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The Language of the Flowers was a popular method to express feelings where words might be improper, but did you know other means of doing so? Some ladies used their parasols, as well as their fans, gloves, and hankies to flirt with a gentleman (or alternatively, tell them to shove it!). — Bree

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Ester Montgomery for Thomas Montgomery. The one that got away (with the pornographer...)
This boy, then. He wasn't new. Wasn't one of the worst people in the common room, those rotten rich boys - like Mr. Jailkeeper - who could not fathom a world beyond their own farts. Was a good working class lad, so he'd heard. Had a bit of a weird looking face, and a bit of a weird thing for preaching. Still.

Aubrey Davis in The Under-Sofa

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The Room Where It Happens [Lynn's Plots]

Lynn's Networking Explained

Click a character name to expand their needs. These are color-coded based on what I most want, and include networking, plot needs, and character requests. Urgent needs are things that are necessary for plots that are currently underway with active characters. Since these are important for character progression, please don't offer to take one unless you can commit to them. I may be willing to trade characters/plots/etc for these if you have a tempting offer.

High priority plot things will get off the ground as soon as someone fills the role. There may be time-sensitive plots or general direction requirements, so folks taking these need to be on the same page. If I feel we aren't, for whatever reason, I may look for a different character or player who meets the need better. Medium priority plot things will also have things to do immediately, but are less restrictive in timeline or direction. Generally speaking, anyone can take one of these as long as you don't plan to do anything insane when I turn my back. xD

Low priority plots are the "nice-to-haves." Family connections or preexisting relationships like friends or ex-romances will fall into this category by default unless they have some plot relevance in the upcoming future. Finally, generic networking are all of the miscellaneous connections that don't fit into the category above. While I'm always up for new connections, these may not really merit a thread immediately unless we're both bored.

Ophelia Devine

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Here's some basic info about this basic bitch.

J. Alfred Darrow

Alfred is open for anything! I'm particularly interested in things that would make things awkward for him and Zelda and I welcome any and all threads with her friends and family.

Alfred is generally available for hire with his ship; when they aren't expeditioning and finding new islands they're generally hired out to protect merchant ships from pirates and such, so if you have a shipping-adjacent character and need a thing go ahead and hit me up.

Generally available for any amusing threads with people who read his book or heard about him in the paper and therefore have very specific notions about him (ie., that he's a cannibal, or something similar) and would treat him differently because of those or even bring them up.

His brother Evander is available for play.
J. Alfred Darrow is a MCHB and former Gryffindor. He and Pablo Medina are the two sole survivors of the Sycorax Expedition, and were presumed dead from 1882-1887. Since his return, Alfred has taken a role as Captain and raised funds for an expedition to find Avalon. He's uncomfortable being back in civilization and has a reputation for being 'odd,' even among those who don't believe the rumors about what he did with the 'savages' in South America.

Lou Jameshill

If anyone is in the market for new characters, I'd sell a small part of my soul for Daniel, the servant-turned-best-friend who has been living with Lou in the cabin since 1881. He is WC and was hired by the Jameshills sometime prior to 1881, but is otherwise largely open; if you're in the market for someone new I'd love to throw him at you. He'll have plots.

Also seeking Lou's former partner. This (likely male) auror would have worked with Lou sometime between 1874-1881; dynamics beyond that are open but this would be hella dramatic if anyone has someone to sacrifice. I'm also generally in the market for other coworkers from his time at the Ministry (aurors or DMLE members between 1874 - 1881).

Offer him cases! His private detective business could use some... er, business. This could be anything from stalking your lovers to see whether they're being faithful to solving long-cold mysteries to protection/body guard type services.

On a less life-threatening note, anyone from his past could resurface and run into him (old schoolmates? random MC guys he could have been friends with), and I'm in the market for hurling with WC/MC folks of either gender (Lou's bisexual but hasn't realized it yet). Hurling will be an uphill battle but I'm down for contrived meet-cutes to get things rolling in the right direction.

He also has a married sister around Xena's age who is up for play if someone feels so inclined, and his mother may be available if you go through Kayte (who plays his father, Charles Jameshill).
Lupus Jameshill was a wealthy MC auror until he "died" in 1881, presumably of a werewolf attack. He was actually secreted away to a cabin in the Forbidden Forest by his family, who feared he might be outed as a werewolf. He was formerly engaged to Xena Fisk, though it was dissolved days before his 'death.' He has recently resurfaced under the name Charlie Williams and claims to have been raised abroad. He was a member of the victorious group in the fog expedition and used his prize money to open a private detective agency.

Ernest Mulciber

Ernest needs a fling. This need is complicated by the fact that he doesn't know he needs one. xD The absolute greatest requirement is that the woman in question be intelligent, witty, and bold (and, uh, you know, willing). UCPBs or Ministry-adjacent women would be nice so we don't have to shoe-horn their meeting too terribly, but if you have ideas for how to get them together I'm open to other things.

I'm very open to DoM-related plots or anything involving other Unspeakables, so if you have ideas in that department come at me. I'd really love threads with 5th-7th year students who are interested in coming to work for him someday, because Ernest would love to crush your dreams.

His mother may not have plot-things right now but she's lovely and I want her and you should play her.

Generally open for networking with other members of the UC social circle, particularly anyone who knows his wife, Rufina Mulciber.
Ernest Mulciber is an UCPB and the Assistant Head of the Department of Mysteries. He's more or less a condescending ass to people he thinks aren't as smart as he is, which is most people. He's obsessed with time and time magic. He tolerates social gatherings but doesn't enjoy them much, and is generally disdainful of politics and sports. He is a member of Black's.

