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December 24, 1887 — Quality Quidditch Supplies
Tessie's experience with quidditch was slight. Apart from attending Hogwarts and taking time out of her day to watch her house play on the teams and accompanying the Ross family to watch quidditch with their children, she had little knowledge (or interest, really) in the game. She was a more feminine woman who enjoyed feminine things—as in, nothing that required getting dirty or ruffling her dress.

However, it wasn't all too difficult for her to feign interest, and that was what she was doing when she was accompanying a friend into the shop to find a broomstick for her friend's little boy. While the said friend was questioning the manager about the best options, Tessie had wandered into a far corner of the shop, her gaze taking in the abundance of supplies (and not to mention the options within those supplies!).

In her attempt to pass through each aisle, she approached (and attempted to pass a gentleman who too was examining the supplies). "Excuse me," she said softly, trying to move past him. However, it soon became clear that she was not moving. Confused, her eyes moved towards the gentleman. "Do... Do you have any idea as to why I'm incapable of moving?" she asked, quite obviously confused and concerned.

@Elias Grimstone

Post Log
He'd dropped by to leave a bottle of wine for the owner, Mr. Gallivan, and a couple of the shop employees he found himself well-acquainted with, for once having all his Christmas affairs in order promptly and hassle-free. That hadn't stopped him browsing the displays, though, however crammed it might be with last-minute shoppers and some overexcited young boys who sounded like they would be willing to cut off their own toes to own some of the Wigtown merchandise.

The more he looked, though, the more Elias was convinced there would absolutely be someone he'd forgotten for Christmas, somewhere. Perhaps a business associate, one of his long-standing clients, someone who'd drop by just after the New Year and whom Elias would have to greet empty-handed. Ha! But not if he bought some backup gifts - just little knick-knacks, some complimentary polish or tail twig tweezers or something. (Now that he thought about it... maybe he'd forgotten more people than he'd thought. Perhaps he'd be best off ordering in bulk.)

Amidst this dilemma, he'd heard an 'excuse me', and took a step back, away from the display so that the person could pass. No one had passed, though; Elias reoriented and found himself facing a young lady who, despite being relatively short and decently dainty, still hadn't slipped past him. Perplexed, he attempted to back up, even further out of her way, only he found himself affixed to the same spot in the aisle, like he'd found himself knee-deep in invisible glue. Well, that was odd.

"I wish I had an answer for you, Miss, but I'm afraid I'm having the same problem," Elias admitted, huffing out a helpless laugh. "Must be punishment for looking at new things right before Christmas," he half-joked, though he tried to pull up his foot again and frowned. If this were a sales tactic to trap customers into buying last-minute purchases, it was by all accounts an odd one.

To even look at his face, the slightly shorter than average Tessie had to crane her neck up to look him in the eyes. It was quite embarrassing; her cheeks were red and he seemed just as perplexed as she did. It didn't help that they were in such close proximity to each other as they stood cluelessly...

"If such a thing were true, I doubt I would have been caught," she chuckled softly, her embarrassment apparent. "I'm only accompanying a friend on her quest to find the perfect present for her son. I don't suppose you know the best broomstick for a small child?" she asked. Small talk was the best way Tessie avoided any awkwardness. She could hold simple conversation with the hopes that simply time would aid them in their hopes of getting un-stuck (as unrealistic as such a notion was!).

Post Log
Her reply elicited a twofold and rather conflicting response in him. Her first confession was a mild disappointment, although perhaps he should have guessed: she didn't look much like the sort. It didn't bear much promise for idle chit-chat if they wound up stuck here for very long, since Elias had never quite mastered the art of small talk... But also she had asked a startlingly straightforward question, and so he grinned broadly, quite forgetting their current predicament.

"Now that I can answer!" He exclaimed brightly. "Of course I do. I mean, it depends on the age of the child, but -" he - straining against the sticking charm or whatever it was that seemed to be holding them there - still couldn't move, but managed to crane his neck around, peering over at the broomstick displays across the shop in the hopes of pointing one out. He deflated slightly at the impracticality of this attempt, for if he leant that way any further he'd no doubt lose his balance... so he settled for waving his arm vaguely in that direction. "Unfortunately I can't quite show you from here," he said with a sigh, raising his hand to scratch his head in returned bemusement.

The bemusement only grew when something brushed against the back of his hand. Elias flinched, and glanced up. Dangling from the shop ceiling, only a little ways above their heads (well, his head) was a large sprig of a white-berried plant. Well, that... could only be mistletoe. "Ah," he declared, to keep his newfound companion abreast of the discovery. He batted at the leaves with his hand as if he might knock the decoration down from the ceiling; it wavered, but seemed stubbornly attached to its spot, much like his feet.

If this were a sales tactic, it was even more odd.

