Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Lila Pearson
    In Character

    Full Name: Lila Marie Pearson née Reed
    Nicknames: None
    Birthdate: October 14, 1851
    Current Age: 34
    Occupation: Hogwarts Art Professor
    Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
    Wand: Black Walnut, 11 inches, Unicorn Hair, Quite Flexible
    Blood Status: Halfblood
    Social Class: Middle
    • Richard Reed - Father
      Marie Reed - Mother
      Richard Reed Jr. - Older Brother
      Aida Portingale - Older Sister
      — Tau Portingale - Brother-in-law
      — Sophronia Portingale - Niece & Ward
      Edwina ---- - Older Sister
      James Reed - Younger Brother
      Byron Reed - Younger Brother
      Asa Reed - Younger Brother

      Bennet Pearson - d. 1876 at 33 - Husband
      Hiram Pearson - d. 1873 at 3 weeks - Son
      Callum Pearson - d. 1875 stillborn - Son
      Sylvie Pearson - d. 1876 at 1 year - Daughter

      Elias - 6 years - Cat
    • Standing at five feet, five inches tall, Lila is very much what she would consider to be average. Her body is curvaceous as most womens, not overly so and not overly flat either. She is average sized she thinks, obviously never lacking for food but never overindulging either. Her hair is a dark chocolate color as are her eyes and her skin naturally darker in color as well. She often dresses rather modestly in robes reminiscent of times past and curly locks kept mostly down. She thinks that overall she is a rather unremarkable looking woman and that suits her just fine. Her right hand is her dominant one.
    • Lila's early childhood was very much average for a young woman in the middle class. She grew up just outside of London with her magical family as the middle child with three older siblings and three younger siblings closing her in. She didn't mind much having such a large family and her parents were wealthy enough to sustain them a good lifestyle so she never wanted for anything. Though perhaps not the most glamorous of lives, she was happy and that was enough for the young woman who had a penchant for art and books. It was apparent from a young age that Lila enjoyed any form of emotional outlet. Writing, painting, sculpting, music - she loved it all even if she were perhaps not the most talented in a handful of such things. Art, however, remained her primary source of expression and throughout her childhood it was not uncommon for her to make works to give to her parents to show gratitude for the comfortable life she had. When she was eleven, just as her siblings before her, she went off to Hogwarts to start her magical education. She was quickly sorted into Ravenclaw and there she spent the large bulk of her adolescence.As a Ravenclaw it was expected that she should do well in school and do well she did. She showed an aptitude for Transfiguration in particular though she did well in all of her classes. She found early on that she was a talented witch and was often complimented on her ability to use spells a grade or so above her own. She enjoyed her school years and though perhaps not the most popular she was well enough known and had her own group of friends. She took interest early on in the art of becoming an animagus and decided that she would attempt one day to turn into an animal.Upon her coming out she met Bennet Pearson and soon after he asked for permission to begin courting her. It is only months later that he asks for her hand in marriage and by April of 1870 she is married. She cares very much for her husband and he is her best friend. She fancies herself in love with him and is very pleased that they found one another. Not terribly long into their marriage she finds that she is with child. She is thrilled by the prospect but is let down when in August of 1870 she miscarries. She experiences five more miscarriages before in July 1873 she gives birth to a son she calls Hiram. Bennet is very relieved by this but tragedy strikes when three weeks after Hiram is born he dies, having been in frail health since his birth. His death and her many miscarriages are a source of turmoil for the couple.Because of Hiram's death, Lila becomes very scared that her husband will abandon her. He is, after all, very distraught by the death of their child and her seeming inability to produce a child. Their is a strain in their previously close relationship that grows worse when she miscarries once again in 1874. There are a handful more tries and all seems lost when in late 1875 another child is born but this time with no breath in his lungs. Shortly after, however, a miracle happens. Not far behind Callum is a girl that they name Sylvie. Her health is poor but she lives and for months the pair anguish over losing her. She does not die, however, though her poor health continues.The next year is spent in relative happiness. Still fearful that Sylvie will not live, the couple do everything to try to enjoy the time with their daughter. It all comes crashing down when shortly after Sylvie's first birthday she comes down with pneumonia and succumbs to it, dying. That seems to be the last straw for Bennet who - in a frenzy of despair - reveals that it is all his fault. Lila knows not what is going on but her husband tells her that it is God punishing him for being an unfaithful man. Lila is shocked to hear that Bennet has committed adultery - even moreso when he tells her that his lover is another man. Only a week after this admission does Bennet take his own life, leaving a letter for Lila that he is sorry he ever lied to her and that she will now be free to have a life and children with a faithful, true man.The death of her child and husband so close together sends Lila into a stupor. The twenty-five year old gets a job at a book shop in London and tries to move on from the recent tragedies of her life. It is at this age that she also attempts her first real try at animagi transformation. She has been reading up on the art since she was in school and has made an attempt only once before. It goes well and she turns into a Raven, experiencing flight for the first time and finding something that would prove to be a source of happiness for her. Her years pass in relative normality and in December of 1882 she moves to Hogsmeade. In February of 1883 she takes up job as substitute art professor at Hogwarts with intentions to make it official the following term.
    • Passionate. Kind. Understanding. Generally mild mannered. A bit depressed. Optimistic. Strong. Good at seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Empathetic. Slightly Playful. Not prone to embarrassment but when she does get embarrassed it snowballs real fast.
    Sample Roleplay Post: Nope.
    Out of Character
    Name: Anya
    Age: 22
    Contact: PM for deets
    lie-luh. ravenclaw. forest raven animagus. artist. passionate.

    Lila does not dress in victorian muggle fashion but rather wizarding robes that are very much akin to dresses of the medieval era.

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