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Discovered today that spotted dick is a pudding with raisins in it. But more importantly that "dick" was the victorian word for pudding. — Fallin
His sister and her group were not yet performing, however. Instead it was a plain looking young woman that he did not recognize. She seemed to believe she was singing.
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Barnabas Theodore Beck
Full Name: Barnabas Theodore Beck.
Nicknames: Barbie or Barbs. Beck to old quidditch mates. Mother likes to affectionately call him ‘Teddy’, and he hates it whenever someone else tries to call him this.
Birthdate: June 13th, 1863.
Current Age: 28.
Gender: Male.
Occupation: Private Investigator; Freelance Reporter.
Reputation: 6-7? I imagine he’s gotten caught doing things or being places he shouldn’t for a case or article.
Residence: Hogsmeade; Pennyworth with Rhys.
Hogwarts House: Slytherin Alumni.
Wand: 13 ⅞” -  Willow - Dragon Heartstring - Swishy.
Blood Status: Halfblood.
Social Class: Working Class.

Father - Godfrey Beck - deceased
Mother - Lillian Gallagher
Step Father - Gerard Gallagher
Step Brother - Rhys Gallagher
Half Sibling - X Gallagher
Half Sibling - X Gallagher

With smug confidence Barbie struts around at a tall 5’ 10” while flashing a lopsided smirk. His frame is quite slender but still athletic with rather broad shoulders. His already medium toned skin dons a healthy tan from spending most of his time outside. Brown eyes are framed by long eyelashes and paired well with his thick almost fluffy black hair that often has a tousled or just rolled out of bed look thanks to its strong waves. Dresses in clothes that fit him well rather than  for any fashion forward purpose. Any amount of vanity stylings his clothes have are usually from alterations his mother made while repairing them. He is right handed.

Barnabas was born as the first child to Godfrey and Lillian Beck. Unfortunately not long after his birth his father tragically died in a splinching accident. Because of this Barbie has no memories of his father and has always been a huge mommas boy. A fact that made his mothers remarriage when he was five a little extra difficult because not only did it come with a new father, it came with a sibling. To say that Barbie wasn’t particularly fond of Rhys would be quite the understatement as suddenly there was someone else that could take his mothers attention away. Quickly Barbie learned to do whatever it takes to be the one in the spotlight - even if it meant getting into trouble.

As he grew older Barbie continued pulling whatever stunt he could to be the center of attention. Even with Rhys off at Hogwarts, Barbie began to find that he craved the reactions he could get from being more and more ridiculous. His first sign of magic even had him almost floating away into the sky. During all of this Barbie develops a deep love for adventure and mischief to the point where he almost feels antsy whenever he’s stuck inside.

-Academic Years:
Thrilled that he’d just nearly missed having to deal with Rhys at Hogwarts, Barbie was swiftly sorted into Slytherin. Within the first few days him and his roommate X become best friends. The pair become thick as thieves throughout their years together and are practically attached at the hip. Barbie is a fairly average student on a good day, but thanks to X’s desire to excel academically Barbie is dragged along to enough library sessions to land decently above average grades. During his second year he tries out for the chaser position at quidditch tryouts and lands the position. Anything for some more spotlight. Because he keeps up his childish antics of attention seeking Barbie often is losing house points or being assigned detention.

-After Schooling:
Barbie took odd jobs here and there as he struggled to figure out exactly what he wanted to do post Hogwarts. For a while he settled on using his childish sneaking around abilities to sleuth up stories for articles and gossip papers. After doing that for a while and finding that he rather enjoyed the hunt for information, Barbie started taking up personal investigating jobs for people willing to pay for their answers. What was that husband doing all the time with his close ‘friend’? Is that debuatane really as innocent as she looks? Does that snobby wench from down the lane have any skeletons in her closet that she’d rather not have dug up? Barbie often doesn’t care what someones reasons for being curious are and will take on basically any job. Sometimes this fact will get on X’s nerves as Barbie ended up dragging him into the business once he started getting more and more cases to look into. The pair are known for getting their work done - no matter the risks involved. They operate well together as X’s academic side helps fill the gaps in Barbies skill set.

Gemini. Extroverted. Egotistical. Satirical. Confident. Loud. Showmen. Blunt. Brash. Quick-witted. Charismatic. Determined. Stubborn. Competitive. Cunning. Motivated. Childish. Prankster. Loves danger. Reckless. Fearless. Street Smart. Adventurous. Troublemaker. Impulsive. Confrontational. Argumentative. Hot-Headed. Perceptive. Flirtatious. Center of Attention. Mommas boy. Great at improvising even in the worst of situations.

-Patronus: Never learned how to perform one.
-Amortentia: Bourbon, firewood, and fresh rain.

-Smokes casually.
-Enjoys drinking arguably too much. Has a high tolerance, and can be a handful if worked up while drunk.
-Isn’t afraid to throw a punch. Would rather go down in a fight then be seen as a coward.
-A bit of a skilled fighter.
-Genuinely goes into new things believing he will be the best at it from the start.
-Skilled at sleight of hand and isn’t above swiping some letters or the such when investigating.
-Will willingly put himself in compromising situations if it means getting the evidence he needs for a story or case.
-Will go out of his way to talk to pretty girls whenever the opportunity presents itself.
-Would do anything for his mother.
-Has a small pet owl named Mortimer. Calls him ‘Mort’ for short.
-Skilled at non verbal magic. Realized he had a knack for it while in school and it quickly became the one thing he was ever actually excited to study.

Name: Stefanie.
Age: 32.
Contact: Discord - Stefanie#6132
Other Characters: Imane Tuttle.
How did you hear about us?: *demonic chats*

[Please feel free to punch, cut, maim, etc. Barbie at your leisure! Death is the only thing off the table. <3]
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