Nothing—and she meant nothing—could now prevent her face from turning the bright red shade it was. The gentleman she stood next to was a tall on, and in being in such close proximity she had to stretch her neck to the maximum to even look at his face; in doing so, she caught sight of the little pest he was batting at.

"That's mistletoe," she said dumbly, feeling her cheeks grow even hotter. "It - um - must be a silly prank by children. They're always looking - er..." she stuttered. Was kissing the only way they could get out of this? She wasn't repulsed by the gentleman (though his height did seem a little intimidating!), but to be seen would mean judgment—and judgment could cause the termination of her job!

"I don't suppose you're well-versed in the magic used by the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes?" she asked.

Post Log
Elias nearly missed her hypothesis about how the mistletoe had gotten there, too aware of the sudden crimson flush on her face. Mistletoe was always silly, but usually it was harmless, usually one would be forgiven for not heeding it when bumping into a stranger beneath it. This - this - they were stuck here, though. That... changed things, a little.

A kiss was only a kiss (it had been a while, but he was fairly certain he hadn't forgotten how), but her red face had a flush creeping up the back of his neck towards his ears all the same.

Her question was a momentary distraction, at least, a hope of an alternative. Merlin, he'd never felt worse about disappointing someone. "I... I'm afraid my speciality's charming brooms, and I don't think any strength of cushioning charm will be much use here," Elias offered ruefully, rummaging for his wand to try a general counter charm or two anyway. "You're not a Ministry employee either, I take it?" He guessed; she looked far too pretty to be a Ministry employee. That, and she hadn't leapt to their rescue yet.

Tessie was not a harlot, and to be seen as one an embarrassing prospect. Even though the gentleman was very aware of how stuck they were, she was self-conscious about coming off as too eager to kiss him, even if it was merely to escape their predicament. He seemed sincere, but not very eager; perhaps he didn't think she was pretty enough to be kissing. She wouldn't be surprised — he was handsome himself.

"Oh. N-No, I don't work there either," she offered shyly, averting her gaze from his for a moment. Was she supposed just ask him to kiss here? Was that how this was supposed to work? Or would he ask her permission? Even worse: would he make them wait for Ministry assistance so she'd suffer more embarrassment?

"You... Do you want to, um...?" She released a nervous, almost uncomfortable giggle. The concept of kissing any man in her current situation, let alone a stranger, was such a foreign one indeed!

Post Log
"...Get us out of this?" Elias finished her question for her, assuming that was what she'd meant by it. There only seemed to be one thing to do, since he was all out of spell ideas, and she hadn't offered any of her own. They could call for help and alert the rest of the shop and the rest of the world to their predicament, but then they'd be stuck here in this aisle for - hours on end, probably, while the Ministry sent out a man... and all the while, there was, apparently, a very simple solution. One looking them right in the face.

She'd suggested it - well, almost suggested it - but she'd also glanced away and seemed a little nervous about it all the same; and while Elias wasn't going to pretend that kissing her (whoever she was) would be an unpleasant chore, or any skin off his back, he presumed that winsome young blondes like her would probably be pickier about whom they went around kissing, if they did such a thing at all.

"If you don't mind...?" Elias asked, with an awkward smile as a sort of advance apology. This was awkward enough to begin with, but made more awkward by the fact that their feet were stuck in place. There was more than a foot in height difference between them, too, so - this was going to take a bit of manoeuvring. Carefully, testing the waters, he lifted a hand and gently tilted her chin up towards him, so at least there was a feasible angle to kiss her. She still might have to meet him halfway.

Tessie wasn't exactly sure how she was handle the situation, both in the moment and the aftermath. Being so close in proximity to a gentleman she wasn't familiar with was enough to induce her deeply-concealed anxieties, but kissing him? It was a miracle she hadn't burst into tears already! At least he was handsome, and at least he didn't seem cocky about the fact that he about to have his lips all over hers (at least for a long enough moment to show the mischievous mistletoe!).

Tessie tried to return the smile, but there was no hiding her insecurities nor worries. She'd been expected to remain chaste until she married, if she ever married; would Papa scold her for giving into the mistletoe rather than waiting for assistance? Papa was a sweetheart, but the thought of disappointing him was scarier than the kiss she was faced with!

She allowed the gentleman to tilt her head upwards, and after a moment of realizing their predicament, she leaned up on her toes and squeezed her eyes shut. Hopefully he didn't take her squeamishness the wrong way!

Post Log
Elias, hyperaware of this situation, and stuck far too close to her to not notice, could see the tension and anxiety in her face. Although he had already placed the back of his hand under her chin, her expression was enough to see him spiral, reconsidering. He had probably assumed wrong, and this was not the way she'd wanted to go about getting unstuck. Well - he could wait here for help to come - he wouldn't mind. Christ, the last thing he wanted was to submit her to acute torment!

