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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
In a panic sort of reaction, she shut the door but neglected to make sure she was on the other side of it.
the thrill of the chase moves in mysterious ways

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December 16th, 1891 - The Library
There was only one day left of classes, and the library was thrumming with energy. It was also nearly empty, because most people knew better than to be here when they could be literally anywhere else. Lester was regretting his decision to study, but was hoping that it would save him some trouble over the winter break.


He was, still, looking for ways to procrastinate — so he was relieved to spot one of his friends across the library, and relocated to join them.

"Have you packed yet?" Lester said, "Assuming you're going home for Christmas." He wasn't really packed yet, but he'd just shove everything in a bag before class tomorrow — or after class. Living in Hogsmeade gave him a lot of freedom, at least where getting all of his things together were concerned.

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Milo was trying to get some last minute studying in because once he was home, his life would be briefly taken over by his four elder sisters. Everyone except Maisie were all married and had their own homes and yet they still found some way to harrass him. It was maddening sometimes but he would do most anything for them.

He looked up when one of his friends approached. "My sisters would storm the castle if I tried staying here for Christmas," Milo said with a laugh, imagining the particularly dainty Ruby trying to storm anything, much less Hogwarts. "I'm mostly packed except for the things I still need to use." He lived in Hogsmeade so it wasn't much of a journey but he liked to be prepared.

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"I'm sure they'd manage to break in," Lester said with a grin. From what he'd heard Milo say in the past, the Nox sisters could be extremely persistent — Lester would rather like to see them face off with Headmaster Black.

"You're better than me," Hatch added with a grin. "I haven't packed anything yet." Maybe he'd regret it? If he ever left the library, he could try to get some things packed earlier.

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Milo laughed in response to Lesters words. He wasn't about to risk finding out. Besides, he liked going home much as it would probably be magical to hang out in a half-empty Hogwarts.

"Really? You're going to be regretting that later," he teased. "Though I suppose since it's just a holiday, there isn't a whole lot we would need. Especially since we live right in Hogsmeade."

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"I think I'll be alright even if I forget," Lester agreed with a nod. "Except that my Mama will be very displeased with me." (The secret, though, was that he'd probably still get away with it even if he did forget everything he needed — he was the baby, after all.)

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"I'm sure all you will need is a bit of sweet talk, even then," Milo said with a laugh. That was generally how things went with himself and if he remembered correctly, Lester was also the youngest of his own brood. Though his youngest sister was more doted on than he was, he sometimes felt.

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"Yeah, I'll be fine either way," Lester agreed. His mother had never been particularly good at holding a grudge where he was concerned.

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"Any other plans? Maybe we could get the others to come out ice skating," Milo said. He was now thoroughly distracted from his studying as he contemplated the holiday mischief that they could all get up to.

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"That sounds fun!" Lester chirped. "We should rope them into it."

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"Amazing. I was also thinking that if they do a snow sculpture contest again, we could enter as a team. How cool would that be?" Honestly, he just wanted to do things with his friends over the holidays.

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