Lyra Potter

In the "blast from the past" category, somewhere in England is a guy who knocked Lyra up during her sixth year at Hogwarts (fall of 1881). Ideally this would be a fellow student, but I'm open to alternatives. Whether they had a relationship or a one-time affair is open to discussion. She never told him she was pregnant (though he may have guessed when she dropped out of school that Christmas to 'look after a sick aunt'). The baby died shortly after birth.

On a similar note, someone saved Lyra when she was initially attacked by a vampire in February of 1883 by either killing or maiming the vampire who bit her. They either didn't recognize her as the Minister's sister, or didn't tell anyone what had happened to her, for reasons that are up for discussion. They may have realized she had survived and was therefore about to become a vampire, or may have thought she was dead up until she resurfaced in the news in 1888.

Looking forward, Lyra is always up for interactions with vampires, as well as anyone who has strong opinions about vampires. Is your deb the sort to shriek when she realizes who she's talking to? Someone who might attend a protest and throw animal blood at a vampire? Hurl insults? I want a thread. I want all that to happen. Bonus if we can make it into a news story and put it in the DP.

I'm generally up for any interactions from her past as well but super bonus if they have very mixed feelings about her being alive sort of alive now.
Lyra Potter was the slightly reckless, opinionated younger sister of Minister Darcy Potter until she vanished in 1883 and was presumed dead. She returned to England in 1888 and outed herself as a vampire to the Daily Prophet, and has been working towards vampire-human equality ever since. She lives in the caverns in the Forbidden Forest and has been trained as a Muggle nurse.

Mrs. Esther Browne

Esther needs friends. Women, predominantly MC. These would almost exclusively fall into one of the below categories:

— Relatives (cousins, in-laws, etc) and the close friends thereof. She is related to the Brownes (& therefore Odira Potter, Calliope Riley and the late Chastity Pettigrew), and through her sister's marriage the Rosses (and therefore tangentially the Fisks/etc)

— School friends. Grad years 1879-1881, Slytherin or with similar interests (divination, herbology/gardening, history, ancient studies, arithmancy)

— Church friends. Casual attendees of the Church of Magical Jesus who either go, like Esther does, primarily for the social aspect, or else aren't too pushy about how much they believe.
Here's some basic info about this basic bitch.

Frederick Townsend

Frederick is an unfaithful ass and is therefore in need of affair hurling; the girl in question doesn't need to know that he's married if she's the scrupulous sort ;)

I'd also like to establish current or past affairs with women (WC or MC + unscrupulous). These could be short-lived flirtations that ended up with scandalous activities and then didn't go anywhere after that, if your lady is the type, or I could have 2-3 more long term emotional affairs if anyone is inclined and the characters click well. If anyone is interested in the latter I'd like a past thread to establish how they interact before committing to it for whatever duration! These long-term things could have already ended (amiably or poorly, up for discussion) or could still be going on.

He could use friends if we have any WC males around his age hanging about, particularly if they spend time in pubs and can tolerate Fred being a cynical asshat on occasion. He's a DP staff writer so if you have any 'miscellaneous events' you want covered in the DP and want to thread out an interview or whatnot, he's your guy.

He has several siblings if you're in the market for a new WC character; they don't have ads but I have headcanons on them and they're in his profile if you're curious.
Frederick Townsend is a WCHB who was a promising reporter at one point before he sort of gave up on ambition. He's generally charming enough that he can skate by on very little effort, and does so. He's a serial adulterer and was quite a womanizer before he married his wife, Sarah Townsend nee Trelawney, as well. He lives in the slums.

is it a crime to love too well?
To bear too tender, or too firm a heart, to act a lover's or a Roman's part?
Is there no bright reversion in the sky, for those who greatly think, or bravely die?
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Help Wanted?
I've got some folks who are unemployed or under-employed, listed below. Do you have a character who wants to hire someone? Do you have a character who is currently all alone in an office/occupation/whatever and you would appreciate a coworker to thread with? Do you have plot ideas that require someone to fill a certain role in the community? Hit me up!
Tiberius Lestrange
Potential Occupations Must:
— be UC male appropriate
— provide access to the restricted floors of Crowdy Memorial (ie Ministry work or an established research position)
— ideally, be something which vaguely interests him OR
— seems stupid easy so he can blow it off.
Reuben Crouch
Potential Occupations Must:
— be MC male appropriate
— OR, disreputable but able to 'pass' for a respectable occupation;
— ideally, provide some sort of adrenaline rush
— OR, involve Quidditch
— ideally, have a flexible schedule (not 9-to-5)

Lupus Jameshill
Potential Occupations Would:
— be temporary as he'd likely take them for an investigation/case
— could be any type of occupation but should not require references/extensive experience unless it can be easily faked (ie no Hogwarts professors xD)
— should have a plot attached because he needs those xD
Esther Browne
Potential Occupations Would:
— be MC female appropriate
— be part-time so she can continue being a respectable wife/mom
— ideally, be craft-based or secretarial
— could involve one of her interest areas (herbology, history, arithmancy)
— should have a plot attached since she isn't actively looking for work

is it a crime to love too well?
To bear too tender, or too firm a heart, to act a lover's or a Roman's part?
Is there no bright reversion in the sky, for those who greatly think, or bravely die?
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