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Fern-hunting parties became popular, allowing young women to get outside in a seemingly innocuous pursuit with less rigid oversight and chaperoning than they saw in parlors and drawing rooms. They may have even had the occasional romantic meetup with a similarly fern-impassioned beau. — Bree

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Bunny Devon for Anne Devon. My fair lady of the night
Separating was also not a great idea, though they weren't doing great at staying together anyway. If she were to volunteer to be the human sacrifice.. well... Hogsmeade had plenty of debutantes anyway...

Barnabas Skeeter in CYOA: Group D

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The Room Where It Happens [Lynn's Plots]
Hi folks! My name is Lynn! I have a small hoard of dramatic characters and also run Witch Weekly in my down time. The best way to contact me is Skype (ask if you would like my information) or via PM to Ophelia Devine

Welcome to my always-under-construction networking! I am super pregnant and thus pretty generally scarce and/or flighty, so I'm not in the market for many random connection type things atm. That being said, I'm always up for plots and drama, so feel free to come at me with those.

Upcoming plot needs:

Lyra needs vampires! She is starting THE VAMPIRE REVOLUTION, or attempting to, and she needs both folks who will help and folks who will hurt (though tbh, most will probably do both). Her end goal is to allow vampires to live peaceable alongside humans without murdering them. More on the tactics tba.

I also have adoptable family members listed roughly in their order of usefulness. Top spot is Mrs. Mulciber, Ernest's disparaging socialite mother - come play her!

Networking is divided by character class - although I am pretty awful at doing networking, I am always up for new connections, so click around and see if anyone piques your interest! Each character entry has a link to their profile/postlog, quick facts (hover over the photo, or on mobile click the photo), and little blurbs about what type of networking I'm looking for. I'm mostly open to things not listed as well, so throw whatever ideas you have my way!

The Needs tab lists every "wanted" plot or networking connection that could be filled by an existing character. These folks are highly sought after! Please be one of them and make my day!

My networking is best viewed in a full-screen browser. Viewing on mobile? Click photos to reveal character quick stats.

23 Years
Raised MC

Mrs. Ophelia Devine
Ophelia Devine

Ophelia is a well known socialite and is often lauded for her skills as a hostess and her excellent fashion sense. She often feels superior to other women and can be catty with anyone she is not close to. She does a lot of harmless flirting with the menfish, but her heart has been soundly stolen already.

Ophelia was raised a MCHB and was a tomboyish, graceless girl at Hogwarts until she was pulled out after her fourth year. If your character knew her then, you may remember that her family is both odd and tragic.

I am mostly interested in networking her with other friends or frenemies (the latter is more fun!) or anyone who might remember her from her distant past.

Sponsor of Puddlemere United
32 Years

Thom Pettigrew
Thom Pettigrew

Thom is well known in UC society for being a charming and extravagant host, which allows people to forgive many of his eccentricities, such as his lifelong devotion to Quidditch and his inexplicable attachment to the mostly disgraced Hannah Pettigrew nee Echelon.

Thom is a flirt and has been unfaithful to both of his wives in the past; he is always available for affair hurling and general romancey drama. He can also befriend other UCPB men around his age or serve as the antagonist to rival/female Quidditch players.

Mass Murderer
Casual Criminal
25 Years

Tiberius Lestrange
Tiberius Lestrange

Tiberius is a villain, pure and simple. He has no patience for anyone who does not fulfill a need for him personally. He is purist, classist, and tends to not associate with anyone outside of his family. That being said, I'm open to him having one or two friends, who should be other UCPB men around his age with similar interests (academic research, dark arts, etc) and no 'frivolous' pastimes (womanizing, Quidditch, etc).

Tiberius is married and has no particular interest in romantic relationships either in or out of that marriage. He is generally open for new plots, but would not get involved in any situation unless he sees a direct benefit to himself.


Ernest Mulciber
Ernest Mulciber

Friends - Would likely be Black's members or Ministry workers in their mid-thirties or older. UCPB males might see themselves invited to the Mulciber's for events and such but other people could be friendly with him in a work setting/in passing. He's not really a staunch purist, he just wouldn't bring a MCHB home to meet the family or anything.

