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April 6th, 1891 - Padmore Park, midafternoon

With the snow melted and the green of the park starting to spring up, Daff was able to take her free time back to the park with her sisters and sketchbook in tow. Senna was more than happy to get out of the house for some fresh air and both Daffy and Zinnia were using the opportunity to get a little sketching in. Daff did not quite possess the same level of talent that Zin did, but she enjoyed it immensely nevertheless.

Zinnia was painting the lake itself, her canvas set up, while Daffy had secured a spot near an outcrop of trees where a little patch of crocuses and jonquils had popped up. If there was something she was a sucker for, it was the fresh blooms of spring. She had a few daisies wound into her hair for just that reason. Humming to herself, Daff smiled contentedly, looking up from her sketch, over at Senna, perched perfectly close on a bench with a romance novel hidden behind a herbology text of some kind. Happiness radiated off of her sister and it softened Daffy's smile to one of fondness. Between that and seeing a young couple promenade along the walkway, the wistfulness of longing to her sigh. It brought Noble to mind immediately and the building frustration at their situation, but she tried to turn her thoughts to something less melancholy. Perhaps she'd send him her sketch when she was done.

"Watch out!" Echoed in her direction before her charcoal even hit the paper again, heavy footsteps thudding in her direction.

Open! Preferably to an MCAB hurlable gent, but your girl ain't really picky. I'm just looking for some drama lol.

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Independent strolls through the park were a far cry from Dory's usual routine. He was too easily bored by the pleasantries of nature to enjoy the marvels of spring. He required someone to chat with, or, at the very least, a horse to ride. Anything, really, to distract from the intense loneliness that seeped in while alone in a crowded public space.

He rented a horse from the stable from the afternoon, determined to leave his flat for something other than work in days. Kissing Greengrass was perhaps his biggest mistake yet, if for no reason other than Greengrass now wielded a crippling power over him. Should he decide to even hint at what Dory had done his family would be ruined. Dory would lose his job, his flat, and, likely, his position within his family.

The continued distraction was what allowed for them to venture too close to the shrubbery on the edge of the pasture. The horse, a beautiful mare named Amaryllis, spooked at something in the bush, throwing Dory from his saddle and dashing off towards the crowd of people. He chased after it, but was too afraid of hitting a random passerby with a stunning spell to try and magically inhibit the horse.

"Watch out!" He shouted as the horse neared a small group of ladies.
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Well, that was unexpected.

The shout alerted her to the very real horse running in her direction. Daffy was not a naturally graceful person, and so her scramble to her feet had her stumbling a little, getting caught up in her own skirts. She wasn't generally leery of animals either, but when a large mare was running quite full steam in her direction, it was hard to keep one's wits together.

She could hear Senna shouting at her and things seemed to slow down as she once again tried to get to her feet to get out of the way. The sound of hooves pounding in her direction wasn't helping and she looked up, a scream stuck in her throat.

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The mare hadn't slowed, not enough for Dory to reach the women before she plowed past them. However, he also hadn't accounted for the woman running into his path, causing them both to go tumbling with Dory eventually landing beneath her. He was no stranger to being beneath beautiful women, but the sudden turn of events had him a bit stunned.

In the distance, someone stunned and caught the mare before she could run over any other innocent people.

"Are you alright?" He sincerely asked. "You have my most heartfelt apologies." Dory made no move to touch or move her, fearful of any vengeful chaperone.
Daff had come to her senses with barely enough time to avoid getting trampled by the horse, only to be run over instead by the gentleman chasing her. Doubly unexpected.

The landing was rough, despite being mostly cushioned, Daffy hit her head hard on the ground, stars erupting in her field of vision. Dazed and disoriented, it took a moment for her to register that she was in fact being spoken to, apologized to. It took another moment for her to realize the somewhat compromising situation she found herself in and sat up, gingerly touching her fingers to her temple, unsurprised to find it tender and bleeding. Wincing she felt the headache blossom immediately as well which in turn made her a little queasy.

Swaying a little, she put her free hand down on the ground beside her to steady herself. The last thing she needed was to get sick or fall over again.

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He needn't wait long before she rolled away from him, and instantly Dory was pushing himself up into a seated position to better gauge her injuries. There was a small river of blood running down the side of her face, seemingly starting at her temples. Oh, fuck. Perhaps it would've been better if the horse had run her down, for then her injuries wouldn't be a direct fault of his. Well, they still would be seeing as it was his horse that ran her down, but less so because it wasn't his body that had.


Dory reached into his pocket and handed her his handkerchief. Another sentimental object of his likely to go missing — this time a gift from Xena as opposed to his late mother — but as he had no others on his person a required sacrifice. "Here, hold that to your head," he instructed her as he looked about for her companions. Someone had to be responsible for her, right?

However, she soon started swaying and he reached out with both hands on her upper arms to steady her. "Miss, do you have a chaperone? I believe it would be in your best interest to visit the hospital." Dory said cautiously, his grip on her light but firm enough to keep her from collapsing.

Little did he know he too was bleeding through a nasty gash on his arm, blood staining her dress where it landed.
Perhaps the incident had rattled her a little more than she'd first realized. Daffy looked up, surprised still by the fact that she could tell she was being spoken to, but lacked the utter focus to really recognize what it was that was being said to her.

She winced visibly as something was pressed against her tender head and Daff blinked away some involuntary tears as she brought her own hand up to ease the pressure. "My sis-" She began to say, the panic of wondering where Senna and Zinnia were, if they were alright. She looked around frantically, but that was her first mistake, it made her instantly woozy. Her grip on the handkerchief loosened and she pulled it away for a moment, but the sight of the blood did her in. Daffy was not normally a lady with a weak constitution, but everything had happened so fast and the world around her was spinning. She looked up helplessly at the gentleman who sat beside her without truly seeing him, everything fading out and she lost consciousness and slumped sideways.

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