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Plz Befriend Me
HELLO. I have a lot of characters and they all have “friends”, but many don’t have actual ‘this character is my friend’ friends. This thread is exclusively to remedy that. I am not looking for threads unless something aces arises. I need people to namedrop. Connections to mine at a later date. Connections that exist.

Specifically, for the following:
(Obvi personality, interests, etc. meshing is important, these are just the bottom-floor criteria xD)

@Aldous Crouch
Friends should be male, upper class, and aged 30-34. Maybe some MC, as long as they would have been in his year at Hogwarts. Purebloods/Halfbloods.

@Atticus Sharpe
Friends should be male or married female working class, and aged 25+. Must reside in Irvingly. Must not be an all-magic-all-the-time sort of person.

@Balthazar Urquart
Friends should be progressive in at least some ways. MC or UC. Male. 30+

BONUS: Also accepting the above, but who would have dumped him after the drama with Topaz.

@Charles Jameshill
Friends should be MC or UC—but like, the ritzy end of MC. Charles is a climber. Male, of course, and at least 50.

@Ezra Vablatsky
Friends should be MC or UC and either hail from his school days (+/- 1 year) or the hospital. Boys only; he’s not progressive enough to be more than friendly towards women.

@Hamish Darrow
Friends should be MC or (respectable) WC, male 30+ or female 50+, and like dogs, drink, or history.

@Roslyn Ross
Friends should be female or married to her female friends. 25-30 unless she can reasonably have befriended them through a sibling. MC or UC.

— Aldous walks with a cane and pronounced limp as the result of a splinching accident. —

— graphics by lady ❤ —
I think the only one I have in my crew that may help is @Percival Adlard Jr.. He is mchb, although his father is very pro pb. Percy' s family is pretty well off and on the wealthier end of mc. He was a Hufflepuff in Hogwarts, he works for the ministry, and he is 30 going on 31. Feel free to use him for whomever you feel he would work best with.

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An amazing signature from Bee <3
I've been referencing Thom and Aldous as friendly ever since we decided they were on good enough terms to merit Quidditch box invites like two years ago. Both UCPBs, similar politics for the most part (Thom is progressiveish on things but he's a traditionalist at heart, he just likes to think of himself as progressive). They were also roommates in Slytherin if I did my math right. If I did my math wrong it's only off by a year, so. Thom could also commiserate with Aldous' younger brother troubles since he hates Art so passionately and feels personally affronted by his lack of usefulness, so they've that in common. xD

Technically @Magnus Lockhart fits your criteria for Atticus but given that 1) Lock doesn't really talk to people, generally speaking and 2) he once nearly burned down the Irvingly Arms in that one thread, I don't think it could be a pre-established thing. I'm up for threadding them in the future to see whether they could become friends if you like but for right now not much for you.

@Ernest Mulciber is not progressive but is apolitical enough not to mind that Balt is, if they were friends from the DoM? Would 100% have cut ties after the Topaz thing, though.

And I will have a new girl for Roslyn in the future — Esther Browne (aged 27) is her sister-in-law through Ross' brother's wife so roundabout family. Es is Not Wonderful in big social events and much more comfortable befriending family or friends of family in small groups. I think their interests are similar, in that Esther is interested in supporting her husband, staying largely out of the limelight, and gardening. She'll be around sometime later this month or early next.
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   Aldous Crouch
Here's what I've got!
    For Aldous: @Mathias Beaumont is an UCPB Slytherin who was two (?) years below him at school. @Albert Pettigrew is 29 years old but works at the Ministry and is also an UCPB so that's an option.

    For Balt: STAY TUNED, I have Benjamin Ross, Ross' (slightly) younger brother coming soon who might work. Otherwise all I'd have to offer would be Finnian and getting stuck with Finnian is eveyone's worst nightmare.

    For Ezra: @Cornelius Sherington III was a Gryffindor in his year. UCHB and nobility, but not notably haughty in his circle of ~magical~ friends? @Finnian Byrne was also in Gryffindor a year above him. @Albert Pettigrew was in his year and Slytherin but exceedingly less likely to make friends with him.

wellll I'm mostly useless, sorry girl :P

beautiful set by Lady
Barney and Ezra are of similar ages and could be friend types. He is also a social climber so they could attend events together.
@Veronica Gallivan is the same age as Roslyn and they could be friends. They could've known each other back at school since they were in the same year.
@Ophelia Devine
Thom was the only person other than Gaius I was confident was friends with Aldous, so I am glad to see that confirmed xD

Would definitely be down to mend Lock/Atticus fences at the Inn—perhaps at one of the monthly dances? Other men meet future wives. Our boys meet future BROS.

Yes plz for dropped Balt/Ernest friendship.

YES PLZ RE: ESTHER also I already shoved Odira down your throat.

@Bella Scrimgeour
Aldous probably friendly with Albert via Thom? Ditto Balt/Ben via Ross xD Unfortunately I don’t think Aldous and Mathais have enough in common to justify a friendship feat. the age difference!

Nah to Cornelius, but Finnian is a possibility. If you’re into it, I wouldn’t mind a Hogwarts-era thread (homework or some such? Feat. explosions, knowing me) to see how they get on?

@Declan Wood
Charles is the climber, not Ezra GAWD.

@Anais Beaumont
Yes please <3 I keep forgetting the Gallivan’s are MC now EVEN THOUGH I MADE THAT CALL xD
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   Bella Scrimgeour

so you wanna be a rose?

lady is kind of amazing.
OKAY FINE but they could still be friends anyway~

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