Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Regan Pendergast
    In Character
    Full Name: Regan Marcel Pendergast
    Nicknames: I'm sure Aoife has a few for him
    Birthdate: May 21st, 1861
    Current Age: 26
    Occupation: Sponsor of the Appleby Arrows
    Hogwarts House: Gryffindor Alumnus
    Wand: 11 ¼", Hawthorne, phoenix tail feather, pliable
    Blood Status: Pure
    Social Class: Upper

    • Aoife Pendergast née Ward | [1862] wife
      ----Stella Pendergast | [1882] daughter*
      ----Ramona Pendergast | [1882] daughter*
      ----Duncan Pendergast | [May 1884 - July 1884] son

    • Philip Pendergast | [1826-1885] Father
    • Olivia Pendergast née Lestrange | [1837-1887] mother
    • Linaeve Dawson née Pendergast | [1861] twin sister, disowned
    • Evelyn Abercrombie née Pendergast | [1863] sister and family
    • William Pendergast | [1864] brother and family
    • Rosalind Beaumont née Pendergast | [1866-1887] and family
    • Ellory Pendergast | [1867] sister
    • Regina Pendergast | [1883] sister*
    • Warrick Pendergast | [1883-1884] brother*

    *denotes twins

    Appearance: With an athletic build, Regan stands at a slightly above average five foot ten inches. Most noticeable about him is his curly mop of dark brown curls and matching brown eyes. He is almost always found with a smile on his face and a tan on his skin from the excessive amount of time he spends outside. Muscular where it counts, Regan is not very broad, but what he lack in wide he certainly makes up for in strength. He is naturally left-handed but when it comes to quidditch he is equally as good with both hands. Regan is most often sporting some kind of stubble across his sturdy chin, though he cleans up nicely when it is demanded of him. When it isn't he tends to dress more casually, preferring comfort to fashion.

    May 21st, 1861 : Born the very first child to Olivia and Philip Pendergast on a warm day in late May, he was expected to be the only baby, until his mother found herself having a second set of contractions and Regan's twin sister Linaeve followed shortly behind.

    1863 : Evelyn is born. Regan enjoys the addition to the family and regards his little sister with more tenderness than expected, especially from a rough and tumble toddler.

    December 8th, 1864 : William joins the family. Glad to have a brother, Regan anticipates lots of playing and rough housing with William in future.

    June 17th, 1866 : The Pendergast family expands yet again, adding Rosalind. Another girl does not go amiss by Regan, he already has a brother to play with and now the girls will have more company. Regan performs his first sign of magic, summoning his toy broom from the cupboard where it had been locked as a punishment for flying on it unsupervised.

    May 10, 1867 : Ellory joins the already admirably large Pendergast clan and is for now, the last child. As the baby, Regan has always regarded Ellory as such, even if his parents do not. He likes to spoil her when he can. In July of the same year Regan receives his first boom, a mistake nobody saw coming as the boy became obsessed with flying, sparing no time in learning the tricks and skill to the craft. Flying morning, noon and night until he drove both his parents and nannies crazy with it, Regan was quickly taught balance between what he liked to do as a chld and what was expected of him as heir to an upper class family.

    Summer 1868 : In addition to flying, Regan adds riding, hunting and archery to his list of activities. He quickly excels in both riding and archery, but hunting is not second nature to him like the rest. He spends quite a bit of his free time either flying or with Aoife or both in the few years leading up to his schooling.

    School Year 1872 - 1873 : Regan and Lina head off to Hogwarts where he is promptly sorted into Gryffindor and his twin into Slytherin. Classes do not come overly easy to Regan, but socialization does. He quickly makes several friends whom he still has to this day. Quidditch becomes a fascination and his unlikely tryouts as a first year land him a spot as a beater on the house team.

    School year 1873 - 1874 : Childhood friend and neighbor Aoife Ward joins Regan in Gryffindor. The two have always been close, growing up next door to one another, sharing in many adventures forest surrounding their homes. Regan plays beater for another year on the Gryffindor quidditch team.

    School Year 1874 - 1875 : Evelyn joins Regan and Lina at Hogwarts. That summer while practicing archery with Aoife the two get a little too curious about the opposite gender in the woods that leads to an awkward encounter.

