Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Castor Allaway
    In Character
    [Image: YqICIWq.jpg]
    champion image courtesy of jenny!

    Full Name: Castor Percival Allaway
    Nicknames: Any nicknames he might have are not sanctioned by him, and so are not well-received.
    Birthdate: December 1st, 1868
    Current Age: Fifteen
    Occupation: Student, Chaser
    Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
    Wand: Ash, precisely ten inches in length. It's core is a single unicorn hair. Springy where flexibility is concerned, Castor holds his wand with his right hand.
    Blood Status: Muggleborn
    Social Class: Middle
    • George Allaway, Father [1839]
      Elizabeth Allaway née Grey, Mother [1845]
      Pollux Allaway, Twin [1868-1972]
      Leda Allaway, Sister [1878]

      Alfred Grey, Grandfather [1809-1881]
      Frances Grey née Granger, Grandmother [1815]
      Thomas Grey, Uncle [1836-1875]
      — Rosamund Grey née Cooper, Aunt [1841-1871]
      — Rebecca Grey, Cousin [1866]
      — James Grey, Cousin [1871]
      — Charity Grey née Gower, Aunt [1843]
      — William Grey, Cousin [1873]
      — Ellory Grey, Cousin [1874]
      Matilda Gallivan née Grey, Aunt [1847]
      — Albert Gallivan, Uncle [1843]
      — Albert T. Gallivan, Cousin [1866]
      — Frances Gallivan, Cousin [1870]
      — Kenton Gallivan, Cousin [1871]
      — Emily “Joy” Gallivan, Cousin [1872]

    • It does not please Castor that his most prominent feature is the particularly heavy splashing smallpox scars on his face, arms, and torso, nor is it something he has ever fully accepted. Though it posed him minimal trouble, so far as he can remember, while living in the family home, his first year saw him a target for much teasing as a result. Second year he hopes will go better for him in this respect, as the markings on his face are almost completely hidden by a cream made available to him by an older student.

      Standing at five feet, ten inches, the still-growing Gryffindor is already above average in height. His build is an agile one, neither heavily muscled nor scrawny in size. His clothing is that which you would expect from a middle-class Muggleborn: good in quality, but just a tad peculiar when it comes to his wizarding garb. Nothing he wears could be considered particularly showy, as he does not like to draw much attention to himself. His sandy hair and blue eyes are the norm in the Allaway family, but his slight nose and chin are the hallmarks of Castor's maternal bloodline.

    • A HAPPY START | Only minutes before his brother, Castor was born the first child to George and Elizabeth Allaway of Muggle Edinburgh. A healthy, screaming babe, his delivery was no more challenging than most, though his brother's was something of a struggle for their mother. The boys were brought up outside of the city itself, where their father kept a small residence. Both boys were quick to adapt, quick to learn, and quick to wrap their parents around their fingers. Little of note happened during Castor's earliest years, though by all account they were happy ones.

      THE POCKMARKED YEARS | An outbreak of smallpox in the early half of the next decade struck close to home for the Allaway family. The illness was caught first by the twins, who, visually, seemed to have relatively minor cases. This proved not to be the case quickly, however�at only three years of age, young Pollux was the family's first (and, mercifully, only) casualty of the ailment. Castor healed slowly, but he did heal. Today, the only evidence that he was ever sick are the scars littering his face, arms, and torso. From the twins, Elizabeth caught it as well; hers was an uphill battle, and many feared that she would join her young son in the ground. Mercifully, she was spared, though her sight was not.

      The years to follow were a challenge for the family. The grief of losing one child was a horror enough, but Elizabeth's loss of sight had to be dealt with, too. Household staff changed to persons more capable of dealing with her blindness; Elizabeth herself became withdrawn and awkward�which, in turn, was a challenge for her husband and remaining son to overcome. Neighbors, cousins, and colleagues suffered their own losses, and family finances suffered as a result of countless changes both within and without the household.

      It was not, in truth, a happy life, though circumstances improved drastically as the years moved forward, and many of the years saw their happy moments One such moment was the birth of Castor's younger sister —and the end of his life as, effectively, an only child —in March of 1878. Called Leda, she brought much joy back into the household, particularly to Elizabeth, who had always yearned for a daughter. The new arrival could not ease the loss of their son, but elated the Allaways and was quite intriguing to Castor, who could not recall what it was like to have a sibling.

      THE MAGICAL YEARS | It was startling news with a startling messenger. Though owls were not something foreign to the boy, owls perching upon his windowsill and bearing mail were something quite peculiar. Oddly, Castor was not as surprised as he would have thought by the strange sight before him, simply taking the letter —with some apprehension —from the bird and taking it downstairs to his parents before even reading it. It was George who read the parchment aloud to the rest of the family, trailing off when he realized what it was he was reading: Castor was a wizard?

      The idea took more than a little adjusting to.

      And most of the summer was spent trying to determine if it was actually true.

      But, even though the family still had its doubts, Castor boarded the train to Hogwarts on September 1st as the letter had dictated, clad in robes and with a chest full of magical books, potion supplies, and the lot. With a wand in his pocket and his cat, a grey tabby called Hermes, under his arm, Castor boarded The Hogwarts Express and began his new life as a wizard. Upon arrival at the castle, the first year was placed without hesitation in Gryffindor house.