A kiss being merely a kiss was one thing to his brain, but to a young lady, that was much less the truth. Elias knew from past experience just how much trouble a kiss could cause anyone, especially one that might be seen by strangers. He knew full well how gossip spread, how reputations got damaged. He had promised himself to be better, not make the same mistakes, had committed himself to pursuing propriety years ago - though it was a resolution he had never ventured far enough with since to properly test.  

He thought the mistletoe's presence ought to forgive them, a little; he wouldn't be doing this, otherwise. The girl had perhaps reconciled herself to this already, since she was stretching up towards him, her eyes already fluttering shut. Elias leaned in, starting to close the distance - but then pulled back slightly, his hand having let her chin go, now hovering just a fraction under it. He hadn't even asked her name. "Er, I'm Elias, by the way," he put in awkwardly, "Elias Grimstone." It was a step towards custom, and correct decorum, and good manners, he supposed sheepishly - making introductions, rather than kissing a stranger - but he wasn't sure exchanging names would be reassuring in the least. It might have been better to remain strangers?

(Ah well. At least, this way, she might better avoid him in future, if she liked.)  

... but he did take her squeamishness the wrong way, prompting him to pull back and begin chattering away. Tessie almost missed his name, as she was far too focused on her flaring cheeks to worry about what he was saying. If she had been anything other than a perfectly proper young woman, she would have pulled him down herself and planted a kiss on his lips, but she didn't roll that way. Instead, she pulled back, and, despite her completely humiliated expression, tried to offer him a smile. Elias Grimstone was a familiar name — she faintly remembered it from a conversation with Maggie — but she didn't know why. Maybe he was a quidditch player?

"My name's- um, it's Tessie Darrow. Tessa. Miss Darrow," she answered awkwardly as she anxiously waited for proper introductions to come to their natural conclusion.

Post Log
The embarrassment was... not receding, in the slightest. Not by having offered his name, and certainly not by knowing hers. Tessie. Tessa. Miss Darrow. Yes. Alright. Good. Well - they were slightly less strangers. He'd sort of done the proper thing.

(Not the most proper thing, which would be to do precisely nothing, like a gentleman. But after that... Elias was all the more ready to be out of her way and out of here.) So he nodded sheepishly at her response, self-consciously cleared his throat and then repeated his motions of a moment earlier by leaning down and in, his fingers resting beneath her chin again. Hopefully she would close her eyes again, Elias thought, at least so that she wouldn't notice the tips of his ears burning red.

He finally pressed his lips to hers, lingering there in the kiss long enough that the mistletoe would hopefully not require them to repeat the endeavour. As things went, admittedly, the kiss itself was much less awkward than the preamble had been. (Most things probably would be.) In fact, he really ought to do this more often, Elias considered as he pulled back, awaiting the pall of awkwardness to descend again whether or not the mistletoe's curse had lifted. Though preferably not in this sort of situation.

He (thankfully) didn't speak again, sparing her of any awkward chatter before he moved to kiss her. It admittedly wasn't as bad or nauseating as she'd thought it would be — considering, of course, that her lips were being smooshed against an stranger's. Her hands had unconsciously reached up, her fingers brushing against the fabric of his shirt. (It was, she assured herself upon realizing it, a way to stabilize herself in case she fainted. Obviously.)

Then the kiss was over, and Tessie found herself staring up at Mr. Grimstone through thick lashed, her cheeks tinted pink and a bashful smile across her lips. What was she supposed to say? "Thank you for kissing me"? She could feel the butterflies in her stomach swarming, and she was confident that they'd escape in the form of a giggle if she dared open her mouth. Instead, she tugged her bottom lip between her teeth and raised her brows ever-so-slightly, hoping he'd have something to stay so they didn't stand there until the awkwardness returned.

Post Log
She didn't seem mad about it, which was good. She also didn't look as though she had been scarred for life, so there was that. Her hand had also found its way to him in the moment, he registered belatedly. Oh.

He pulled back, his own hand dropping as he made eye contact with Miss Darrow again, wondering if it had worked but a little nervous about trying to lift his feet, in case it hadn't. That would be a fun trick, getting people to kiss for even less reason. Miraculously, however, Elias felt decidedly less awkward about the whole affair now that it was over. She would be able to go about her life and quickly forget it, and so would he.  

"Well," Elias began, a little amused that she was still looking at him expectantly, even though they had already kissed. "I'll finally get out of your hair," he declared, flashing her a wry smile in return to hers, and then carefully taking a step back, finding that they were, indeed, free. (And realising quite how close they'd been standing, up until now.) He ought to say something else, probably, before turning on his heel and hurrying off... but what? Sorry?

He supposed he'd been apologetic enough already. "... Nice to meet you," he said instead, hastily and forcefully bright, as he offered Tessa Darrow a brief wave as he backed off down the aisle.

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