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The thought of marrying Cecily Gallivan had occurred to Fitz in the way that the thought of marrying any attractive young lady did: a firm maybe and a hasty step away to more pleasurable topics, like sport or brandy.Fitzroy Prewett in Well. That took a turn.
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But I'm no good at dancing, and yet I have to do something
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April 2nd, 1891 — First Friday @ Irvingly Arms
It was another First Friday at the Irvingly Arms and Josiah was determined to ask at least one pretty girl to dance. He wasn't good at it but he had the spirit of it. The hard part about being a shy man at his age was that no matter what he did, he felt that he came off as awkward. Taking a shot of some alcohol he had not caught the name of, Josiah sucked in a breath and turned to survey the room. He found a girl that appealed to him and made his way over shyly.

"Excuse me, would you care for a dance?" He hoped that she would not laugh in his face, at least.

hurling! 17+, acab

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