Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Rosalind Pendergast
    In Character
    [Image: rosie-app.png]
    Full Name: Rosalind Laverne Pendergast
    Nicknames: Rose, Rosie
    Birthdate: June 17, 1866
    Current Age: 19
    Occupation: Debutante
    Hogwarts House: Slytherin
    Oak — Strength, courage, and fidelity: these things are demanded by an oak wand. While Rosalind may be a Slytherin, she quietly possesses all of these traits. She also possesses an an affinity for plants (especially as they pertains to medicine), which is common in owners of oak wands. Rosalind was also born shortly before the summer solstice, while the oak is still the King of the Forest.
    Phoenix Feather — Reflecting Rosie's own range, phoenix feather is a wand core with great range of its own. It also has a tendency to show initiative at times, which sometimes surprises its owner.
    Ten and One Half Inches — Rosalind is an expert at restraint, which is reflected in her moderately sized wand.
    Bendable — Well aware of social and familial pressures, Rosie is used to bending to the will of others without changing the core of who she is.
    Blood Status: Pureblood
    Social Class: Upper Class
    Philip Silas Pendergast, father, 1826-1884
    Olivia Regina Pendergast née Lestrange, mother, 1837

    Regan Aaron Pendergast, brother, 1861; and family
    Aoife Pendergast née Ward, sister-in-law, 1862
    — Ramona Pendergast, niece, 1882
    — Stella Pendergast, niece, 1882
    — Duncan Pendergast, nephew, 1884-1884

    Linaeve Eirian Wilkinson Dawson née Pendergast, disowned sister, 1861-1883
    Leander Barnabas Wilkinson, ex-brother-in-law, 1853
    — Wesley Leander Wilkinson, nephew, 1881-1881
    Alexander James Dawson, unacknowledged brother-in-law, 1860-1884
    — Zebediah Alexander Dawson, unacknowledged nephew, 1882

    Evelyn Leigh Abercrombie née Pendergast, sister, 1863
    Elwin ----- Abercrombie, brother-in-law, 1850
    — Ares Morocombe Abercrombe, nephew, 1884
    — Ambrosia Olivia Abercrombe, niee, 1885

    William Ferdinand Pendergast, brother, 1864
    Cornelia Tullia Pendergast née Lestrange, sister-in-law/cousin, 1870
    — Tacitus Godric Pendergast, nephew, 1885-1885

    Ellory Ambrosine Pendergast, sister, 1867

    Regina Aphrodite Pendergast, sister, 1883

    Warrick Lucius Pendergast, brother, 1883-1884
    At five feet and three inches in height, Rosie's stature is relatively average for a Victorian woman. Her weight is slightly below average, but not notably so. With chocolaty brown eyes and long dark blond hair, Rosie is pretty, but not overly so. When she smiles she has dimples in her fair cheeks. She is right handed.
    1866 — Rosalind Laverne Pendergast was born fifth in the Pendergast family and given a name with a very pretty meaning: beautiful rose of spring.

    1867 — Ellory Ambrosine joins the family. Because being squeezed between William and Ellory as she was meant that Rose was frequently overlooked in the large family. She grew up much closer to Evelyn and Ellory than she was to her own mother and looking up to their eldest sister instead of Olivia herself.

    1872 — Rose's eldest siblings go off to Hogwarts, where Regan is sorted into Gryffindor and Linaeve into Slytherin.

    1875 — Evelyn goes off to Hogwarts as well, where she joins Lina in Slytherin.

    1876 — William starts Hogwarts and is sorted into Hufflepuff.

    1877 — The years passed with Rosie trying to be good and ladylike, and she channeled her athletic tendencies into acceptable channels. Socially acceptable outlets such as riding and hunting had to be enough, and even at eleven she was aware of the fact. The family moved to Hogsmeade, and when Rose starts at Hogwarts, she does not consider joining the Quidditch team even though she fancied she would make a very good Beater. Her eldest sister is Head Girl.

    1878 — After completing school, Regan takes up a professional quidditch career and Evelyn debuts. In the fall Ellory is sorted into Gryffindor. Rosie meets Leopold Trelawney and helps him to the hospital wing after he is concussed during quidditch practice. The two become friends.