Time Plots? If anyone has any ideas for things relating to time shenanigans, that's his specialty at the DoM and he'd love to get in your business about any time-related anomalies your characters might experience for the sake of plots or open threads. Throw your ideas at me.

Fling? - I don't need one of these but I'm open to exploring the possibilities if someone wants to! He has been unfaithful in the past but not just for the sake of it; he has a very specific type and there needs to be a good deal of chemistry for him to act on anything. I'm not entirely sure what that type is but traits I'm leaning towards: witty; vibrant; young-ish; maybe blond but haven't decided yet.

Also, you could play his mother who is a terror.

33 Years
Socially Awkward

Capt. J. Darrow
J. Alfred Darrow

J. Alfred is preparing an expedition, and would love to thread with potential sponsors, crewmates, or other interested parties. He would also be interested in either making or reconnecting with male friends. Old Hogwarts schoolmates would be ideal, or anyone generally in his age range and not too judgemental.

Alfred is also hurlable, although he's an awkward turtle and very slow to admit to his feelings when he does develop them, so any interested parties would have to be patient. Socially, he may be found at appropriate MC events, but might also be excluded without much fuss by the hosts because of his proclivity for "odd" behavior since his return.

Wife & Mother
27 Years
Quiet Life
Small Friend Group

Mrs. Essie Browne
Esther Browne

Esther needs friends. Women, predominantly MC. These would almost exclusively fall into one of the below categories:
— Relatives (cousins, in-laws, etc) and the close friends thereof. She is related to the Brownes (& therefore Odira Potter, Calliope Riley and the late Chastity Pettigrew), and through her sister's marriage the Rosses (and therefore tangentially the Fisks/etc)
— School friends. Grad years 1879-1881, Slytherin or with similar interests (divination, herbology/gardening, history, ancient studies, arithmancy)
— Church friends. Casual attendees of the Church of Magical Jesus who either go, like Esther does, primarily for the social aspect, or else aren't too pushy about how much they believe.

Essie has an adoptable plot!

She isn't really the sort to have enemies but might quietly seethe and hate your character if they are a) a church member with a huge stick up their butt; or b) someone in her acquaintance group who is overly critical of her skills as a wife or mother. If you play someone like that I'd be game for a thread to see how far we can push Essie before she has to say something. xD

Aspiring Racketeer
Crooked Bookie
Excalibur Member
Former Cursebreaker
28 Years

Ben Crouch
Reuben Crouch

Ben is always up for networking with friends, particularly Excalibur members around his age. He would not get along well with anyone who takes themselves or their careers too seriously. Gryffinfails are more his jam, generally speaking. He enjoys Quidditch, traveling, and flirting with women, and would get along well with men who enjoy the same. He's also a casual drug user and drinks more than he should.

He has a habit of getting into trouble with rich pureblood girls and is trying to be better about that. He is also a total flirt and can be reasonably hurled at your lady folks (MCPB or otherwise) for lolz or for drama or maybe possibly for long-term shipping, but he's a gamophobe so I make no promises.

Generally speaking he is also up for plots if you have any needs for him!

23 Years
Appears 18
Raised Upper MC

Lyra Potter
Lyra Potter

Lyra is the youngest sister of the late Bennet Potter and the late Minister of Magic Darcy Potter. She dropped out of school during his sixth year to "take care of a sick aunt." While the exact reason she dropped out wasn't common knowledge, anyone who went to school with her could probably have deduced that it had something to do with misbehavior since she was a bit of a wild child.

Lyra mellowed out following her departure from school and took an avid interest in politics. She was engaged to August Echelon-Arnost thrice (roller coaster relationship right there) but I think only once was public knowledge? IDK, ask Beanie. She disappeared in February 1883 and was presumed dead until it was revealed in spring of 1888 that she was actually a vampire.

Lyra has not one but two delightful ads on my Needs tab; go check them out!

