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Rhys Gallagher
Full Name: Rhys Callum Gallagher
Nicknames: none
Birthdate: February 27, 1855
Current Age: 36
Occupation: Hogsmeade Chief Constable
Reputation: 8 … Barbie
Residence: Pennyworth
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Wand: 12” cypress, rigid
Blood Status: halfblood
Social Class: working
Gerard Gallagher [18xx] | father
Evangeline Gallagher née Corbett | [18xx - 1863] | mother
Saoirse Gallgher [1863-1863] | sister

Lillian Gallagher  née --- previously — | [18xx] stepmother
Barnabas Beck | [1863] stepbrother
--- Gallagher | [18xx] half-sibling
--- Gallagher | [18xx] half-sibling

Standing at an impressive six feet, Rhys cuts a somewhat imposing figure, especially while on the job. With dark hair and blue eyes, he was cut from his mother’s image. Rhys tends to sport some sort of stubble along his chin, keeping it well-groomed and short to prevent his baby face from showing through. He has a strong jaw and a sincere smile, when he does actually smile. He dresses as best he can afford and is more often than not, in his constable’s uniform. He is right-handed.

Rhys Gallagher is born into a working class family and proves to be an easy babe. Quiet and thoughtful, he is studious by nature, but tends to do what is right.
Evangeline suffers a miscarriage and though she recovers physically, is never quite the same.
Another pregnancy progresses more like Rhys’. In early December, Evangeline goes into labor. It is long and difficult and unfortunately neither mother nor daughter survive. Both Gerard and Rhys are devastated. Rhys retreats further into the quiet of his own company.
First Year
Hogwarts comes as a welcome distraction, though Rhys does not have high expectations. He is surprisingly sorted into Gryffindor. Unsurprisingly he does not strictly take to academics, but what he lacks in prowess, he makes up for in hard work.
Second Year
Defense Against the Dark Arts becomes a particular interest of Rhys' and he pushes himself to do well in it. He gives some of his other subjects similar treatment, but fails to do so in History of Magic and it is noticeable. Apparently while he is away at school, his father is getting close to a widowed Lillian Beck, whom he marries this year and WHAM, now Rhys has a step-brother. Barnabas could not be any more opposite than Rhys and it proves to be... trying.
Third Year
At least Rhys still has Hogwarts to himself. He continues to pus himself to be better, wondering if there couldn't be a future for him in the auror department of the ministry. This goal pushes him to excel.
Fourth Year
Additional siblings start to join the family and again, Rhys is relieved for the respite that Hogwarts provides.
Fifth Year
Reality hits as Rhys comes to realize that his dreams of the auror program are going to come up short. With more siblings to go to school, he makes the decision to finish out fifth year and drop out after his OWLs (which he does fairly well on, mind). He cannot be talked out of it.
Rhys picks up odd jobs wherever he can. His father's carpentry business does well, but every little bit helps.
His eighteenth birthday strikes and though he's now apprenticing with his father full time. Rhys feels like he's meant to do more. Which is not to say he thinks any less of his father because of what he does, but Rhys craves something more meaningful.
Barbie heads off to Hogwarts and Rhys is not jealous, not at all.
His twenty-first birthday, come and gone, Hogsmeade becomes a more permanent settlement and Rhys does something impulsive— which is the antitheses of everything he has ever done before and takes on a position in the newly established Hogsmeade Constabulary. It's not quite the aurors office, but it is, at least, something meaningful.
Siblings come and go to Hogwarts, Rhys tries to keep up, but it's more difficult than he would like. Work has become his life and hes good/i> at it. Like really good. His dedicated, hardworking nature alongside his level-headed judgement are an asset to his career. He has a bit of a dalliance with a young lady and seriously considers making things a little more official, but it doesn't work out and he throws himself even further into his work.
The old man who has been the Chief since Rhys joined the force decides it's time to move onto something a little more low-key and since Rhys has been there since the beginning, he is promoted to the Chief Position.

Steadfast; serious; stubborn; chivalrous; gallant; reserved; introverted; genuine; rigid; takes his work seriously; possibly hard to work with; high expectations; giving; selfless; sees the world in black and white; strong sense of right and wrong

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