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Penny Chew Pitch and Toss
April 7th, 1891 — Location

Before coming to Hogwarts Yuri had known was Quidditch was, in theory, he had seen others playing pick up games in the park at the weekends but had never seen anything like a proper match, with proper rules and all the way in the air in the stands until he had come to school. Sitting among other first years and watching Billie zip through the air in her role as seeker he could appreciate for the first time exactly why those with any sort of money went to Quidditch matches so regularly, and he was determined that next year he would try out for the house team and hopefully make it. He had been training hard and in a fit of eagerness, and for the want of anything better to do (or to avoid doing homework) he would come into the pitch to watch the Hufflepuff team's practice

The large bag of sweets that Mister Mondragon had sent him, were making a decent item for pitch and toss. He was skimming the sweets against the external wall of the Hufflepuff stands, while waiting for the team to finish so he might walk up to the castle for dinner with the team. It rather made him feel like he was one of them.

A voice behind him drew his attention. Without looking he answered back, 'Do you wan'a go?' he indicated the small hessian sack that was still overflowing with a mixture of boiled sweets and wrapped chocolates and the arbitrary spot near the wall that he was using as his mark.

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