    1879 — Grandfather William died in May. Rose did well in school, excelling in Potions and Herbology. A very hands-on girl, she took up Arithmancy and Care of Magical Creatures in her third year. Lina marries.

    1880 — In September Rosalind is kissed in the library by a girl named Jeanne Delacour. She is shocked by the fact that she enjoyed it, and she both avoids Miss Delacour and any similar feelings or thoughts.

    1881 — Rosalind is named prefect, and is rather startled by the fact. Lina has a child, who passes almost immediately, and goes crazy for a bit. Rosalind finds herself with a secret admirer, who eventually is revealed to be Leopold Trelawney. They become secretly engaged and plan to elope, but are prevented by a blizzard.

    1882 — Regan marries Aoife Ward, who Rosalind develops an irrational dislike of, even going so far as to suspect that their twin daughters (born almost suspiciously soon after the wedding are not Regan's. Linaeve goes off the deep end an entirely different way and is disowned and divorced. Rose sits for her OWLs and achieves all Os and Es excepting Care of Magical Creature, in which she receives an A. Ellory is also named prefect. Rosalind is betrothed to Felix Prewett. Somehow Mother is pregnant.

    1883 — Evelyn marries Elwin Abercrombie. Rosalind manages to goad Mr. Prewett into breaking their betrothal, and is chastised for it. Two new children join the family, Regina and Warrick. Rose and Leo become increasingly distant as he deals with troubles about his identity. Will completes his schooling. In the fall, Rose is named Head Girl.

    In October, everything chances. Rosalind attends the Fall Festival, intending to meet up with Leopold -- now Turnbull -- and reignite their relationship. They both fall under the curse placed on the tickets. Rosalind, who is dressed as a 'damsel', loses her good sense and usual competence and ability to defend herself. Leo is dressed as a villain. Rose is raped, and the trauma prevents the memory charm involved in the curse from functioning fully.

    A month later, sure she is not with child, Rosalind confides her loss of virtue in her mother. Desperate, she attempts to gain a new proposal from Leopold, but receives no response.

    1884 — Tullia is ripped from her third year to marry Will. Evelyn gives birth to a son. In April, Rosalind receives a letter from Leo -- signed as 'A', like when he was her secret admirer -- and thing are permanently ended between them. Rosalind is given the summer to find a match. She meets Mr. Charming Doge and is quite taken with him, but comes down with the Laughing Plague and is prevented from properly encouraging his pursuit. Ellory is named Head Girl. Father is lost to the plague, as is Warrick. In the fall, Rosalind begins at Pendergast School for Young Roses and is frequently touted as 'the Pendergast Rose'.

    1885 — Evelyn gives birth to a girl. Rosalind meets and begins a friendship with Mathias Beaumont. Mr. Doge expresses his affections, which Rosalind tentatively returns. Two days after her nineteenth birthday, Rose debuts (again) in an exclusive event held at the ballroom at her mother's finishing school.
    Intelligent. Resourceful. Ambitious. Subtle. Athletic.
    Sample Roleplay Post:
    Practically the whole summer was gone. In a blink Rosie had gone from barely-out-for-the-summer fourth year to a prefect who was going to be heading back down the road to Hogwarts in two and a half weeks. Just two and a half weeks and then she'd be not only returning to school, but also starting her first term as a bloody prefect.

    Right now, though, Rosie Rose needed to replace her cauldron. She was studying for her O.W.L.s at the end of the year, and she absolutely had to get an O in Potions. There would be no chance for her to actually use the skills she was honing, to actually become a healer, but perhaps she'd be able to make medicinal potions and tend to the sick as charity.

    Biting the inside of her cheek gently (a bad habit, but one that Rosie couldn't seem to break) the soon to be fifth year pulled off her glove so that she could more closely examine the quality of one of the cauldrons.
    Out of Character
    Name: Emily
    Age: 24
    Contact: PM is preferred
    Other Characters: See CML
    How did you hear about us?: a bunch of ads on other sites, RPG-D
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    [Image: 2n8tv2c.jpg][Image: 6z3q8j.png]
    graphics by MJ
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