      The first term of the year proved to be less successful than desired. Though he proved himself excellent at magical theory, the performance of spells, brewing of potions, an simple nuances of the wizarding world managed to elude him. Though he was a kindly boy in a kindly house, there was more than one student who felt the need to have a go at him over his scars. Though he would never be called the worst in his classes, there were still abysmal students who insisted he would never be able to do magic properly because he was a "mudblood". As much as he loved his new life, such teasings and his failings as a wizard hurt him, and hurt him deeply.

      Circumstances improved in second term. Friendships grew stronger and teasings lessened, though they were still there. With the help of more students more skilful, his performance in his classes gradually improved. He even made a point to learn the names and stories of the more successful muggleborns throughout history, in his efforts to counter japes that he would never succeed. Towards the end of the first year, he tried out for —and successfully made —the Gryffindor quidditch team after one of the other players broke a leg just before a match, and though he firmly believes he only made chaser because he was the only one of the few who tried out who could fly remotely well, he hopes to maintain his position in the coming school year. It was late in the year that one of the older students introduced him to a cream that would help to hide —almost completely —his scars, but many of his supplies purchased for his second year were done so second hand so he could better afford it when his initial supply ran out.

      By the end of his first year at Hogwarts, perhaps Castor's only severe difficulty was his mother. Since the hearing what her son was, Elizabeth became particularly withdrawn from the boy, loving and fearing him simultaneously. Castor is eager to return to school, since correspondence has become much more comfortable for the pair than face-to-face communication.

      1882 | In his third year, Castor selects Ancient Studies, Care of Magical Creatures, and Earth Magic as his electives.

      1883 | Castor spends his first summer at home in years—causing him to miss the quidditch world cup!


    Sample Roleplay Post:
    • There was a point at which he knew it was too late, but it was far too late for that fact to concern him.

      The birthday party of a department head was not something that the Minister of Magic could easily skip, lest it be seen as a slight�even if the head in question, Thomas Flint, were not to see it as such, some maddening reporter would do so and allow the young Minister to read all about his impassioned feud in the paper on the morrow. No, Miss Black had been right to remind him about the affair again and again, and the woman had not given even an inch when he vaguely suggested coming up with something else to do that evening. It was not that Darcy Potter did not wish to attend the celebrations; even before his �promotion', such occasions had been very much a part of his day-to-day life, and he oft enjoyed them. Nor was it that he bore any ill-will against Mr. Flint, who, really, he did not know well enough to form a detailed opinion of. What Darcy was was tired, from his daily schedule to the simple weight of his office, and tended to let loose a bit more than he might have liked when afforded the opportunity.

      He had tried not to let himself get quite so... involved in the festivities, but it was too late.

      Clad simply in dark clothing and with a plain black velvet mask�nothing so thorough as to actually disguise his identity from anyone who actually gave a damn�he had arrived neither early into the evening nor late. Most of the noteworthy figures had already made their own entrances, though Darcy's arrival was early enough that he could note the entrances of some of the other Ministry officials, but the celebrations had hardly begun to die down. Promptly and dutifully, the wizard had made his way to the man of the evening and paid the respects due, accompanied by a bit of small talk about work, before moving out into the crowd to mingle. Friendly faces had been met with enthusiasm, irritants had been met with a strained, but pleasant, tone and expression, toasts were made left right and center, toasts to the ministry, to Mr. Flint, to this, to that; Darcy quickly lost track.

      And that was when he had realized it was too late.

      Mercifully, the room had not begun to spin as the dancing couples did. This encouraged the eighteen year old, the youngest Minister in living memory�if not ever�and the man to which the whole of the British wizarding world looked upon; with respect or disdain, it varied day by day, wizard by wizard. In this moment, Darcy did not doubt it was the latter, for he was more intoxicated than he had been since... he preferred not to think of that evening, or of the headache that it had brought in its wake (and not only the next morning, either).

      And yet, he could not bring himself to care�at least, not enough to put an end to the descent, or to excuse himself for the evening. With a touch of color to his cheeks and a glass of wine in hand, the pride of the Potter family�for what family would not take pride in a son so young and yet so highly placed?�worked his way throughout the crowd. Drunk.

    Out of Character
    Name: Kayte
    Age: Twenty-Three
    Contact: PM me on Odira Browne rather than here, please! I also have both AIM and MSN, though you'll have to ask for those as I don't think they're posted.
    Other Characters: Darcy, Odira, Thaniel, Ivana, Callum, Nikolai... I swear on Darcy's life this is the last one for at least a couple of months >.>
    How did you hear about us?: Iguana.

    last updated december 16th, 2013
    castor has several smallpox scars on his face and body that he kept hidden from years 2-4, but he is no longer self-conscious about them. your character might notice this change.
    [Image: 1jXFKWP.png]
    NEWT CLASSES: Charms, DADA, Herbology, History of Magic, Potions, Transfiguration
    all hail the glory of stefanie
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