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First names were most often used by childhood or school friends. If the friendship was made after school age, first names would only really be used by women. Men were far more likely to refer to their friends by their surnames, a mark of familiarity. — Documentation

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Separating was also not a great idea, though they weren't doing great at staying together anyway. If she were to volunteer to be the human sacrifice.. well... Hogsmeade had plenty of debutantes anyway...

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For Lucy and Andy - They could've definitely met in school, though given their ages, I figure they were just acquaintances then and their friendship grew over the years perhaps as they interacted outside of Hogwarts/social functions, etc if that works for you?

For Percy and Andy - If it makes it easier for you we can always do the run-in, otherwise, I'm down with including Hawke if she's interested (:

For Aldous and Andy - Yeah, that works just fine. We can talk again once they're up c:

For Hannah and Andy - If you're done for it, I'd love to have one!

Hiya Dante!

For Ginevra and Andy - Admittedly she may be a bit sarcastic towards Ginevra if she's a bit reckless/overly brave but I think other than that she wouldn't mind her at all and is actually a fan of Quidditch. I think initially, Andy may have found her annoying in school but yeah I can definitely see them becoming buddies once Andy was like "Okay so Ginevra not that bad" moment during the first few years of school. If that works for you. I think now that they're graduated, Andy would probably go to Ginevra to see what events she has planned and be supportive of her endeavors and what not.

For Natsuko and Andy - Awe, I think Andy would get along just fine with her and would enjoy her wit and be curious about her schooling abroad since Andy's maternal grandparents were Mahoutokoro graduates and had lived in Korea before immigrating to America. They could've met in Hogsmeade since Andy is a frequent visitor of the tea rooms there if you'd like?

For Gwendolyn and Andy - I'm not sure how well they'd get along either and Andy would likely find her philosophy about purebloods ill-begotten. If anything Andy might just sass her which could be amusing.
Hello again dear! Welcome to Charming, ^_^

So I have for you:

    Aurelia Wallingford is the closest person I have to Andromeda's age right now - She would have been most likely a year above Andromeda, but she's personable and pretty active socially in the Upper Class, so if Andromeda's been dragged to a few events, then likelyhood their parents know each other. I can actually see both Aurelia and Andromeda's mothers getting along and mourning over their daughters' lack of a future (Aurelia's older sister isn't married yet, which just kills Aurelia's mother xD).

    I think in terms of personalities, Aurelia would mesh well to Andromeda's personality, though I obviously can't say for the other way around; she's used to being caught between two opposing sides, so she's gotten good at keeping good relationships with people without causing too much of a stir (though on occasion she gives into temptation and stirs the pot, if you will, so she's got a mischevious streak to her from time to time). Without trying to be too typical, think Elizabeth Bennet. Aurelia's family may or may not be slightly based off of the Bennets.

    Aurelia also is passionate about books - she has an introvert side to her that enjoys more in-depth conversations with friends as opposed to the omg hi howareyoui'vemissedyousomuch! convo. I could see Andromeda and Aurelia having met / bonded over a common interest in books/literature.

    ALSO Aurelia has a baby xD I'm not sure if Andromeda is very into children, but seeing as Aurelia has a house away from her family, she'd be more than happy to let Andromeda take refuge there and practice magic for as long as she wants.

    It's your call on how close they are, or if you can even see them being friends at all, but I thought I'd friend hurl Aurelia at Andromeda since Aurelia needs close friends in the UC. Don't feel pressured if you can only just see them being acquaintances ^_^

    Amelia Evans is probably closer to Andy in terms of personality. She's a spitfire and she really doesn't mind calling people out on their BS. She's an animagus and has decided to follow her passion in animals so she's relocated to Irvingly. She's a former Gryffindor, but she did set a student's robes on fire once at Hogwarts, so Andy might have heard about that?

    Amelia used to work at the Beautiful Beast Boutique in Hogsmeade until only recently, so that's where they could have met. She's also got two animals, Pascal and Penny (a maine coon and australian shepherd respectively) who are very friendly towards humans regardless if the human is fond of animals, so Pascal and Penny could have easily befriended Andromeda.

    Amelia also was taken in as a ward by her aunt and uncle after her parents cast her out for showing signs of magic, so Amelia could definitely relate to Andromeda's troubles at home relating to her mother. If anything Amelia could be like a mentor to Andromeda?