    School Year 1875 - 1876 : Regan starts to develop some unusual romantic feelings for Aoife that he quickly stifles in fear of ruining their friendship. He never says anything to her.

    School Year 1876 - 1877 : William joins his siblings at Hogwarts and is sorted into Hufflepuff. His OWLs go about as predictably as they can, he excelled in transfiguration and care of magical creatures, but not in much else.

    School year 1877 - 1878 : Rosalind heads to school and is sorted into Slytherin with Lina. Regan switches from Gryffindor team beater to team keeper and is named team captain.

    School Year 1878 - 1879 : Ellory is the last to arrive at Hogwarts, the first and only year all of the Pendergast siblings will be at school together. She is quickly sorted into Gryffindor with Regan, something he rather enjoyed. He never minded spending time with is baby sister after all. Regan and Aoife come to a quiet agreement to become friends with benefits. It is both tricky and thrilling for Regan who still has very hidden romantic feelings for his best friend. Regan graduates this year with a few NEWTs under his belt, though not quite as many as he should have. He is quickly picked up by Puddlemere united, against a lot of wishes as a second string keeper.  

    Summer 1879 : Regan is drafted to Puddlemere United and plays his first full year for the team, doing his mandatory time on the second string. He continues seeing Aoife, though those hidden feelings of his start popping up more and more.

    Fall 1880 : Regan starts playing first string keeper for Puddlemere United this season after their previous first sting keeper retires.

    May 1881 : Evelyn graduates. Regan is traded to the Chudley Cannons and starts as their first string keeper.

    Fall 1881 : Regan, in a hasty, albeit romantic move, proposes to Aoife in November who promptly freaks out and stars avoiding him, but he is undeterred. He quite fancies the idea of marrying his best friend and has realized he's probably been in love with her for longer than he'd care to admit. She eventually comes around in December and accepts. On a lunch date with his twin Lina, she miscarries and unfortunately after only a few hours, baby Wesley doesn't make it. Regan has never liked Lina's husband, he is very suspicious that she's being abused. Contact between Regan and Lina slowly dwindles because Regan has a hard time accepting that he cannot help his sister any more and fears she may be losing her mind. He warns her against writing the rest of their siblings. His engagement to Aoife is announced that Christmas and Lina stops speaking to Regan.

    March 4th, 1882 : Aoife and Regan marry. The newlyweds find out they are pregnant soon after. (A little early even for a honeymoon baby, whoops! But nobody says anything.)

    April 21st, 1882 : Unfortunately Linave is disowned from the family and while it pains Regan, there is nothing he can do for his twin.

    November 22nd 1882 : Ramona and Stella are born. While terrified of being a father, Regan quickly adapts as he has most of his life, settling into both the role of husband and father more easily than many expected.

    January 1883 : Evelyn marries into the Abercrombie family.

    February 1883 : Against his gut, Regan refrains from trying out for the National Team, feeling it best to stay focused on his girls at home and keep to his regular quidditch season. In a startling turn of events his mother gives birth to yet another set of twins, Regina and Warrick.

    May 2nd, 1884 : Duncan is born, yay an heir!

    July 1884 : Duncan is lost to the Laughing Plague, in addition to his father and baby Warrick. This sends both Regan and Aoife into a downward spiral of grief. Regan outwardly handles it much better, but inside he's just as big of a mess, but he tries to keep it together for Aoife.

    May 1887 : Regan retires from professional quidditch and promptly buys the Appleby Arrows- unwilling to be completely disconnected from the sport.

    July 1887 : His mother is killed in the WWM explosion and Rosalind succumbs to a suspicious sudden ailment that takes the life of both his sister and newborn niece. The entire family is thrown into mourning and a little bit of chaos.

    Personality: All around easygoing; very protective of family and friends; charming: flirtatious; athletic; loyal; a bit of an oddball; goofy; sometimes a little arrogant; reckless; likes to play hero; very responsible when it is demanded of him; loving; often overly affectionate.

    Sample Roleplay Post: PLEASE MERLIN NO

    Out of Character
    Name: Bee
    Age: 30
    Contact: @Elsie Beauregard
    [Image: mmQgBs.png]
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