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Kristoffer was going to be great at this, because he was great at everything. Also his memory was greater than everyone else's, because he bet no one else had ever lost their virginity somewhere exotic like Morocco. Hell, he bet no one else had even lost their virginity. Inexperienced losers.

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It's Rude to Stare
15th April, 1888

Silly, stupid students with their stupid, silly lives. Woopy was not happy. He'd been sent to the library to do some dusting of the shelving which though he didn't mind that particularly much, the students of Hogwarts had a tendency of leaving their trash everywhere and it was out of loyalty and obligation that Woopy had to clean up after them.

He never really understood wizardkind. Sure, there were the exceptions to the rule that - generally - wizards were mean and nasty, but they were often just that and Woopy found his unwavering loyalty toward them extremely confusing. Not that he minded; he rather enjoyed his work, despite his protests to the contrary.

Woopy apparated to the library and moved between the tables, his spindly arms raised above his head as balls of paper that had been left on the table began unfolding themselves and stacking themselves in a neat pile ready for disposal.

"Hmph. Silly wizards think Woopy wants to tidy after them." Woopy grumbled and looked up at the shelving.

It was dusty. Clicking his fingers, the papers came to a halt next to him - they all appeared to just be notes from some studying - and a cloth appeared in his hand.

It was at this point at Woopy noticed someone watching him work. He turned to the patron and glared, "Staring is rude."
Studying was so dull. Camille just did not want to do any of it. Part of her wished she was Holly, the sister that was so dedicated to learning all she could while she was here. But she wasn't. She was just simply Camille. Miss Camille Scrimgeour, the young Gryffindor who was completely bored. Opening and closing her book, trying to get the will to actually read the words inside. She would much rather be outside, playing and perhaps getting her robes a bit too dirty.

Looking at the papers that had been from her last class of the day, she grumbled lightly. Stupid papers, always having to ruin the fun. Placing her head on the table, she groaned heavily. Taking a moment to wallow in self-pity, she stayed like that. It didn't last long, however. Growing quickly bored of even that!

Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a house elf apparate out of thin air. But, weren't they supposed to go unseen? How improper. Well, at least it was her, and not Holly, that had caught this siting. Camille could care less about complaining over simply noticing the creature.

How interesting it was, to hear the average thought process of the house elf be said aloud. What else went through their heads on a day to day basis? Did they ever think about each other? About exploring the world? Or was it all about cleaning and wizards? What a wonder indeed.

Throughout her thought process, she had not once thought about the fact that she probably should look away at some point. But upon the house elf's reaction to her lack of doing so, she raised an eyebrow. "So is your bluntness." She stated simply. Now this was strange, was she even supposed to be talking to him? Was he even supposed to be talking to her? Both answers were most likely a no.
The girls retort almost had Woopy speechless (was that even possible?) and the elf found himself in a bit of a predicament: - did he return her comment with a witty remark of his own, apologise to her and go about his day, or simply ignore what she said entirely and repeat his previous observation?

Logically speaking (logic being Woopy's rather skewed view of any and all things), only one of the three options seemed viable.

Option one was not viable; he would surely land himself in a lot of trouble and if he were to be honest, he didn't fancy that.
Option two wasn't on the table either; whilst he could apologise, it wouldn't accomplish anything. The witch standing in front of him would likely continue gawking at him as if it was normal (as much as he thought himself a rather strapping House Elf).

Which led to Woopy to follow the only logical step he could see: option three.

"And Woopy said staring is rude! This why Woopy is invisible to you silly witches and wizards! You all stare and think you better than Woopy!" Whilst his voice wasn't particularly loud, it was clear he was irritated; which was made even more obvious when he started flailing his arms around as he continued to vent, "Woopy think just once he no need to go invisible and silly witch won't stop staring! It's very rude!"
Camille wasn't that stubborn of a girl, especially when looking at the rest of her family, but that didn't mean she wasn't stubborn. Of course she was stubborn, wasn't everyone, at least to some degree? So when 'challenged' by a simple house elf, she was very much prepared to stand her ground.

Scoffing, she shook her head. "Not as rude as your tone. I was simply being curious, you are being mean." She stated. Watching the elf flail about, she was trying not to laugh at his reactions to simply being looked at. "Perhaps you shouldn't be visible if you get upset at being looked at." She commented with a shrug.
The House Elf let out a laugh when the witch said he was being mean; Woopy was over one hundred and this human looked to be a first year. This wasn't him being mean - this was just him being himself. Maybe that was mean. Woopy had no idea.

"Perhaps you shouldn't either!" Woopy exclaimed and climbed onto a nearby table to square up to her. She reminded him of Slytherin; she was just as rude and self-entitled as they were; yet her robe colours suggested she was in that other house with the lion.

He knew he couldn't really do anything as he was bound to serve those within the halls of Hogwarts - though that wasn't to say he couldn't have fun. And fun he was going to have.

After all, it was his job to clean and this girl - this rude, impolite girl - was most definitely making a mess.

Woopy nodded toward her with a profound blink and her hands began to disappear as an invisibility spell took hold until all that was left was her clothing hovering in the air.

The House Elf started chuckling and jumping on the spot, "Being invisible is fun! Ha! Silly witch is now invisible and won't stare anymore."

Of course, the spell wouldn't last long and to Woopy out of sight meant out of mind.

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