    Benedict Sterling is my adorable loveable mess. Long story short, he used to be the Head Auror for the DMLE, but he ended up getting injured on a mission and getting amnesia. He's just rejoined the task force and has just started to go back to work. I'm not sure in what way he and Andromeda would have met, but if she had expressed any interest in the DMLE, he would have gladly talked to her at Hogwarts Careers Day! He's not really sexist or classist. He's a Slytherin alumni so that also might have bonded them if they talked a smidge. He's sort of open for hurls, but he's kind of a clueless mess and another long story short, before he lost his memory, he was severely questioning his sexuality. Now, again he's a bit of a lost puppy. xD

    AAANNNNDDDD FINALLY, Tilda MacFusty is my bby and she hasn't been approved yet xD I'd link you to her app, but it hasn't been updated since I apped her back in 2014. But basically I'm porting her over from the old site, so she's pretty developed as a character. She'd be a year younger than Andromeda, and a Gryffindor and her family are famous for their rearing, training and expertise of dragons, so it's likely Andromeda has heard of Tilda's family at one point or another. Tilda's personality would probably best suit Andromeda's. Growing up amongst a large and rambunctious family like the MacFustys, Tilda had to learn how to hold her own in a fight of wits (and of brawn, on the rare occasion). Tilda would also probably handle Andromeda's grumpyness well. Give her a grumpy human over a brand new mother dragon any day xD

    So this was a LOT to throw at you, I'm so sorry xD But please let me know what you think!

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Well I'm open to debutante social/club threads for the Ginny or Natsuko which ever is your preference. Ginny is definitely more out there social.

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Thank you Lady ^^

For Aurelia and Andy - Andy would actually be quite fond of Aurelia. I agree that their personalities would mesh well and their love of books would certainly give them something bond over. Andy actually adores children even if she's a bit nervous about having her own in the future so she'd love Aurelia's baby. I'd love for them to be close friends and I feel like Andy would visit often to get away from her parents and have an excuse to see Aurelia and her child cuz playing with children is so much better than dealing with her responsibilities.

For Amelia and Andy - Haha, Andy would actually be amused by the kid catching fire I mean, she hopes they weren't hurt of course. Andy loves animals so she'd take well to Penny and Pascal and I'd love for Amelia to mentor Andy! Andy really doesn't have anyone to look up to her mom never counted so she'd appreciate someone she could ask for advice from that also wasn't breathing down her neck about her marriage prospects and what she's been reading.

For Benedict and Andy - She would definitely have had interest in the DMLE though her parents have said no to her having any sort of job which severely disappoints her. xD Andy would try not to be grumpy with him since he's a lost puppy and that would make her be like "I should try to help" but have no idea what she's doing exactly besides still talking to him and being supportive. Would be kind of funny but probably a fail xD

For Tilda and Andy - I love Tilda and once she's up we can definitely thread her and Andy. Andy thinks dragons are cool and would probably ask if she could see some because she's likely only read about them so far.

I'm down for either but I feel like Andy is leaning more towards Ginevra if that works for you? I can start unless you want to.
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Wheee!! OK so:
    ☛ AURELIA & ANDROMEDA | Yay for good friends!! I'd love to get a thread going between them; do you have any ideas? I'm not really one for 'catchup' threads xD Maybe Andromeda's having trouble at home and has come for refuge at Aurelia's to play with the baby and their dogs (forgot to mention she also has two dogs)? xD

    ☛ AMELIA & ANDROMEDA | Nah they weren't hurt. She set fire to Barnabas Skeeter 's robes cause he was being an asshat as usual xD Amelia is always there for advice! She's a little skittish sometimes, but I think she'd definitely take to Andromeda and give good advice - just not advice that she herself would probably take lol

    ☛ BENEDICT & ANDROMEDA | Hahahaha I could definitely see their dynamic before his amnesia as good friends and Ben would always try to get Andromeda to cheer up. I'm always up for backdating threads if you'd want to do so to help establish their relationship!

    ☛ TILDA & ANDROMEDA | Tilda is also good at knife throwing (not very lady-like xD), which she does in the privacy of her own home so if they were good friends / she trusted Andromeda to not rat her out to the public (her family doesn't mind in the least), she'd teach Andromeda how to do all that stuff.

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Sorry for the wait! Got busy the past couple of days ^^'

For Aurelia and Andromeda - Andy likes pets so that definitely works. Yeah, we can definitely thread them at Aurelia's place. If anything, Andy could tell her parents she's there for tea when she's really hoping to practice/learn more the kind of magic her mother disapproves at Aurelia's house? She was really in DADA and Charms in the past but her mother confiscated all her books on it. Just an idea!

For Amelia and Andromeda - Sweet, perhaps Andy meet up somewhere to discuss how hard her mother is on her? Like hoping Amelia has some advice on if Andy is being too harsh/picky about suitors and how to properly deal with an "I will marry you off whether you like it or not" mother?

For Benedict and Andromeda - Yess. I'm definitely down for backdated threads. Where would you like to start with them?

For Tilda and Andromeda - Andy wouldn't say a word and would love to learn. Her mother would call it savage but Andy is certain it would be useful and probably a lot of fun too.
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   Tilda MacFusty
Hello! I have Aster Langloire who is in Sixth Year. She would see Andromeda Blaire as someone to look up to. Maybe they could chat when Aster's on a Hogsmeade weekend? Maybe the families would know each other? Distant cousins maybe?
Hiii I've been lurking but I didn't really have anyone for Andy, so glad to see you have a second character now. ^^

Reuben Crouch was a year above him in Gryffindor with a similar personality. UCPB, shameless flirt, kind of a rake, was a class clown/jock at Hogwarts, has some family pressure that he's super not in to. I could see them being friendly unless you have other ideas!

