Head Girl Petra Sleptova 7th Year

    Male Prefects Isaiah Triggs 5th Year
    Handsome Whitledge 6th Year
    Castor Allaway 7th Year
    Female Prefects Emmeline Woodcroft 5th Year
    -- 6th Year
    -- 7th Year

    Captain Castor Allaway
    Chaser Questor Spryly Available Autumn '86
    Chaser Castor Allaway
    Chaser Tristan Michaud
    Beater Mundungus MacFusty
    Beater -- Available for January ‘87
    Keeper Handsome Whitledge Available February '87
    Seeker Owen Beauregard

    Male Prefects -- 5th Year
    William Darrow 6th Year
    -- 7th Year
    Female Prefects Delight Urquart 5th Year
    Madeleine Backus 6th Year
    Emerald Weasley 7th Year

    Captain Pandora Winterdowne
    Chaser Delight Urquart Available February '87
    Chaser Madeleine Backus
    Chaser Pandora Winterdowne
    Beater Available May '87
    Beater Owain Edwards
    Keeper Dorothea Grant
    Seeker -- Available for January ‘87

    Male Prefects Benjamin Turner 5th Year
    Peter Troublefield 6th Year
    -- 7th Year
    Female Prefects --- 5th Year
    Katherine Midford 6th Year
    Petra Sleptova 7th Year

    Captain ---
    Chaser Cleo Wood Available Autumn '86
    Chaser Citrine Weasley available since September '84
    Chaser Hippocrates Smethwyck Available Autumn '86
    Beater Cecily Gallivan Available Autumn '86
    Beater Rupert Bingham
    Keeper Gabriel Vance Available Autumn '86
    Seeker Morvared Rawlinson Available February '87

    Male Prefects Kristoffer Lestrange 5th Year
    -- 6th Year
    -- 7th Year
    Female Prefects Martha Flack 5th Year
    -- 6th Year
    Clarissa Cosgrove 7th Year

    Captain Kristoffer Lestrange
    Chaser Horatio Wilde Available Autumn '86
    Chaser Elijah Urquart Available Autumn '86
    Chaser -- Available Autumn '86
    Beater Kristoffer Lestrange
    Beater --- Available Autumn '86
    Keeper Alvis Castor Available Autumn '86
    Seeker Archelaus Abney

    Quidditch Captains are decided based on seniority, but must be in at least fifth year. Quidditch players during this time period were typically male, due to the rough nature of the sport. As of 25 October 1881, females were banned IC from playing Quidditch, but have been re-allowed as of 30 August 1883. Hogwarts does not have second string quidditch teams.

    Those interested in club presidencies should click here.

    For a list of people who have held student staff positions in the past, click here.

    For a list of Hogwarts Professors, click here.

    To apply for a prefect position, fill out the following from and submit it to a member of staff. It will be scored for suitability, and you’ll be contacted as soon as possible! Characters up to a month old must have 5 posts to apply. Older characters need 25+ posts.

    [b]Character Name:[/b] Please include application link.
    [b]Applying For:[/b] What position do you want?
    [b]Class & Blood Status:[/b] Public perception, please. Don’t tell me half-veela if your character is perceived as a muggleborn or something xD
    [b]Traits:[/b] Optional if application has a personality section. Five required if personality field is blank.
    [b]Why Should You Be Prefect:[/b]<blockquote>An IC-meets-OOC explanation. We know that not all characters would try to talk themselves up, but if they were trying to, what would they say? Linking to posted evidence can give you a much-needed boost! Threads from previous school years may be included here as evidence!</blockquote>
    [b]Activity Log:[/b]
    [*]You’re welcome to include links to threads set at Hogwarts to help illustrate your character’s activity! This field is optional.

    N.E.W.T. Requirements

    Below are the grades required for students to enter into NEWT-level classes in a particular subject.  Please note that Art, Music, and Etiquette do not have OWLs or NEWTs, but the first two are offered from third year forward, and the third is mandatory for all years. Hogwarts professors may PM any member of staff to have their requirement added to the list; until they do so, and for unfilled classes, the default requirement is a pass (A).
    Alchemy--O in Potions or HoH Reference (NEWT-level Only)
    Ancient Runes@Halvar Kirmani Acceptable (A)
    Ancient Studies@Hamish DarrowExceeds Expectations (E)
    Arithmancy@Valentine WenlockExceeds Expectations (E)
    Astronomy --Acceptable (A)
    Care of Magical Creatures @Phyllida Rummage Outstanding (O) or professor permission
    Charms --Acceptable (A)
    Defense Against the Dark Arts @Nikolai Sleptov Exceeds Expectations (E)
    Divination @Elliot Carmichael Acceptable (A)
    Earth Magic-- Acceptable (A)
    Ghoul Studies@Barrett Keene Acceptable (A)
    Gobbledegook--Faculty Reference Required (NEWT-level Only)
    Herbology@Mason Skeeter Acceptable (A)
    History of Magic--Acceptable (A)
    Muggle Studies -- Acceptable (A)
    Potions@Meserimus ValendurisOutstanding (O) or Professor Permission
    Transfiguration@Violet Wiltingham Acceptable (A)