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Mars Maher
Full Name: Mars Maher née Smith
Nicknames: If you want to frustrate her, call her Mary. Her siblings are the only ones who can get away with it without being hexed.
Birthdate: April 12, 1868
Current Age: 22
Occupation: Owner of Renewed Memories Antique Shop
Reputation: 5
In addition to being a member of the Smith family, Mars is known for having gotten into disagreements over her extremely masculine name, she now solely owns a shop started by her husband, and she has a habit of wearing pants in public. She also has three children under the age of three and doesn’t seem particularly interested in remarriage.
Residence: London
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Wand: Chestnut, unicorn tail hair, 12”
Blood Status: Halfblood
Social Class: Middle
Niall Maher, husband, 1867-1890
      Aoife Maher, daughter, b. July 13, 1889
      Darragh Maher, son, b. May 24, 1890
      Orlagh Maher, daughter, b. May 24, 1890

Eric Smith, father, b. 1833 (muggle)
Tiffany Smith, mother, b. 1838
  Sun Smith, brother, b. 1856
      Mireille Smith née Lécuyer, sister-in-law, b. 1868
  Mercury Smith, brother, b. 1862
      Olivia Smith, sister-in-law, 1862-1887
            Helium Smith, nephew, b. 1887
            Nitrogen Smith, nephew, b. 1887
  Venus Smith, brother, b. 1865
  Earth Beck née Smith, sister, b. 1866
      Arthur Beck, brother-in-law, b. 1858
            Moondew Beck, niece, b. 1887
            Gillyweed Beck, nephew, b. 1888
            Floo Beck, niece, b. 1888
            Mandrake Beck, nephew, b. 1890
  Jupiter Smith, twin sister, b. 1868
  Saturn Smith, brother, b. 1870
  Uranus Smith, brother, b. 1871 (squib)
  Neptune Smith, brother, b. 1874
  Moon Smith, Sister, b. 1876
Play-By: Emmy Rossum

Dressed in feminine dresses or masculine pants depending on the venue, Mars Maher cuts a slender, if somewhat intimidating figure at five feet, seven inches tall. Her straight, dark brown hair is typically kept in a severe bun. With wide, honey-brown eyes framed in thick, full lashes, and a bright smile not often seen as of late, Mars does not look much like her namesake at all — until you upset her, of course.

1868 Twins Mars and Jupiter are born, following three elder brothers and an elder sister. Mars is firstborn, and thus she is named for the fourth planet from the sun. Also the Roman god of war, but that’s not what her parents were going for.

1870 A fourth brother, Saturn, is born.

1871 A fifth brother, Uranus, is born.

1874 A sixth brother, Neptune, is born, and in that same year, eldest brother Sun graduates from Hogwarts. Mars doesn’t care much, preferring to spend her time playing with insects and, like her Roman namesake, getting into (comparatively minor and generally more teasing) scrapes with her closer-in-age brothers, Venus and Saturn — and neighbor boys who make fun of her and her family for their odd names.

1876 A second sister, finally, is born, and named Moon (arguably the least out-there name choice for a daughter, if Mars were to be asked herself). In a very displeasing event, however, Jupiter wanders off somewhere while all the attention is lingering on the baby. Mars is nearly sick with her worry, and the incident results in her first significant fight with her twin sister. In the end, she was just exploring London, but still, that was terrifying for Mars.

1879 As Earth’s first year at Hogwarts ends, the family is given an introduction to the Church of Magical Jesus. Mars isn’t the greatest fan of the church, but she goes, with her elder sister and twin, to the church’s meetings over the summer. That September, she and Jupiter arrive in the hallowed halls of Hogwarts, and are sorted separately — Jupiter to Gryffindor, Mars to Slytherin. She becomes fast friends with a boy in her year, Niall Maher.

1880 Her first year is peppered with detentions for arguing with fellow students...and a small physical scuffle with a girl in her dorms who tried to call her Mary instead of Mars. She learns to hold her tongue, at least.

1881 Mars chooses her OWL elective courses — Ancient Runes and Ancient Studies.

1883 Mercury gets married to a fellow chemist. Mars doesn’t care much. She’s developed a crush on her best friend Niall, though, and Mercury’s marriage to a girl his own age gives her hope that there might be possibly something to it.

1884 She chooses to continue forward with Ancient Studies, Ancient Runes, Transfiguration, and History of Magic.

1886 Mars, Jupiter, and Niall all depart Hogwarts together. Earth marries Arthur Beck. Mars is happy for her sister, finding happiness. Before year’s end, Niall is proposing to Mars.

1887 A busy year for the Smith family! Mars and Niall decide to get married in February — a short engagement, but an engagement nonetheless, Earth gives birth to her first child, a daughter she named Moondew, Mercury’s wife dies giving birth to twins that Mercury names Helium and Nitrogen, and then Mars and Niall open up an antique shop. After some deliberation, they name the shop “Renewed Memories Antique Shop.”

1888 Earth gives birth again in November, to twins Gillyweed and Floo.

1889 Finally (at least according to society), Mars gives birth to her first child, a daughter. She and her husband consider the possibility of a naming theme, and decide on something simple that’ll definitely stand out against the backdrop of the rest of Mars’s family — relatively common Irish names. Thus, their firstborn is named Aoife. During the early months of motherhood, she hires a young girl, Alina MacRae, to help around the shop while she takes care of her daughter.

1890 In January, a tragic carriage accident claims Niall’s life abruptly. Mars, being pregnant at the time, is rather distraught. Quite understandable. Not too long after, Jupiter and Saturn return from their travels, which is somewhat celebrated. A pregnant Mars decides to hire a manager for Renewed Memories in March, only for him to be discovered stealing! Jo takes over managing the shop for a few months.
And then, in May, she gives birth to not one, but two more children, and finally, a son. Not that it’s something to really celebrate when the one who wanted a son desperately is dead… The twins are named Darragh and Orlagh. June arrives, and Mars finds herself turning to her mother and elder sister for help with childcare as she returns to work, as Jo decides that running a shop isn’t in her bailiwick.

1891 Earth and Mother are pushing her to get remarried. She doesn’t want to, but with three children under the age of three, it’s definitely something to consider. Perhaps an older widower who knows how to be a father, but whose children wouldn’t expect her to be their mother. Hopefully someone who wouldn’t force her to close Renewed Memories. She isn’t actively looking, though.
Observant. Independent. Honest.
Not Very Maternal™. Short-Fused.

  • Is capable of casting a corporeal patronus, in the form of a crow.
  • Her boggart takes the forms of the various corpses of her siblings, nieces, nephews, and children. Jupiter manifests more often than any other sibling.
  • The Smith family is extremely close-knit, often paying visits to family members that live out of the primary residence. This can cause problems when there’s a strain within a relationship in the family, of course, but still, visits are made. Mars does not live in the primary family residence, preferring the home she shared with her late husband.
  • Mars and most of her siblings are named in order of closest to farthest planets from the sun... after Sun was born. Due to this, her parents ignored which names were actually more feminine or masculine when naming some of their children. Most children have learned to live with, accept, or even like their names. Mars has fully accepted the name since she was a child, and aside from her siblings, is likely to subtly hex anyone that tries to call her Mary for any reason.
  • She can't presently afford a nanny, and thus relies on her family to help her care for her three children at the moment.
Name: Elaine
Age: 27
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