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For Aster and Andy - Sure they could be distant cousins, perhaps on her father's side? She wouldn't mind meeting up with her in Hogsmeade either, maybe The Three Broomsticks?

For Reuben and Hale - I can definitely see them being friendly. They could have ran in a similar crowd at Hogwarts? As for ideas, since Reuben is a crooked bookie, perhaps Hale goes through him to make bets and whatnot? Hale gets bored so spending some time gambling wouldn't hurt.
Aster's father was a muggle, but her mother married a wizard afterwards who was then killed. But the wizard who they tried to pass off as Aster's father could be her connection to Andy?
Hi Heather!

I'm not super useful on the UCPB front, buuut I do have:

Porphyria Dempsey; she's quite a bit older than Andy and a halfblood, but she's a total eccentric and super morbid poet! She  likes making a scene in society and generally hates romance novels, but is always up for debating literature and encouraging literary pursuits, so they could potentially bond over that?  

Calliope Riley is pureblood and married up from the middle class years ago, and was widowed soon after. She was a Slytherin in school so may have been vaguely acquainted with Andy back then, and maybe might know Hale from general society things? She's quite scheming and catty and ruthless. xD

Elias here and Lorcan Byrne were both Gryffindors though middle class (Elias was working class through school) and neither are pureblood, so might have known Hale back then? Lorcan's Irish, so there's that!

Andromeda | Elsie here was in here class, but is an MCHB, she is an avid reader of ALL the things; she was terribly shy in school, but incredibly bright. Nora Abercrombie is a bit younger, the class of 87, but probably more in the right social circle as a UCPB herself, she likes to read as well and is more social, though she wishes she wasn't. She may also know of/remember Angie Swan from school. Same year, but a Ravenclaw, Angie went by the last name Sinnet back then and was presented as a UCPB at the time, but was disowned following graduation to pursue her career as a cursebreaker. @'February Lynch' was a year below and a Gryffindor, is an MCPB but they're a little more similar in temperament!

Hale | I think my only connection is a bit of a stretch (currently I have an inactive character that would be better) is Leon Lupin who is a UCPB a few years older. His family runs a vast shipping company, so maybe some kind of business acquaintance?

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For Aster and Andy - Sure that definitely works! Would you like to start their thread or I could?

Hey MJ (:

For Porphyria and Andy - I think that sounds great! Andy loves literature as well - particularly Lord Byron and Sir Walter Scott so she'd definitely enjoy having someone to talk to about it. I feel like she'd probably have a lot of questions about Porphyria and her poetry but not in a bad way.

For Calliope, Andy and Hale - haha I love catty characters. Andy would definitely want to sass her when they spoke but she'd probably recognize her name if anything. Hale would be the polite one though probably uncomfortable if they interacted but either would be fun.

For Elias, Lorcan, and Hale - Hale was pretty popular so he probably knew them in passing? Probably more so Lorcan because of #IrishBias but I think he'd recognize them vaguely if they met up these days. If anything Hale is fascinated by brooms and probably plays for fun so he may visit Elias for broom related things.

I'm down for any threads really if you'd like to thread any of this ideas <3

Bee's Girls and Andy - Elsie is super adorable and Andy was likely sad she didn't really talk to her much but perhaps now they could develop some sort of friendship revolving around books and intellectual discussions? Nora would likely be on similar lines, she's about a year older than Andy's little sister so she might attempt to mother hen her a bit. Also, ngl, Angie lived the dream in some ways that Andy could. Andy actually wanted to become an Auror but was too afraid to do so because of her fear of being disowned so I feel like she'd respect Angie and hope she's doing okay. With February, I feel like they would get along pretty well given their similarities and Andy would be amused that February has a cat named Andromeda too.

Leon and Hale - Yeah, I can definitely see them being business acquaintances, especially if they work together on some level since Hale's family produces charmed tea sets and perhaps Leon's family could ship it elsewhere for them if need be? If that works for you.
Ambrosia Shinnick & Andromeda - These two are same-age debutantes of good reputation, neither of whom enjoys gossip. I could see them at least being friendly, and perhaps Andromeda could introduce Ambrosia to muggle literature?
Dahlia McRae & Andromeda - Dahlia's already married, but she'd probably be a very good source for muggle literature. Dahlia would also likely invite Andromeda to balls, and probably also tea!

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Hi Elaine! Sorry for the late reply!

For Ambrosia and Andy - She can definitely introduce her to it! If you'd like we could've had them interacted previously and Andy could stop by to bring some Muggle books over that she thinks Ambrosia might like.

For Dahlia and Andy - I'm totally down for all of that and Andy would appreciate the connection. If you want to thread them having tea or attending a social event, I'd be down for that too. ^^

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