39 Years

Freddie Townsend
Frederick Townsend

Frederick has adoptable family and is related via marriage to the Trelawneys, and so is always up for threads related to them. He's also an unfaithful ass and is therefore in need of affair hurling; the girl in question doesn't need to know that he's married if she's the scrupulous sort ;)

I'd also like to establish current or past affairs with women (WC or MC + unscrupulous). These could be short-lived flirtations that ended up with scandalous activities and then didn't go anywhere after that, if your lady is the type, or I could have 2-3 more long term emotional affairs if anyone is inclined and the characters click well. If anyone is interested in the latter I'd like a past thread to establish how they interact before committing to it for whatever duration! These long-term things could have already ended (amiably or poorly, up for discussion) or could still be going on. Frederick does not have any bastards, nor the potential for any future ones, so if you're looking for a baby daddy this isn't the guy.

He could also use friends if we have any WC males around his age hanging about, particularly if they spend time in pubs and can tolerate Fred being a cynical asshat on occasion.

He's a DP staff writer so if you have any 'miscellaneous events' you want covered in the DP and want to thread out an interview or whatnot, he's your guy.

(But Very Hung Up On Xena Fisk)
34 Years

Lou Jameshill / Charlie Williams
Lupus Jameshill

Lou is up for anything so COME AT ME.

You might recognize Lou from prior to his "death" in February 1881 if you are:
— related to him or a relative of Xena's;
— a Gryffindor schoolmate (+/- 2 years);
— an auror (or rather, were an auror in the 1878-1881 period)

You might recognize "Charlie Williams" if you are:
— an Irvingly resident (or were in 1887);
— one of the very few people who he introduced himself to in Hogsmeade (I'm okay with assuming or backthreadding some of these within reason but please check in with me first).


For Thom Pettigrew

                PEPPER POTTS. An ACAB woman (MC/WC preferred) within a few years of Thom's age (29-32ish) who was his personal assistant from 1873 (or whenever she graduated/sometime thereafter) until 1884, at which point she quit for reasons that made Thom pretty angry. Exactly what they are is open — personal fallout? business rivalry? unrequited romantic feelings from one side or the other? The two had a very close relationship prior (think Tony Stark/Pepper Potts), and their relationship since is largely open.


For Lyra Potter

                BABY DADDY. Would have been at Hogwarts with Lyra during fall of 1881. She dropped out of school that spring to "care for her sick aunt in the country," aka go have a baby. Their relationship pre/post sex is flexible. Lyra did not tell him she was pregnant, though he may have guessed. He does not know that the baby was stillborn, though also may have guessed that.

For Lyra Potter

                SAVIOR. This person "saved" her life by either killing or maiming a vampire who was in the process of draining her, resulting in Lyra becoming a vampire. After the attack, s/he either recognized what was happening and purposefully took her further into the Forbidden Forest/away from Hogsmeade so that she could complete the change, or else thought she was as good as dead and abandoned her somewhere in the woods. I'm flexible. Whatever the case, they either did not recognize her as the younger sister of the Minister, or did not report her whereabouts/fate to anyone.

The event happened in February of 1883 so they would have had to have a reason to be in the Forbidden Forest then! Also, you know, the sort to fight off a vampire.

For Lou Jameshill

FORMER PARTNER. Would have been an auror in the 1874-1881 period; basically everything else is open. I have a myriad of different plot directions this could go if they run into each other again, so let me know if you've got someone that would work!

is it a crime to love too well?
To bear too tender, or too firm a heart, to act a lover's or a Roman's part?
Is there no bright reversion in the sky, for those who greatly think, or bravely die?
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Between reading The Woman In White on my lonesome and re-reading Pride & Prejudice with Jack I have a new appreciation for how underused entails are on Charming. THEREFORE, I've decided the Pettigrew estate is entailed. This changes exactly nothing at the present moment. What it does mean is that if the constantly-sickly Alexander Pettigrew doesn't make it to adulthood and Hannah fails to produce any boy-childs, the son(s) of Albert Pettigrew get the Lancashire house and all of dad's money (or David Pettigrew's kids in the event that Albert fails to be a useful procreation machine).

