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First names were most often used by childhood or school friends. If the friendship was made after school age, first names would only really be used by women. Men were far more likely to refer to their friends by their surnames, a mark of familiarity. — Documentation

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Carson Bixby for Sloane Bixby. You can take the middle-aged man out of quidd—oh, apparently you can't.
Separating was also not a great idea, though they weren't doing great at staying together anyway. If she were to volunteer to be the human sacrifice.. well... Hogsmeade had plenty of debutantes anyway...

Barnabas Skeeter in CYOA: Group D

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Out of Place
Monday, April 16th, 1888 — Podmore Zoological Gardens

Whatever it was, Atticus was very sure it was supposed to be tucked up safely in the wizards-only section of the zoo, far away from muggles just minding their own business. Instead, though, he was now facing down some sort of angry, glittery tortoise, much as he had faced down the bird-horse-thing in Diagon Alley. As had been the case before, he did not like this.

Given that it was a Monday afternoon, the Podmore Zoological Gardens were not exactly busy, and it appeared to Atticus that he was the only person at present on this particular pathway. He lived with witches and a young wizard, served magicfolk in his inn, and in general was quite fascinated by all things magical, but his was a scholar’s perspective, an arm’s length perspective.

Not a face-to-face perspective.

Hullo?” he called out, nerves evident in his tone but not in his face as he carefully took one step back from the beast, then another. Atticus was not too man to admit that he was frightened.

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The gardens were slow, but that didn't really bother Amelia too much. In fact, being an introvert, she very much liked when they were next to empty. That gave her time with the animals which she frankly needed to keep her sanity. She was just on her way to the lunch room, Penny trotting brisquely behind her when she heard the familiar sounds of claws snapping menacingly.

That stopped her dead in her tracks and she immediately spun 90 degrees and took off towards the sound. That could only mean one thing.

Bloody hell. Of course she would end up on the opposite side of where the beast's target was. Judging by the lack of a drawn wand, the man looked to be a muggle (he could have certainly been a wizard without a wand however, Amelia - being Amelia - jumped to worst case scenario).

"Oh dear." she muttered. The man looked to be unscathed, if not apprehensive. "Don't make any sudden movments," she warned, raising her voice slightly so the man could hear her.
The concern in the witch's voice did little to ease Atticus' own. He had been quite prepared to accept that the strange-looking creature might be entirely harmless, had hoped that was the case, but the young lady did not seem to support that wish. Fortunately, neither fight nor flight had won out over freeze, and the muggle was not certain he could have made any sudden movements even had he wanted to.

"As you say, Miss," he called back, wondering if speaking constituted movement, and praying it did not. "If you could provide further direction, though, I should be grateful indeed."

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The sound of the claws snapping menacingly echoed throughout the path they were located on. Thank Merlin there weren't any more passers by there, however Amelia knew she'd have to get the beast back to it's enclosure as soon as possible. And with as little people noticing there was a glittery animal in their path.

Easier said than done.

She looked at the man; of course she was directly across from him, and of COURSE, the tortoise's gaze seemed to be locked on the man instead of her. She wanted to continue communicating with the man, however loud noises and shouting might startle the animal.

Amelia winced. "Stay. Still." was all she said before attempting to peer around to try and get a better look at the fire crab. They really needed to get to the bottom of how in the world firecrabs kept escaping from their enclosure. It wasn't good for business in the least.

She needed to get a better glimpse at the animal, but its attention was too focused on the man in front of it. Slipping her wand out of her pocket, she gripped it in case she needed to immobilize the animal. "Tell me sir," she began her eyes glued to the animal's shell. "The jewel on the right next to its eye. What color is it?" And odd question to be posing at a time like this, but she hoped he wouldn't question it too much.
That all her instructions seemed centered upon not fleeing the strange creature was not something Atticus was likely to find reassuring. Was he now, officially, doomed? Was she trying to use him as a bait of sorts, to ensure the creature did not come after her in turn? At her next request, though, the man turned his head sharply to look at her as though he was mad, only to earn a curdling screech from the beast. He flinched at the sound.

"It appears to be...orange? Or perhaps red," Atticus answered uncertainly, having slowly moved his head back and squinted his eyes to see. "Maybe brown. How does one tell?"

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Orange was okay. Red, however was not. Amelia bit her lip. That meant it could be either Henry or Frank; and Amelia was quite certain the muggle did not want it to be Frank that he was up against. She huffed her frustration, attempting to crane her neck around to see. "Well, does it appear to be a blue-red, or a yellow-orange?" she inquired, feeling quite silly at the moment; really, talking about color theory at a time like this! She knew bringing this up probably did not paint her in the most reassuring light in the eyes of the man.

"If it's red, that means it's Frank, and he's quite temperamental with a mean fire blast range that I would not like to subject you to." she continued, hoping to further justify her somewhat weird question. "If it's orange, then that's Henry and you're quite alright to approach; he's all bark and quite literally no bite. His jaw got injured in a trafficking incident so he's quick to defend, however he's incapable of biting that hard, and he's unable to shoot a fire blast."
What in God’s name was blue red?! Surely one was the polar opposite of the other! Atticus was beginning to worry that this young lady was altogether incapable of being of use.

“It just looks red to me,” he called back, plainly flustered. Regardless of her reassurances, Atticus did not think he wished to meet Henry any more than he did Frank.

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