The Wellingtonshire house and the income he's accrued from his company are all Thom's to divest as he pleases, on the other hand, and they're going to Hannah/Odessa. Up until 1884 there was also a clause in there that if Chastity/children died before him it was all going to Lucinda Cavanaugh, although he didn't ever mention to her that she was in his will (August would've been the only person to know since Thom would've made him draw it up #lawyerfriends). After she got married and stopped working for him he took her out of there and didn't replace her with anyone since he was already thinking optimistically about second-wife-searching and it seemed less likely that he'd end up dying without any living children so he didn't feel he needed the contingency anymore. And since Luce didn't need the money. :P
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Can I assume that Henrich included some money and/or the revenue from other properties he might have owned and leased to tenants to Lucy in his will for the duration of her lifetime? Otherwise girlfriend is high and dry.

[Image: oTkHlW.png]
gorgeous set by MJ
It seems like a standard thing for spouses to continue getting the interest/income of the estate for the duration of their lives even when they have no right to inherit the estate itself, so I'd go with that!

but also even if there wasn't a provision for her Thom would never leave her high and dry <3

Practically speaking she could still end up destitute if Thom started mismanaging his money to Arthur Pettigrew levels, because if all of the accounts empty out there is no more income from then obvs, but realistically she'd have x galleons each year until death.

is it a crime to love too well?
To bear too tender, or too firm a heart, to act a lover's or a Roman's part?
Is there no bright reversion in the sky, for those who greatly think, or bravely die?
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Thom has no tolerance for Hogsmeade-centric magical disasters of unknown origins and will be parading the family down to the Three Broomsticks to floo out to Lancashire while they still can. FYI Hannah Pettigrew Lucy Pettigrew (although if the latter wants to stay put he won't stop her).

is it a crime to love too well?
To bear too tender, or too firm a heart, to act a lover's or a Roman's part?
Is there no bright reversion in the sky, for those who greatly think, or bravely die?
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Fog Updates For Lynn Characters:

Ophelia Devine and her hubby are off in Ireland until it clears up; she will be available for threads in London if necessary but probably won't be out and about much there unless there's some sort of society event to attend.

Ernest Mulciber is more or less living in the Department of Mysteries and is available for threads at the Ministry only, unless you need him in Irvingly/Hogsmeade for fog-researching purposes.

Esther Browne is in Hogsmeade but she really isn't happy about it.

Frederick Townsend is in the slums and occasionally writing in to the Prophet but mostly treating this like a summer holiday. He departed on the CYOA expedition in early July.

J. Alfred Darrow is still underway but the expedition should return on schedule later this month, to London. back in London as of late June!

Lupus Jameshill is in Irvingly on the CYOA expedition.

Lyra Potter is near enough to Hogsmeade to walk there, and has started working at the Hogsmeade Hospital until the fog clears.

Reuben Crouch is in Hogsmeade and was having fun but it probably now pretty over the lack of magic. He may attempt some ill-advised escape later if things don't clear up; stay tuned. was shuttled away to London following the troll attack, and is now living in Black's. He's not entirely thrilled about it, but he's also got a functional wand and all his ribs intact, so.

Thom Pettigrew took his family to Lancashire and will be avoiding any outings that aren't Quiddith-related because he is secretly worried this is The Plague Part II. is horribly bored since Quidditch was cancelled.

Tiberius Lestrange is commuting from their country home to the Ministry and won't be caught dead on the train to the fog-affected areas if he can help it. left the country in late June, allegedly for work purposes, though anyone who knows anything about what the DoM has been up to recently may find this excuse suspect.
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is it a crime to love too well?
To bear too tender, or too firm a heart, to act a lover's or a Roman's part?
Is there no bright reversion in the sky, for those who greatly think, or bravely die?
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Wanted! A woman who read this article and subsequently felt outraged enough to accost Ernest Mulciber when she recognized him in either the streets of Hogsmeade or Irvingly. One thread, with potential for follow-ons if the interaction is amusing enough.


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